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    Hey im lena 18 from germany. I really like peeing. I prefer outdoor

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    Peeing on public urinal

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  1. Ive visited some smaller festilvals in germany. I always pee outside because i cant hold it very long, so it isnt fun stying in those long queues. I also kinda like it, because its very public but nobody really cares.
  2. If i had a dick i would love to pee in an urinal. I think that would be so much fun. Obviously im gonna try other places outside but the urinal is on the top of my bucket list
  3. I can do both but i more like squatting
  4. I dont think so, just saw this a few times. Maybe 10%🤔🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. It was already installed as we bought the house
  6. My pants get a little wet, but when im wearing a skirt it works pretty well
  7. I got an urinal at home, so i already tried it many times
  8. Hey im lena, 18 years old and from germany. I really like peeing outside in the woods but also in public places.
  9. Very nice Photos! I just use a tree when im wearing a skirt but i always enjoy it
  10. It was a guy. He just say Hi, stared at me and start peeing
  11. I often pee on festivals
  12. Once i was caught at the trainstation. I was squatting behind a bush. And someone else came there for peeing too
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