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    I'm 46 yr old blk woman who enjoys pissing in random places around my house, outside and in. Sometimes I wear adult pull-ups when i can't leave my work desk. I am infatuated with what comes out of a vagina and penis. It feels good and even better out in the open. I like to be vocal while pissing BECAUSE it feels good. I always end my pisscapades with a good masturbation. One thing about me, you will always notice, i only use the term PISS because it's nastier and hotter. Other terms like "tinkle" and "pee" not really in my vocabulary. My fantasy, is me giving oral to husband, he says he has to piss, I tell him to go..... in my mouth. 😉

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    The warmth of it coming out
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    Going out into my backyard at night, taking off my robe, spreading my lips and letting my piss gush out.

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  1. I like the more candid stand, spread, and piss. If you squat, it gushes out too fast and you can't enjoy it. If you sit, it just floods your lap with warm urine (unless that's what you're going for).
  2. I like when other women get in here and share their piss-capades. My moments have been sporadic, but when the mood hits like today, I'll put a short sleeveless dress on, no panties, go sit on my porch and spread my legs to piss. While doing so, I act like I had no idea the piss was coming. The release satisfies my endorphins. ❤️💦
  3. Can you all believe I have never done carpet pissing? I want to try this by getting some large carpet pieces and setting up a pissing area in my house. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. I just need to figure out the splash distance when standing. I know this is common, but this will be a new venture for me. ☺️
  4. I just want to say after I just watched about 10 male pissing videos, guys have the most amazing pissing tool, 'The Penis'. 🤣 Y'all can just wip it out through your shorts, or just let it hang as you walk and piss at the same time. You can point and shoot wherever you want. 💦❤️
  5. That's why I like when school is in session and my husband works away from home days at a time and soon he'll be back to truck driving so even better! So when the house becomes empty, the thrill hits me! And the overwhelming desire to pee anywhere takes over!
  6. What do you consider this to be for yourself... For me, it started out as a fetish, and now has jumped to, I just refuse to conform to the use of a toilet. 🤣 I just like to pee and I like doing it in places that are out of anyone else's norm. I DO consider it more of a lifestyle and it's lived in secret. When I started considering it as such, it became normal to me. 😉💦
  7. Mine was a vintage video of people sitting around a dinner table. Someone gets up and walks up to a glass on the table (while everyone is laughing and watching; vintage music playing) pulls his penis out and pees in the glass and drinks it. Then others join in by pissing in glasses, peeing on each other, and on the table. I thought, "Oh! This is a thing??". I wore that one out for a while until my watching progressed into trying it myself.
  8. I don't like farting noises on videos. I don't like the double steam from a man's penis (looks like a defect). I like a perfect pissing penis. Biggest turnoff, is trying to go outside thinking it's just pee, but suddenly feel something else so I abruptly stop my stream and go to the toilet. (I hate that).
  9. I believe the community is still doing their peeing, they just aren't posting about it as much. I know I haven't been on here in a while, but it doesn't mean I don't still do my thing. It seems to me the majority of the community is non-US based anyway, so maybe there are some changes going on abroad. Post-Covid; back to work??
  10. I've been shopping around for one. Haven't seen one I like yet. 🤷🏾‍♀️
  11. The thing about pee, is it's a natural function that we can enjoy while doing it. Before the invention of toilets, our buildings for that matter, what do we think people did back then. They probably walked somewhere away from people, squatted, spread their legs, or whipped it out and pissed. No one thought I'll of it, that's what it was. So I love being home by myself during the day to enjoy it however it comes to mind at that moment. I either go outside in the back yard, or on my front porch, go in my garage, or wear a diaper. Sometimes if I know I'm gonna mop the kitchen anyway, I'll do non-
  12. So lately, I've been saying f***k it, I ain't taking nothing off, I'm just gonna piss on myself with whatever i got on. I've been going outside with loose sorry shorts on no panties, walk around my driveway, when i need to go, i just go right there. Piss splashing down my legs and creating this awesome puddle under my feet. 💦
  13. A man pissing and someone else, man or woman drinking from the tap. Kinky and sexy at the same time. Especially watching some of the piss dribbling back out of the mouth. Ijs. 💦
  14. No, if I wear a skirt during the day while at home, it's definitely with no panties.
  15. I recently discovered, I like taking a quick break from my work, go outside on my front porch, sit in one chair while my legs are stretched out onto another, smoking a cigar, when I need to piss, I just hike my skirt up and go. Very relaxing and exciting at the same time, that I don't have to run to the bathroom. Just go right there. Call it time management. 💦😉
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