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  1. Spot on! Sometimes if it's a porta potty setup I get annoyed when guys pee because it means that many less people lining up, but the truth is that the best sign women are soon going to be peeing is seeing the guys start doing it first.
  2. I'll throw up these few anecdotes all together as they are all somewhat short and not terribly exciting. Here goes... -Arriving at the gas station I found a middle-aged woman approaching the bathroom. She was average height and build with shortish dark hair and was wearing white pants and a flowered top. I had no idea what the status of the bathroom was but I went to get in line and she found the door locked. As usual I took the opportunity to strike up a chat "Someone's in there?" I began. "Seems that way." "Do you have to go really bad?" "Not REALLY bad," she said. "
  3. There is a highway I sometimes drive on that is famous around here for its traffic but also does not have any formal rest stops. There is one gas station with crazy high prices for gasoline and snacks that has a single-use bathroom. It is not even so obvious it is there as the signs don't appear until there is less than a mile and it is on the lefthand side (America) so it can be accessed by cars going in both directions. The bathroom is reasonably clean for what it is and as you would expect there can be long lines to use it though my experience says there is no rhyme or reason for when there
  4. LOVE these sorts of idle chit chats. Thank you so much for sharing
  5. Thanks for sharing. Rather tame imo but here is a link with the video. Start around 5:50...but note it is in the middle of kind of a heavy story about a medical emergency https://people.com/movies/sharon-stone-near-death-experience-strange-beautiful/
  6. Great find thank you! Don't watch the show but just checked out that scene. I'm actually undecided if the streams are real or not. Either way I'm thrilled to see it and I hope other shows follow suit. It usually takes baby steps to get to the real thing. Ozark (Netflix) is a show that tends to reference peeing but nothing as of yet worth reporting on. One ore season to go... @muffinhuntr totally right that one of the things about TV and movies that is least realistic is now rarely people have to pee.
  7. This is a wonderful discussion and both @Alfresco and @Big Bear have brought up some fabulous points. I'll attempt to add to that a bit. I think the key to finding sightings is to just put yourself in a position to get lucky. A few years ago on a different site I posted something about the 5 different phases of sighting likelihood. It did not get much traction but maybe would do better here if I repost it. Anyway, part of getting lucky is repetition. The more you look, the more you will be able to recognize the signs of ladies that need to pee and when they are likely to throw caution to
  8. Great story and a very lucky spot you found indeed. I would just advise that anyone thinking of recording be extremely careful since that crosses legal lines in many places. That said, if you do it, by all means please share 🙂 Good luck and hope the spot stays as good going forward.
  9. My wife knows about it and has indulged me from time to time. And as indicated my the thread I did about her telling me stories, she is always on the lookout for me and will intimately tell me when she heard/sees anything pee related. I also have two friends who know, and in turn I know things about them that will never be repeated. In my younger days I was way more publicly brash about my peeing interest and so I think many people know or suspect based on that. But in recent years I have taken it entirely underground (I do go out for sightings sometimes but alone) and never discuss
  10. Thank you! Here is the link for anyone interested https://jordinjames.medium.com/the-single-most-embarrassing-thing-ive-done-in-my-entire-adult-life-aa7082f3bf25
  11. No foot fetishist here but I do like a good set of painted toes and I do love when a girl who pees outside and then has to wipe pee off her feet afterwards. Not positive what the rules are for posting links to innocent blogs, but there is a great story that has an ending you might be interested in. If you google "pee pants adult mortified" you should find a post titled "The single most embarrassing thing I've done in my entire adult life." Should be enjoyable.
  12. A few years ago my wife went to a line dancing class. It was just a few women and maybe a guy or two at a local school. So I was shocked when she came home and told me that something interesting had happened... It was the start of the school year so it was still kind of toasty and obviously everyone was expending energy and sweating. After one of the songs one of the women started chugging a large bottle of water. She was described to me as kind of pretty, tall with dark hair and a decent rack with some cleavage definitely showing. She said to her friend, "I can't help it I'm just so thir
  13. Here is another...no more Natalie though My wife was at a PTA meeting (parent teacher association) sitting at a table toward the back. A woman came walking by during the meeting. I forget her name but she was pointed out to be a few months later and was an average looking brunette about 5'5, hair up in a loose bun when I saw her. Body was nothing great but not awful. Looked like a mom. As she walked by the table she threw down her stuff and said, "I HAVE to use the bathroom." A minute or so later she came back to retrieve her stuff and said, "Damn boy scouts. Bathroom isn't available
  14. Great topic! I always like hearing a women use the word pee. I also like when they use more dainty words like tinkle or say they have to "use the ladies room." That said, restroom to me is something of a turnoff (ok not quite a turnoff lol) because to me it indicates someone so conservative about it all that the chances of seeing anything or hearing anything more is extremely remote. Another one for me that I find odd is that I love when a girl says she is going to "pee my pants." But for reasons I can't pinpoint, adding the in and saying she is going to "pee in my pants" up the excitemen
  15. As a male the longest line I have ever waited in moved quite quickly so nothing memorable there. As for longest line, I'd say at an annual event where the lines for the ladies room in certain areas literally extend to about 60 people outside the door with probably another 5-10 inside and out of site. That said, as a life-long line watcher, the best lines usually are not the longest. The best lines are: semi-long, at a bathroom where the person in front is outside and in view, and preferably co-ed or with a similar line to the men's room. That's where the best cases of desperation a
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