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    I have a HUGE pee fetish. I like to do almost everything with pee.

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    I started doing naughty peeing since I was just 13 years old. I can't choose just one experience.

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  1. I tried to find for an existing thread on this topic, but couldn't find one. So.. Let's put some videos and pictures of men peeing in containers and cups here. I can start with two of my own videos. https://www.erome.com/a/3aEJrVV4 https://thisvid.com/videos/pissing-in-measuring-cup2/
  2. Today I saw this video clip where he pees on these beers. https://www.iltalehti.fi/palat/fb77c9d9-1ae4-42f0-83f6-70beff746b6f
  3. One of my fantasies would be to spend a weekend in a presidential suite at a really expensive five star hotel and be allowed to pee all over the room.. 🤩 In real life, I just pee in cheap hotel rooms. I usually pee all over in the hotel´s bathroom, because it's easy to clean yourself. I like it if there is a big mirror in the bathroom. I always pee against the mirror and watch how pee run down the mirror. I pee on the furnitures too, but I only pee on furniture that I can clean myself. I don't want to receive an expensive cleaning bill from the hotel afterwards. Last time I took a risk and pe
  4. My friend's story came to mind. He and two of his friends rented an RV and went on a road trip. My friends spent the night at a campsite where they met some random guys and they hung out with them. In the evening they all drank beer and grilled some steaks and sausages. For some reason I don´t know, my friend decided to pee in an empty beer bottle and left it on the ground next to the RV. About five minutes later one of these random dudes picked up that bottle and quickly drank it in a few big gulps. He was really drunk and just said: "Damn.. That was warm beer.." He didn't complain about the
  5. I was in Madrid, Spain for the first time in my life. I spent many hours sightseeing in the city center and after that I felt how my bladder was full and I really needed to urinate very soon. I was desperately trying to find a toilet. I knew that I would piss at any moment and I didn't want to wet my pants. So.. I saw an office building in front of me and there was a small windowless corner in the wall of the house. I ran to that place, while making sure no one saw what I was doing. I quickly unzip my pants and really strong piss stream splashes against the wall of the building. I must ha
  6. This week here in Finland there was news where a drunken 42-year-old man had peed on beer cans in a supermarket. After the man emptied his bladder, the supermarket had to throw away 1200 cans of beer for hygiene due to risk. Here is the link if anyone wants to read and understand the language: 😅 https://www.is.fi/kotimaa/art-2000009946188.html
  7. Yeah, This is just like me.. 😅
  8. My favorite pee girl Naomi 🥰 😅
  9. Finnish is my native language. I understand English well, but speaking and writing is more difficult because I always think about what I'm going to say in Finnish first. I also know the very basics of German, Spanish and Swedish languages.
  10. 2 hours ago I was finally alone in the gym shower, so I had a change to piss there. I aimed my piss as high up on the wall as I could and watched how it drains down the wall tiles. After my pee play, I rinsed the wall clean with plenty of water. 😇😅
  11. One of my fantasies are my very own piss slave. I would like to find someone submissive person who really enjoys being pissed on. Whenever I need to pee the slave must be my urinal no matter where we are. I would also like to control the slave's use of the toilet. However, I don't think that will ever happen in real life. This is just a fantasy of mine.
  12. When I was a teenager, I peed my pants in the library once. I read a book at the table until I had to pee. There were only a few people in the library so I decided to just piss right there. There was a small puddle on the carpet after pee, but no one saw it because it was under the table. Of course, the cushion of the chair was also wet, so I went to sit on the next chair. I waited until my black jeans dried a little and then I left the library just before it closed.
  13. As an empirical study, I have noticed that girls say they are going to pee and guys say they are going to piss. That's why my answer is girls pee and guys piss. 😁
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