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  1. Isn't it worse when people's entire lives pass by in movies or on TV without anyone ever needing to use the bathroom? It is for me anyway...
  2. https://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay/VIDEO-Sabrina-Carpenter-Talks-Making-Her-Broadway-Debut-in-MEAN-GIRLS-20200303 This is a link to the interview referenced in the OP
  3. Every small sighting counts for something!
  4. I have three that come to mind, some of which I think I have mentioned before. One is going in the stalls with my mother and taking notice at how different it was for women than for us boys. Two was a girl in kindergarten sitting at the side of my desk who started vigorously shaking it and then all of a sudden stood up and just peed in her pants right in front of me. The third was a babysitter who was 7 years older who had to pee and asked if I wanted to join her which I did, and seeing that she already had a nice bush. Plenty of other early memories but those are the three
  5. I think we all have those regrets, even if they're not so blatantly right in front of us like that. Much as it sucks, it somewhat makes the positive experiences even better!
  6. I think you're spot on with the 20s age group. In fact I have had several older women tell me something to the affect of, "I used to be a lot more open about just popping a squat but not anymore." That and the 20s group is much more likely to get crazy drunk. As you said. I also believe the older women get the more they think about bathroom access when planning their night.
  7. Adding to this a bit...if you're at a tailgate or place where groups are stationary for a while. If you do see guys pee and it's feasible, see what happens when they get back to their groups. If they're with girls, does it look like the girls used a bathroom or are annoyed that the guys just went in the open. If there is discussion that involves a lot of looking around and pointing, that is often a sign that the girls are at least thinking about peeing. I may be wandering slightly off topic as you've asked about actual events, but hopefully it all helps. 99
  8. I'm not sure how comfortable I am putting specific events or venues in the US on this board, but the advice here is spot on. One thing I will touch on is tailgating. Hunting tailgates can be very rewarding and very frustrating, sometimes all in one day. There are certainly all kinds of events, but mostly concerts and sporting events, where people park and drink beforehand, sometimes for hours. The vibe is extremely varied though. Some will have enough bathrooms or porta potties, and others will have hardy any. The sophistication of the crowd also varies and matters a lot. Some seasoned ve
  9. One other thought, which is general and not specific to this situation. One way to get better at hunting for sightings is to always be working even if it's not in a hunting/sighting environment. In other words, observe women's body language and habits and see if you can tell when they have to pee and/or are headed to the bathroom. If you're out in public somewhere near a ladies room, check out the next 10 women that approach and see if you can figure out of they're going in or just passing by. In a restaurant a woman may start looking around and/or getting quieter because she is looking for th
  10. This is true! Not only that but they can set the tone for the day as to where girls pee. At bigger events word seems to spread as to where the safe spots are to pee.
  11. Fantastic, thank you for sharing! Was this since Covid? Interesting they all just squatted. Of course maybe they were just that desperate but also you'd think at least some of them would have gone inside.
  12. Hi there! It certainly does not sound like you have the best town for sightings, but you never know. They are often there to be had. I would not overlook the 4am bar closing element. The problem with the 4am closing is that not enough people make it that late and so by the time the bars empty out and actually close, there just is not a ton of volume on the streets. And for the most part, open bars mean open bathrooms. So you may want to consider checking out a nearby area where last call is 1 or 2 am. The other thing is patience. For all of the sightings posted on this site there are
  13. These are some great stories. I wonder...have any of these scenarios ended up with the woman having an accident?
  14. Great story and welcome aboard. For me, the absolute BEST are the natural moments of desperation that come up. Makes me shiver just thinking about it...
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