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    Me and my gf love pissing on everything and everything. Carpets, beds, couches, you name it.

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    Pissing on anything in the house. Furniture, carpets, anything.
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    Pissing on the carpet for the first time

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  1. For me I kinda eased it into a conversation. We were talking about fetishes with each other and what types we had. I slipped in that I "once" had a piss fetish and she was quickly intrigued by that. I told her my experiences in it and she wanted to try for herself. At first she only really pissed in the bath tub, easy clean up, not the toilet, it was a good start for her. Then I was slowly able to ease her into going other places Eventually she worked up the courage to spice it up a little. One night we were hanging out and she drank a lot of water that day. She eventually had
  2. Well I can tell you how I did it. I pretty much asked her if she had any odd fetishes. You know to start up a conversation with that topic. Of course she asked me the same thing. I said "well there is one" and I told her what is was. Let's just say we've been peeing together ever sense
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