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  1. Well hello from France too! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here
  2. That's a tough one really... what counts as "special"?
  3. I'd devour you if you were
  4. Probably because English isn't a very logical language... but I'm not a native speaker so I won't know XD
  5. Well hello, after seeing so many people do that sort of topic, I assumed it was my turn now heh, don't be shy and come by
  6. Ah sadly I managed to do that only once... but it was a great time, I hope to do it more in the future and same goes to you 😄
  7. I actually used to do that when I was younger and still lived in my small countryside hamlet. As I was the first of the household to wake up to go to school, more often than not I'd just pee in the backyard while breakfast was cooking. I feel like I did that both for territory marking and convenience 😂
  8. My mom didn't believe it to be normal the way you conceive it apparently, not that she would have harshly punished me if she caught me I guess, but I didn't want to risk it 😅
  9. To answer the question, just as many people here, as soon as I was able and taught to pee standing up I'd say. I grew up in a very rural area so it was fairly easy and common for boys to pee in the woods, fields, their backyards etc. Not that it happened all the time either (and I had to be careful not to get caught by my parents doing it), but I'd say this is how it started, I guess I eventually came to enjoy the naughtiness of it
  10. As a dude I sometimes peed outside most of the time out of necessity rather than for the sake of it (if we except backyard pees xD) imo as long as guys try to conceal a bit, there's no real harm
  11. True enough, this is something I've done a few times haha, but well yea I didn't feel that comfortable, maybe I should have been more daring. Past is past now, and well if I have sons in the future I suppose I'll draw inspiration from you haha
  12. I must admit I didn't look at it with that angle, there were times where she told me it was ok to pee outside but only if it was a real emergency
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