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    I'm 46 yr old blk woman who enjoys pissing in random places around my house, outside and in. Sometimes I wear adult pull-ups when i can't leave my work desk. I am infatuated with what comes out of a vagina and penis. It feels good and even better out in the open. I like to be vocal while pissing BECAUSE it feels good. I always end my pisscapades with a good masturbation. One thing about me, you will always notice, i only use the term PISS because it's nastier and hotter. Other terms like "tinkle" and "pee" not really in my vocabulary. My fantasy, is me giving oral to husband, he says he has to piss, I tell him to go..... in my mouth. 😉

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    The warmth of it coming out
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    Going out into my backyard at night, taking off my robe, spreading my lips and letting my piss gush out.

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  1. Has anyone ever drank their pee off the floor? I did this once many years ago when I discovered my desire for toilet-less peeing. I got so turned on by pissing on the floor, I didn't know what else to do so I got down on my knees and began slurping. I haven't done anything close to this recently.
  2. For those of us that choose to be in the closet with our pee adventures, when the urge suddenly hits you but someone is home, you don't want to or can't fight the urge anymore and just want that release, what do you do. Do you run to a secret naughty place, do you grab some clothing to soak, or do you just not allow yourself the pleasure when you're not alone? I have someone home, but the urge came on so I ran into the garage, went behind my car, took my shorts off, and peed. It was such a great feeling that I almost didn't care if someone came in the garage and caught me. I also now go i
  3. I agree. My water bill has been VERY minimal lately. 😉
  4. I figure a few hours would satisfy my desires. It's pretty full. My challenge is to see just how much I can go before leakage point.
  5. And it's such a bummer, lol. FRight now my husband is out running errands so I have a diaper on, but soon as he pulls up, I will be resorting back to the much dreaded toilet. 🙄
  6. PEE-LOVERS do you hate the toilet 🤣?? I don't hate it, but it IS boring. So how many times do you pee-lovers actually use the toilet in a day! For me, maybe once which would be in the morning ONLY because there's more to my morning routine than just peeing. After that, it's either in my household pee spots, outside, in a diaper, or discovering other new areas. 💦
  7. Just drink plenty of water, it will be more pleasant. When we're teen-agers the last thing we think about is hydrating ourselves.
  8. I have a diaper on (just bought them recently upgrading from a pull-up). It's more exciting to put it on and walk around in it. I noticed that the diapers hold more than the pull-ups without leakage from the sides; that's it, you don't gush your pee out at one time. then you might have a flooding issue.
  9. I see you. And I'm glad I could be some inspiration. Very exciting! I love your uncut dick pics, by the way. My husband is the same, so I can ONLY imagine.
  10. Has anyone done this? If you haven't, did you at least taste it? If so, please share how it came to you to do so? Did you stick your hand in the flow, did you make a puddle on the floor? I haven't done it recently, but when I first got into "peeing interests" I stuck my hand in the flow out of sudden erotic turn on, and licked my pee from my fingers. I'm trying to think if I want to do it again. Please share your stories.
  11. I pissed in my car for the first time over a week ago. It FELT GOOD, although i DID use a pee pad, it's the naughtiest one I've done so far. I have an SUV so I opened the hatch, laid down the pee pad, straddled over it while holding on to the back seat and let my pee flow freely. Now I have an extra added pee spot that I find more convenient then going to the bathroom. 😉
  12. It's a turn on for me to watch a man pee without holding his dick. I like the image of him standing in the middle of his room with hard floors or in his yard and letting it go. I like seeing him roll over in bed, open the blanket to pee, then go back to sleep.
  13. Trying to hold my pee in while quick-walking outside to release. As I'm walking with thighs clenched together, pee dribbles down my legs almost to my feet. Bladder is tight starting to ache. When I get even part the door I just let it go as I go to my spot.
  14. Today I decided to try some new areas for pissing. The first one, I have an SUV in the garage so I let the back hatch up, laid down pee pads. I climbed into the back, straddled my legs over the pad as I held on to the backseats and peed. I've done that twice so far and I actually like it. It let's me know, I can be out and about running errands, if I suddenly have to pee, I don't have to use public restrooms anymore (if I'm by myself). I can just climb into the back seat, spread a pad, and piss right there. The other area, is in my kitchen. I decided to try random pissing on the spot as
  15. It's nice seeing other women in here! 😊
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