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  1. That was a great story -- thanks for sharing. I can relate to the feeling of being stuck in the car and trying to deal with an aching full bladder. One time I had to hold it for 3 or 4 hours in the car -- it ended with me partially wetting my pants just as we were arriving home and then sprinting to the toilet to let the rest out. I always feel like asking this to women who enjoy men holding -- how much do you wish men had to wait more often in those long, slow lines for the bathroom? 😛
  2. Welcome to the site 😀 Great to see another holding/desperation fan here.
  3. I usually don't have that much of a problem doing this -- I'm generally not that desperate in the morning. An exception would be when I've played a huge holding game the night before. It seems like I always have a ton of water still in my system no matter how many times I tried to pee before I went to bed... so I always go straight to the bathroom.
  4. I knew Wetman/JCZ for a long time in the Pool chat room -- I've been a member there since 2006 and he was there when I arrived. He was an extremely nice guy and always willing to help when I had a problem. I will definitely miss him.
  5. I have deliberately put myself in desperate situations in the car, as a challenge to myself. When I go to a sports game the trip is usually somewhere around 1 hr 15 min to 1 hr 30 min, and I've done things like drink as much as I can at the stadium and skip going to the restroom. It's a particular challenge for me because I never pee on the side of the road, and I also have issues with announcing to a group of people that I need a rest stop (weird I know) ... so it's basically over an hour of having no choice but to hold it. The last time I did this, I must have mistimed my drinking, because for the most part I was fine. I needed to go badly toward the end of the trip but it never got to the extreme desperation level. I haven't done this in a long time and I was never confident enough to do it again, but it was fun to play around with a little bit.
  6. 1500 ML is my record but I've only gotten there once. 1300-1400 ML is what I typically get after holding as long as I can. I've been measuring for 10+ years and it's been pretty consistent.
  7. Hey, I'm new. I've been reading this place for a while and I finally decided to join. I'm a 31-year-old guy from the east coast of the US. My main interest is desperation, particularly holding it for women who enjoy knowing that a guy is squirming. It's good to be here.
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