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  1. Yes that's what I was worried about too... but I managed to hold the bulk of my bladder, but I still had a massive stain on my crotch
  2. Yes, although it happened a long time ago, I still vividly remember an accident that happened to me in middle school. To give you the full context, it was during a school trip we made by bus, there weren't toilets on board, so I had to hold it. At some point I found myself desperate and had to think quickly. So eventually, I decided to let small spurts of pee out into my pants, believing it would ease the pressure. Finally, we made a pause and when I stood up... the stain hadn't dried up so it was very visible 😓
  3. Not a building but I peed from a cliff into the sea a while back, it felt almost surreal xD
  4. Haha alright then, that reminds me when I had to hold it for the entire day almost everyday a while back 😖
  5. Yes that's what I learned... so I assume you don't pee a lot each time either, at least if you wore dark clothes maybe it could go unnoticed if you're lucky enough 😅
  6. What is the longest period of time you can go without visiting a bathroom? (I mean before it becomes aching)
  7. Alright haha, I was just wondering. If you want I'd be happy to continue chatting with you without clogging this thread! Don't hesitate to drop me a direct message
  8. I see I see, is the story based on real events or not?
  9. This is a very nicely written and hot story, humiliation related to pee never fails to hit a few spots within some people it seems
  10. Believe me you always eventually find someone who is looking for this haha
  11. Hey no need to feel bad about it, it's not a competition 😄 I started to be sentimentally and sexually active quite lately too compared to some
  12. Hm, let me try to remember a particularly nice one... Oh I know! It was after a pub meeting at college, fellow students of my group brought some of their friends and we stayed there a fair moment. As it was dark outside, I proposed one of the girls to walk with her until a tram station, after all we were heading in the same direction anyway. While we were walking, both of us really had to pee and there wasn't any public bathroom in sight, none open at least. So we sneaked into an alleyway. I provided cover for her while she pulled her pants down and peed and asked her if it didn't bother
  13. Yes I can imagine how you feel, I hope it works out for you then 🤗
  14. Yes I see what you mean, are you worried about others noticing your diaper through your clothes or is the discomfort coming from something else?
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