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  1. Yeah I think we're many to share this view to be honest, and sometimes you just can't hold it even if you're quite close to your home so you gotta improvise
  2. I painted the entire inside of the booth with my pee, and no I don't believe my mother spotted it, I just went for the most secluded spot possible xD
  3. Yeah I totally get what you mean, when I see a dude taking a pee (which is more or less "frequent" here), I can help but feel my heart thumping, same goes when I'm the one peeing XD
  4. Most of the time I prefer to use urinals rather than the stalls, in which case I unzip and pull my entire package out (more for comfort than showing off tbh). If I use a stall, I sometimes send a few gushes either on the walls or on the ground hehe.
  5. Oh lots actually, if you want feel free to dms me so I can tell you abundantly 😄
  6. While you mention Spain you also talked about France a few times in the past in other posts, and it's pretty much the same to be honest, even still to this day!
  7. When I was much younger we'd go to a fair that was set up on november here, during one of our trip there I remember being desperate to pee and my mother told me to head behind a stand to relieve it, I eventually landed inside a booth-sort of thing and peed there XD
  8. And first European to join here, France
  9. Same for me, I'd go from/to school by foot and walk past an area with trees and bushes so if the need arose I'd just go there.
  10. For me it wasn't as frequent as with pools, but when we went to the seaside my parents definitely encouraged me to just go in the water and go through my trunks if I needed to pee. Sometimes if nobody was around I'd even take it out hehe. When we hit the pool, my parents didn't really encourage me to use the bathroom prior so... I guess it was a sort of grey zone for them, though I'm sure they did it themselves too. In any case, when I knew we were going to the pool or the sea, I deliberately avoided the toilets before just so I could go in the water 😁 It's been a real while since I last
  11. The more I read your posts the more I think we'd get along very well haha, pool peeing is something that should be very mundane
  12. So far this is what all Belgian people I know told me XD tho most actually come from Wallonia so their situation is reversed compared to yours
  13. Yes I totally get what you mean, I'd be inclined to agree
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