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    Me and my gf love pissing on anything and everything. Carpets, beds, couches, you name it.

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    Pissing on anything in the house. Furniture, carpets, anything.
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    Pissing on the carpet for the first time

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  1. More carpet pissing videos. I always see the same ones on every site and I just want more of them.
  2. I'm not entirely comfortable sharing any pictures of my gf just for privacy and trust sake but I will show a stream of her going on her carpet
  3. I felt like sharing this story because it's made me so happy and I wanna spread some positivity So me and my gf have been together for 2 years now and never did I think I would have a partner that would be big into pee like I'm into. The thought of even telling her scared me. But as we grew more comfortable with each other and time passed we naturally got a little more sexual. One night we started talking about fetishes and possible ones we had. I started off by asking her and she didn't really have any fetishes. So I'm just thinking "okay how do I bring mine up to her". So I told h
  4. For me and my gf, the carpet is always our go to whenever we need to pee. Sometimes we switch it up but we always go on the carpet more often then not. We just love the huge stain it leaves and the smell afterwards. Who here has the carpet as their favorite spot? Do you have a partner who you do it frequently with?
  5. This is something me and my girlfriend have been talking about and fantasising for a while for when we move out and get a place of our own We plan on having a specific room that is just made for our fetish, we plan on putting cheap furniture in there like a couch, chairs, tables, a bed, everything we could think of, and we would basically use it as our new bathroom. We would piss anywhere and everywhere and there would be no limits. Have any of you thought of something like that? If so please share how you would want your room, things that you would want to piss on either by yoursel
  6. For me I kinda eased it into a conversation. We were talking about fetishes with each other and what types we had. I slipped in that I "once" had a piss fetish and she was quickly intrigued by that. I told her my experiences in it and she wanted to try for herself. At first she only really pissed in the bath tub, easy clean up, not the toilet, it was a good start for her. Then I was slowly able to ease her into going other places Eventually she worked up the courage to spice it up a little. One night we were hanging out and she drank a lot of water that day. She eventually had
  7. Well I can tell you how I did it. I pretty much asked her if she had any odd fetishes. You know to start up a conversation with that topic. Of course she asked me the same thing. I said "well there is one" and I told her what is was. Let's just say we've been peeing together ever sense
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