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    Filthy pissmarker - Exhibitionnist - Piss lover - no limits

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    The more forbidden the better
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    Peed from a window onto a group of roadmen below. They noticed.

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  1. Always hot seeing a hard cock in some filthy piss action ! Keep up the good pics, and perhaps even nastier 😋
  2. I actually never thought of it ! Sounds like a great idea ! Also many clothes to hide your pissing, too
  3. That's some pretty alpha moves ! So hot 🔥! Would love to hear more from you
  4. Damn bro, that last move sounds pretty bold ! Gotta get myself to match up your level, sounds fun ! Stockroom pissing also sounds fun and easy 😋. Overall, I'm very impressed ! Nice job !
  5. Gotta say I myself used to piss every time I went to the laundry room, at my old apartment building. Started pissing in the drain. And by the time I moved out I was particularly enjoying pissing in the dryers, filters and sometimes on dry clothes when I had the opportunity!
  6. Staircase, behind counter, onto computers, water fountain, disposable cups, dishes, toilets, breakrooms, library.. I've probably pissed everything
  7. I'd really appreciate digging deeper into this, and chat with you 😋 I hope I didn't hurt your feelings. Keep up the good work mate 💪
  8. Damn boy, that's amazing and hot ! I only got the opportunity to piss by the auditorium doors recently. Already felt great. So the pure joy of just spraying openly must be amazing
  9. Definitely ! I wouldn't be able to work your job with such great opportunities. I'm constantly pissing all over my workplace, too
  10. Just reading your stories I can't help but think you're quite a professional in the pissing field 😋
  11. So you're always letting it fly, no matter if your friends are in front or not ?
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