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  1. I also suffer from a micro penis so I know what this is like. Mine is actually much smaller than what is seen in the photo because my diameter is about half of that, This makes being stuck in a hospital very difficult. I was stuck in the hospital for three days a few months ago, and had to pee in a urinal. I actually asked for a female urinal which they did not have. I had to pee all over the bed sheets since my micro wiener could not fit down into the bottle while laying down. The bottom edge of the urinal bottle was uncomfortable, as it felt like it was cutting the very bottom o
  2. Renal physiology is complex and piss is a complex liquid. They are an integral part of the study of human physiology.
  3. Another great challenge was a physiology class I took in college back in 1980. Every person in class had to drink huge amounts of water and pee it all out every twenty minutes. We all had to pee into a beaker, come back into the classroom, and measure our volume to be recorded. I remember feeling very fortunate that there was only one decent looking woman in the classroom. Had the class been filled with gorgeous women I would have gone crazy seeing all those beakers of piss coming into the classroom and not be able to watch any of it gush out. The winner of the volume contest was a
  4. My fetish actually ruined a great concert for me back in 1986. I went to see Genesis at Dodger Stadium, and there were a few women in the mens' room line and another one already in the stall. A man in line at he urinal was telling us around him about the time he saw a girl pissing in a urinal at a concert. I was really worked up and felt teased. I could no longer enjoy the great music. All I could think a bout was the women peeing in the mens' room, and the frustration that I could not watch them. This was long before pee porn was legal, and I had never seen a woman piss, desp
  5. Very similar to some mentioned above. I would like the ability to induce in others of my choosing the willingness to pee in front of me without reporting me or getting me in trouble. Whenever I spotted someone who I would really like to see gush, I would be able to ask them and guarantee a yes answer without any repercussions.
  6. There was a song from 1970 that I enjoyed in middle school by a band called "christie. It was called " Yellow River". " Fill my glass now, the time has come. I'm going back to the place that I love " Yellow River". You can hear it on you tube. It was not a big hit, but it has almost 10 million views on you tube in less then four years. Could be do to a lot of curious pee fans. I often sing in the shower and change lyrics to a pee theme just off the top of my head, such as " I hear, the secret that you keep, as your pissing in the street. Keeps me search
  7. I fully agree with muffinhuntr. Back in 2003, I began the first of a couple dozen posts discussing in detail the reasons, experiences, and philosophies regarding my pee fetish. I could almost make all these posts into a small book. This was on a site still going called "toiletstool.com". I began on page 1095 under the name "Raging Urophile". muffinhuntr's poignant response reminded me of these discussions. My fetish began when i was four years old. When in Kindergarten, I would ask the teacher to use the restroom, right after a girl asked to go. The restrooms wer
  8. It is ridiculous, to search or drive to a bathroom when peeing outside is so easy. It could be, however, that the boys are more concerned about wanting a place to wash their hands, instead of being timid. ,Therefore it is good to have water and soap available to eliminate this possiblilty. What about the moms? Do they pee outside? Do you mind if your sons see you pee?
  9. When I went through the activity page, I did not see any place that said " search history" but I did see "you tube history". I was about to delete the option for "view you tube history", but it warned me that access to other functions or content might be limited if I turn it off, so i decided not to. There was a benign you tube video in my history that was related to my work function. I am guessing that the only problem would be if I played a perverse you tube video, while signed in. I wonder what would happen if I played a video from any pee sites that were not you tube while s
  10. Last night, a few minutes after logging in to Peefans, I noticed that little circle in the upper right corner of my screen with my first initial in it. I was aghast to discover that I did not log out of my employee gmail google account. I am not too familiar with the detailed elements of my account, but i checked it out thoroughly to see if there was any evidence of Peefans. I did not find any, but I am still nervous. Can they find out what sites you visit when not logged off? I know they could see u tube videos I watched, but what else can they discover?
  11. I had an uncomfortable experience with a pee prostitute back in 1980. I used to go through the porn adds in adult newspapers that one could buy in news stands over 40 years ago. There were not too many with a pee theme, but I did find one. I was desperate to see a woman piss, and since piss porn was illegal, and also since I thought I was mentally deranged for wanting to see women pee, the idea of pursuing this was quite scary. I finally got up the nerve to call one of these perverse adds, and so I set up an appointment to meet with this pee prostitute at her home in Hollywood
  12. My trend -micro anti-virus still gives me the dangerous page warning. I had better stay away, although I will miss this site. I
  13. I just noticed yesterday that when clicking on links to Heavy -r, I now get a website blocked-dangerous page notification. Does anyone else get this, or know why they are now dangerous?.
  14. We would all like to know if girl A ever allowed you to watch her pee gush out.
  15. In hindsight, I am wondering if she would have let you watch her pee. You could have jokingly said " Only if I can join you". There is a chance she would have said something like " sure, I don't care", and you could watch her piss. The risk would have been low considering her gruff demeanor. I am sure she would not have been offended by your sense of humor. If she does return next year, you might want to consider this if she needs to pee again.
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