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  1. I'm going to drink a ton of water this evening and try to hold it all in as long as I possibly can. For the past couple years I've had a goal of peeing 1500ML in a measuring jug. I routinely get measurements between 1400 and 1500 but have never quite been able to get 1500. Several weeks ago I almost did it -- I set a new record, but it wasn't quite the amount I wanted. It was frustrating to miss it by that much, but now I'm more motivated than ever, so tonight I'm going to try again. Wish me luck.
  2. One of the things I find incredibly hot is when a girl is dancing around in desperation, starts leaking, becomes visibly wet, but keeps trying to hold on. I've always considered myself more into the desperation part than the actual wetting or peeing but this is one situation where I can enjoy seeing someone wet. There's something extremely sexy to me about seeing a girl pee-dancing frantically while in wet pants... even better if she's holding herself and pissing into her hands but still fighting to keep it in. I've never been a fan of videos where the girl just gives up instantly after starti
  3. My favorite game ever is Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which is obviously not an uncommon opinion. Also, when I was younger I was fascinated by the "Sim" games made by Maxis in the 1990s, particularly SimCity 2000 and SimTower, and also other games like SimCopter. I can't even imagine the number of hours I spent on those games. I thought they were so clever and unique and still do. I remember enjoying SimCopter because you could import your file from SimCity into the game and fly around the city you created in 3D, which I thought was incredibly cool.
  4. gottapee87


    I got into Pokemon during the Pokemon Go craze in 2016. I played the original games when I was younger but I sort of forgot about it for a long time until that period in July 2016 when every person on the planet was doing this. It was such an amazing phenomenon that I'll never forget. I've always preferred the grass starters like Bulbasaur, which is my favorite Pokemon other than Mamoswine.
  5. I am convinced that this fetish is way more common than some people realize. I have actually known several women who I suspected enjoyed the feeling of a full bladder to some extent, based on comments they made while having to pee. Obviously I could be wrong but I really strongly suspected it with several women I knew. It's just that they don't all announce it on the Internet (for reasons that are completely understandable).
  6. I have intentionally put myself in situations where I would end up with a very full bladder without any way to release it. Several years ago I went to a football game with the intention of not peeing at the stadium no matter how badly I needed to go. By the end of the game I naturally needed to piss, and I even stood in the bathroom line, got into the stall, but left without peeing. It was over an hour ride home and I still remember the feeling of sitting in the car with an aching bladder and thinking "oh god, what did I just do" ... we hadn't even left the parking lot yet. I made it home but
  7. The other night I pissed for around a minute straight in a measuring jug after drinking four bottles of water. I squirmed and danced for about an hour and then ran to the bathroom and peed 1300ML or so. It was a lot of fun, and the relief was amazing, but I felt like I should've been able to hold it longer. So tonight I'm doing the same thing -- I'm drinking a ton of water and I'm going to try to not let any of it out for another three or four hours. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bigger measurement this time...
  8. For me it's a minimum of twice a day, because I do it at night to help me sleep, and I'll do it again in the morning also. I could easily do it another couple times in the same day but I generally try to limit myself to two. Although sometimes if I have a really great conversation with someone on a site like this, the following day I will do it three, four times or more because I cannot stop thinking about the convo. I've always been very consistent with this... there's no up-and-down with me; I'm like permanently "up." There's almost no situation where I would skip an entire day.
  9. I can relate to this a lot because I often find myself in situations where someone is desperate and I have to try as hard as I can to act normal. It's a million times harder when they're openly squirming/dancing or talking out loud about how badly they need to pee.
  10. It's amazing how much worse it gets when you're looking at the toilet or you know that it's very close. Years ago I was desperate in the car for several hours and I started leaking badly *just* as the car stopped and we were home. It's like the anticipation of finally being home made me begin losing it. (Side note: I'm feeling inspired now to drink a ton of water this evening and push my bladder to the limit. Wish me luck...)
  11. I love the thought of you stuck in traffic and desperately trying to hold on. That's a situation I know very, very well...
  12. I have three separate interests relating to this fetish and they all started with a different event. Years ago I saw an extremely desperate woman waiting in line for the bathroom in the food court at a mall. She was literally holding herself with both hands and hopping/bobbing up and down rhythmically, knees bending, with an incredibly desperate expression on her face. For some reason I was fixated on it and I ended up with a lifelong interest in female desperation. Years later my family was hosting a New Year's Eve party and I had drank six sodas over the course of the night, so I obviou
  13. I'm male and in my 30s. I've never had a genuine accident where my bladder just released everything on its own. Even if I'm at the point where I'm utterly, utterly dying, I'm still able to hold 90 percent of it. I will eventually start dripping (although it takes me a long time to even get to that point) and the leaks will gradually get bigger and more frequent, but I never lose it all until I decide to give up. I've always considered myself really lucky that I'm more interested in the holding/desperation part than having accidents, because it's incredibly difficult to get me to have a true ac
  14. I am holding at the moment -- I haven't peed in around six hours. I'm not in danger of wetting but I'm having an increasingly hard time sitting still. Part of me wants to give up and run to the bathroom but it would also be fun to grab another water bottle and wait a little longer. I think I'll wait...
  15. Welcome to the site 😀 It's great to see another holder here.
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