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  1. It is on permanent Ddos attacks, if i remember correctly !
  2. Depends on the situation, the face when I know the girl, the stream when not !
  3. In my college years, I had this dull summer job in a bank, no one ever came. Buuuut, I had two gorgeous hissy coworkers, they drank like sand (it was summer) and they peed likewise, best. job. ever.
  4. Hey there. Long time no read - but it's on me, and I'll make it up to the forum. This one goes back a long time (the perks of being a good boy should be a better title for this one), back in the beginning of the 00's. At the time, it was very common to join a friend's parent on a trip (it was a exchange of good gestures : you take my kid and give me a day off, i'll return the favor) to the nearby city. We were visitng a huge open air sale, which is called "foire" in France : a fair, but for my childhood's sake, let's use the french word. This "foire" was a big autumn event in th
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry for the long silence, work was horrible and I had no time to write here. But, now that I have a little time for myself… In my last year of studies, (technically, it was work, but I was really a paid student by my government), I had to move to another city. I did not have that much money, so I had to find a landlord that would be willing to accept me. And that’s why I ended up, for a year, in a really tough neighborhood. My building was full of big families, single workers and many single parents. Of which was D., who lived down the hall on my floor an
  6. Thanks @Alfresco. I do : but I usually write them in French and they need a litlle translation ! She's quite a pain in the back, but overall yeah ! 🙂 @glad1 : same here, haha
  7. Hi, I'm a new user and I found this site while browsing reddit. I'm gonna post a few of the sightings and experiences I've had over the years A few years ago, I got a job in public administration in my country, which offered a full year of paid, but intensive, training. This paid training offered little pay, thus, our bosses told us we should consider moving in together during the interships all across the country. Mine was in Paris, so, knowing the theft that we called rent, I offered to share a flat for three months to one colleague. Let's call her S., S was a vietnamese girl,
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