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  1. So far this is what all Belgian people I know told me XD tho most actually come from Wallonia so their situation is reversed compared to yours
  2. Yes I totally get what you mean, I'd be inclined to agree
  3. Excuse my perhaps naive question, but would you say it's worth it for a single person to wait until finding somebody who really shares the same kinks (among other things of course)?
  4. Well as a bi guy I do enjoy a bigger, swollen and juicy cock but don't feel pressured to show anything in particular 😄
  5. Well I can only encourage you and wish you the best for your possibly incoming pee adventures! As for the train station, I must admit I've used such corners a bit 😅but unless it was densely packed, I think you could probably sneak a look to see if puddles or tissues are present
  6. As Goose said it, I don't think people would "really" care, except you do it in the middle of a plaza or something. You say you come from Europe on your profile so I get it why you say it's more accepted for men than women, but this is only a matter of occurrences. If I were to be a bypasser and saw a women squatting and peeing between two parked cars or something, I'd tell myself it was rather out of emergency than for spicy stuff, so really, no need to feel bad about yourself. And by the way, welcome on board 😄
  7. That sounds like it was a nice weekend overall hehe, looking forward to see more of your adventures
  8. I actually did it once even if I'm not proud of it... but it was a long time ago so heh. Basically, I was almost constantly bullied at school, one of them being really nasty, always insulting me even if didn't even look in his direction or something, you see the guy. One day he left his locker room open, so I took his backpack, went to the bathroom, went in a stall and pissed a bladderful inside it before leaving the flooded backpack in the stall. I guess he never found out because I never got any trouble because of that.
  9. Probably more gay sex 😛
  10. Hello guys, girls and everybody inbetween! This is my first attempt to write a story, it's not perfect and English isn't my native languages so I apologize for any mistake or weird-sounding constructions. Don't hesitate to tell me what you'd like! The following story includes and focuses on : Male urinating, urinating outdoors, golden shower, masturbation and gay sex The story tells about the adventures of Will, a 21 years old biology student who just completed his degree and took some vacation and opted for solo camping in a forest. The night
  11. Interesting... they did that in various schools here too, and I would totally behave like that if I were to return there for an event or another 😈
  12. Oh yes, as with many things it only takes practice, and a bit of fundamental theory hehe, perspective and anatomy can be tricky sometimes, but there are great resources out there
  13. Aside of jerking off, I used to do archery when I was younger, that's for the sports part XD I also like to draw various stuff, play chess and do tabletop rpgs! (Also including the usual watching shows and movies haha)
  14. Hey hello, this thread hasn't been active lately but I'm sure various people are curious haha, so again, just ask me about anything
  15. That reminds me of a time where I left a puddle on my college grounds 😈
  16. That's a great-looking pee stream and cock!
  17. The exact same thing happened to me and my class when we were doing orienteering back in high school 🤣
  18. Or he was too desperate to care altogether
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