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    I'm 46 yr old blk woman who enjoys pissing in random places around my house, outside and in. Sometimes I wear adult pull-ups when i can't leave my work desk. I am infatuated with what comes out of a vagina and penis. It feels good and even better out in the open. I like to be vocal while pissing BECAUSE it feels good. I always end my pisscapades with a good masturbation. One thing about me, you will always notice, i only use the term PISS because it's nastier and hotter. Other terms like "tinkle" and "pee" not really in my vocabulary. My fantasy, is me giving oral to husband, he says he has to piss, I tell him to go..... in my mouth. 😉

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    The warmth of it coming out
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    Going out into my backyard at night, taking off my robe, spreading my lips and letting my piss gush out.

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  1. For those of us who can't or don't indulge in peeing-ventures daily whether it's because you hide it from your spouse or your just not feeling it, what is the SUDDEN URGE like for you? What do you go through when the mood hits you? I know for me, I get really excited. Today husband went to run errands. I suddenly felt my urge. (It's been several days) and started thinking of places I wanted to go. I walked around the house with a full bladder trying to find the right place. I first went out on the front porch (wasn't feeling it), I then went into the garage (nope!), then I finally went into t
  2. So recently, I had this same urge. I went into my garage butt naked talking on the phone with my husband, I stood there with my thighs together letting my pee flow like a fire hydrant. It felt so good I moaned a little. Husband asked what was I doing....I said "not a damn thing" 😏 he said "oh" and kept talking. What an exhilarating feeling. 🐱💦😉
  3. I DO do it in the shower, but sometimes when the feeling hits and I'm feeling a naughty turn-on about it, I like to just run naked into my garage.
  4. I have this sudden urge to want to piss letting it run down my legs into a puddle. I haven't done it in a while. I can't right now though because it will require me to spend a duration of time doing it then cleaning which will increase my risk of being caught (someone is home). I may do this tonight outside in my driveway. I CAN'T WAIT! 💦🦵🏾
  5. When I piss in the garage, I don't clean up right away. Actually, with the garage door cracked open I mostly just let it dry on its own. If someone is home and I DO need to clean, it will be later in the day. To clean up immediately after seems to take away from the naughtiness for me.
  6. I haven't tried it yet, but soon I'm thinking of branching out and wearing my pullup in public. The only evidence people will see of me peeing are my eyes welling up from shear ENJOYMENT! 💦
  7. I'm actually a little frustrated 😑. I want to piss right now? But it's Spring Break so I have two people home. I COULD just run into the garage and piss but I didn't put a dress on today. I don't want to miss this opportunity......I'm going to change.
  8. I love watching a man pee on the floor and hearing him talk to his dick while peeing and vocalizing his enjoyment like he was inside a woman. 😉
  9. If women could do it as easily as men, we would. I would at least, lol. Can you give detail on you doing this? When? How often? What do you enjoy about it? 🤤
  10. The pullup is from Walgreens drug store. No. I usually end my peeing just prior to someone coming home.
  11. Yes, no leaks. They are so much better.
  12. So, I had to give up the diaper thing. As it got full it started leaking over the top as I was running to the bathroom! When I got to the bathroom, I just stood there and finished on the floor. While the piss felt good running down my legs, I thought to myself, I need to put a pullup on to avoid this. So I cleaned up and put one on instead. I don't have to worry about leakage. 🥴
  13. My husband and I have been in the bath together before, when I asked him to piss on me and he did. It was a strong warm splashy stream. Then we followed up with a shower.
  14. It's filling up fast..... it might actually leak! But I will keep peeing until my bladder is empty. Good thing I'm sitting on a pee pad. 😉
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