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  1. As the OP I thought I should jump back in and clarify that yes, the question was posed as an "if" and is/was not intended to be the basis for actually setting up spy cameras. That said, as pointed out by @gldenwetgoose there are plenty of spy camera shared here and elsewhere and I have enjoyed many of them. It should also be reiterated that the fetish is not logical for me. It brings out my most illogical and irrational sides. And following up the taxi/uber scenario is an enticing one. I would enjoy it more for the desperation and commentary than thinking anyone was actually going to pee
  2. I absolutely do this. I also look at the outfit and wonder how it looks when they pee in that particular outfit. Somewhat related, if a woman squats down to look for something or help her child with something I wonder if they ever get in that position to pee outside. Great question!
  3. I kind of feel like airplane bathrooms lend themselves to this sort of thing regardless because of how small and awkward they are. But also it seems we're probably coming at this from different perspectives/specific interests.
  4. I am a sucker for legitimate spy videos of women peeing which led me to a few questions. 1) If you could have a spy camera absolutely anywhere, what would your first three choices be? 2) Would you rather spy on people you know or complete strangers? My answers to 1 are: a doctor's office where people routinely pee in cups, any moving vessel like a plane or boat, and the Oscar's (for the non-US crowd that's our annual awards for best in the movies) My answer to 2 is, someone I know all the way, followed by someone I knew of like if my seatmate on a plane got up to pee and I co
  5. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Great example of the benefits of always keeping your eyes and ears open. Also, on a personal note, anything starting with "Mommy needs to..." is a big trigger for me. Not heard very often.
  6. Did she eventually go into the forest? Not sure I entirely agree about the closer you are to a woman the more likely she is to tell you. I think it depends on the woman. My experience there is rather mixed.
  7. Personally, and I may have mentioned this in other threads, I have had to stifle it. I just can't handle casual conversations about it without taking it too far and getting the eye like I'm a creeper. So I just take what I can get and keep it on file for the next time I am alone. One interesting thing happened a few years ago though. I was in the back of the car with one of my two friends who knows about it and my wife and his fiance, Jaime, were in the front. We were on a fairly long drive back from a day trip and right around the time traffic was starting to snarl a bit she said, "I hav
  8. Thanks. I wonder if he knew she had gone in there before entering. I certainly would have done so if the situation were such that I could do it without making it too terribly obvious.
  9. Does your wife regularly go in the gents or has this been in the usual scenarios of too long a line so she had no other choice?
  10. Mine was definitely Thomas Water Resource Page...and from there Patches and the amazing movie list. I also remember the first night I searched (no google then) "women and peeing" and found a story from a girl about being in the woods and having to pee. It wasn't even about that, it was just part of her story. But I thought I was in heaven. At the time I had no idea how prevalent women peeing outdoors actually was!
  11. Spot on! Sometimes if it's a porta potty setup I get annoyed when guys pee because it means that many less people lining up, but the truth is that the best sign women are soon going to be peeing is seeing the guys start doing it first.
  12. I'll throw up these few anecdotes all together as they are all somewhat short and not terribly exciting. Here goes... -Arriving at the gas station I found a middle-aged woman approaching the bathroom. She was average height and build with shortish dark hair and was wearing white pants and a flowered top. I had no idea what the status of the bathroom was but I went to get in line and she found the door locked. As usual I took the opportunity to strike up a chat "Someone's in there?" I began. "Seems that way." "Do you have to go really bad?" "Not REALLY bad," she said. "
  13. There is a highway I sometimes drive on that is famous around here for its traffic but also does not have any formal rest stops. There is one gas station with crazy high prices for gasoline and snacks that has a single-use bathroom. It is not even so obvious it is there as the signs don't appear until there is less than a mile and it is on the lefthand side (America) so it can be accessed by cars going in both directions. The bathroom is reasonably clean for what it is and as you would expect there can be long lines to use it though my experience says there is no rhyme or reason for when there
  14. LOVE these sorts of idle chit chats. Thank you so much for sharing
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