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  1. Sadly no picture or video to go with it, but today there was a street festival in my town and I went there with a few friends. As you can imagine, beer and other drinks flowed intensely, and since I hold alcohol pretty well the only discomfort I experienced was bladder-related. So thrice, I went to pee in some secluded street corners, with other guys doing the same XD I also saw some girls doing it too
  2. Well just a few hours ago I peed in a narrow alleyway with 4 other guys (which I didn't know at all, it was just an accidental encounter), it was nice hehe
  3. On behalf of the rest of the peefans community allow me to welcome you warmly, I wish you a happy stay on here and if you want to chitchat don't hesitate to be active 😄
  4. I peed at beaches several times, most were very discreet as I simply pulled my length out of a leghole and peed on the sand Once tho I was checking on a nude beach and felt the need. Since it was evening already and the beach was almost entirely deserted I simply stood in front of dunes and peed, this felt great tbh
  5. Well you know where to spend your next vacations
  6. Yeah as long as you make the effort of concealing yourself a bit you're *normally* not likely to encounter problems
  7. Pfft XD yeah that is frankly unhinged (and hot) to see. As I was under 18 back then that wasn't a beer piss I've let out there But hey, if I ever watch another match in such a setting you know how I'll relieve it hehe
  8. Not a player myself but once, as a teen I was watching a match and felt the need to piss, it was an amateur match, within a mostly rural-ish spot, not in an arena. At first I wanted to go all the way to the toilets but upon leaving the bleachers I spotted some guys pissing into the bushes nearby, so I just joined them XD
  9. I've pissed with friends a few times already, from single digits age to now XD so I would say a couple
  10. That's what I got told as well XD and yes, what's the point of letting it go to waste unused?
  11. Dang really an animal here hehe, that's a nice stream (a bit too yellow maybe, you should drink more water 🤭)
  12. Nobody said anything so I guess either they didn't mind or it didn't show XD When the beach isn't crowded I simply head for the dunes behind to pee in the open
  13. Pfft XD alright fair, I guess he gets overpowered
  14. That happened to me a few times as well, though I hope he cleans his mess afterwards haha
  15. As an uncut guy as well weirdly enough for me it's the opposite, if I retract my foreskin the stream gets a lot messier, since it's more pressurised while if I leave my foreskin as it is, I feel like it acts as a sort of funnel. Morphology differences then ig XD
  16. For once that somebody who needs to pee at the beach doesn't go into the sea haha, I've done that a few times as well but I always have dark swimming trunks so it doesn't show much
  17. Sadly for me this isn't something I have done yet but I would really enjoy it I think. To answer your question @marking my territory I think it's a bit of everything you mentioned, not only I'm marking my territory as if I was "owning her" but also because I think it's a very intimate act that shows how good I'd feel with her. As for the spots I like to mark, I would say I would go for the belly and breasts hehe. Feel free to dm me if you need further info
  18. @Sarah_Hiker31 This is exactly what happened to me a few years back, I was in a pool and rested my forearms on the side to talk with my friend who was lounging on a seat. As I felt the need to pee, I simply whipped it out discreetly (it wasn't a public pool) and started to pee... only to receive a hot jet of water on my crotch XD
  19. I think it did for me but not the way people might think about. My parents would sometimes allow me to pee outside if I had to, as a result I knew that it was a possibility, and for whatever reason I thought it was fun and such. Plus, before moving into town for college I lived in a pretty rural and secluded area so peeing outside often went unnoticed so 😈
  20. Sorry for reactivating this buried thread, but I must also say France is quite okay with naughty pissing overall, especially at night if you don't put too much of a show
  21. Yeah but I'd feel guilty about staining their personal space... now if the dude behaves like a level-alpha asshole during the party, I might want to do it as retaliation
  22. I couldn't bring myself to pee inside somebody's house tbh, unless they like, specifically told me it was what they wanted But you bet their backyard is gonna get rained over 😁
  23. Hehe it's alright, I bet you doused a fair lot of places already
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