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  1. My trend -micro anti-virus still gives me the dangerous page warning. I had better stay away, although I will miss this site. I
  2. I just noticed yesterday that when clicking on links to Heavy -r, I now get a website blocked-dangerous page notification. Does anyone else get this, or know why they are now dangerous?.
  3. We would all like to know if girl A ever allowed you to watch her pee gush out.
  4. In hindsight, I am wondering if she would have let you watch her pee. You could have jokingly said " Only if I can join you". There is a chance she would have said something like " sure, I don't care", and you could watch her piss. The risk would have been low considering her gruff demeanor. I am sure she would not have been offended by your sense of humor. If she does return next year, you might want to consider this if she needs to pee again.
  5. I remember back in 1995, I was on vacation and visited Seattle's farmers market. I remember the men's room door was wide open, while a little girl, probably not more than three years old, was just standing at the entrance watching all the men piss. I wonder if she has a pissing fetish today as a result.
  6. If I was hosting this party, I would not have designated different sections for boys and girls. I would have just given everyone the same two choices. Why encourage gender separation? Boys and girls should always pee together.
  7. About 17 years ago, I left some very revealing posts on a site that still exists called toiletstool.com. My name on that forum was "Raging Urophile". I made many posts on that site, but my first three on pages 1095 and especially on pages 1096 and 1098, truly express the reasons for my obsession with watching women pee. I would like others here to go back to these pages on this site and read these three old posts and provide some feedback. Are my reasons similar to other pee fans, or am I barking up a different tree?
  8. There are so many gorgeous women in the world past and present, that there is practically a 99 way tie among numbers 2 to 100 on my list, but the one who stands above all others as my ultimate pee fantasy is Jane Seymour. Although she is 69 years old, I would still love to see her gush out gold more than any other woman in the world. Thirty years ago, she had the atmosphere of a goddess.
  9. I would love to travel back in time to 1982 and have a 2nd chance with a co-worker at a restaurant. I was an old man of 25 working with a gorgeous young girl age 18. She was a vision of beauty. She had the face and hair of Snow White with a sun tan, and a body to die for, with great legs. Her uniform was a green short skirt and white top. She would often talk about her pissing prowess. Almost every night she would say things like ' I really need to Piss", or " I have to squat". She once held two water pitchers in her hand and said " I can fill up two of these". I don't remember the details, but one night while i was tearing down the buffet, she walked out of the bathroom and said curiously, " Did you really watch.?' I must have teased her and said I was going to watch, because I do not remember what made her ask this. This made no sense since i could not see her in the restroom. Like a timid ass I responded, " No how could I" sounding as if i would never consider such a thing. In Hindsight, I should have said," I wish I could have watched; I am sure you look beautiful while gushing pee." Back in these days, piss porn was illegal, and I truly thought I was a sick pervert with an extremely rare fetish. I thought I was the only man alive who was so sexually deranged that I wanted to see women piss. I therefore never acted on my intense desire to see this girl powerfully gush out a couple liters. I was certain she was only teasing and would be disgusted by my true desire. if I could go back these 38 years, I would have sincerely asked her if she could prove to me she could fill those two pitchers. I would also confess how her piss talk turned me on that I would love to see her gush. It is obvious she had a pee fetish, but i was too ignorant to pursue it. Of course, such fun at work would not be allowed today. In 2020, she would never have been so brazen in her language due to ridiculously strict sexual harassment laws, but in 1982, it was all in good fun. I wish a master physicist could invent time travel and make me 25 again. I would not make the same mistake twice.
  10. Even if they did not take offense, it is true that all the women would find out in no time. This is another reason I would never bring it up, even if it did not result in my being thrown out of the apartment. I have actually never visited anyone else in the complex. I am not friends with anyone here, just a casual aquaintance who happens to encounter them a few times a week. It is a shame, however, that even a harmless request could actually get me thrown out of the complex. This would never happen 30 or more years ago. I used to get teased at work back in the eighties and early nineties by the women I worked with, and I enjoyed it. Today, these women would never tease me in these fun ways since sexual harassment laws are so ridiculously strict they could not take a chance of offending me in today's prudish climate. Work is not as fun anymore without the levity.
  11. I live in a senior apartment where most of the women are not too attractive, but there are about five of them that, even though they are not actually attractive, are decent enough that I fantasize about asking them if I could come in and watch them pee. The concept of watching old women pee is erotic because they grew up in a more repressed era when women were much more private and more easily embarrassed about peeing in front of men. When I am walking through our apartment complex, I will often greet them while they are out walking their dogs. They know I am a decent fellow. I imagine telling them that I really enjoy watching attractive women urinate, and then I ask them if they would not mind if I come into their apartment to watch them go. The closest scenario to something like this possibly happening occurred a few weeks ago. My father recently died, and one of the less attractive older women in my apartment complex invited me to come to up to her apartment if I needed to talk to someone. She insured me she did not have covid. Although she is not on my " want to see pee list',, I sometimes wondered what would happen if we were talking in her apartment, and she excused herself to use the bathroom. What if i sincerely said " You know, I would like to come watch you go if you don't mind'. I think she might have allowed it. However, although it is tempting, I would never take a chance with asking any of these women if i could watch them pee, even if i did it respectfully. In today's prudish culture with restrictive sexual harassment laws, there is too high a probability that I would be reported to management and tossed out of my apartment. There are chances we could take 30 or more years ago that we cannot take today. In fact , the first choice on my list lives right across from me. It would take me five seconds to knock on her door, but she seems quite quiet and reclusive, especially since the virus, and the chances of her agreeing to pee for me are very slim.
  12. When you are in mixed company when a woman goes into a nearby restroom to pee, and you struggle to keep your composure because you try to converse while trying to listen to the stream. Also, when the sight of an exposed vulva no longer arouses you unless it is peeing or is about to pee.
  13. I have no interest in wetting. It is a waste of a potentially great stream l
  14. I am baffled as to why some Japanese sites such as Filth or Jade pixilate the crevice, while other sites such as gachinco and c930 expose the crevice. Why do censorship laws not apply equally to all sites?
  15. luv2watch


    For anyone who might care, Pissrip now requires you to disable your adblocker to watch their videos. I choose adblocker

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