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    east-central NJ, USA; near the beach
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    Loving life; grateful to GOD for all things past, present & future. To describe myself I'm straight, fun, friendly, outgoing, playful but the gentleman at all times. I'm divorced but still believing love - especially pee love - will come back my way. Slightly out of shape these days but trying to get back in shape and stay healthy.

    If you're more curious about me, feel free to drop me a message. Pee-happy!

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    Watching a hot stream come out of a pretty lady and showering me with her nectar. I love the salty sweet taste of it as I lap her up.
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    While we were at a nude beach together, girlfriend asked me to make a hole in the sand so she could pee. I said sure but only if you let me watch? Reluctantly she agreed and let go a long hot stream, getting a little on me. When she saw how excited I got, we went back to the hotel and spent the next few hours pissing on each other, me drinking up her sweet, hot nectar. It was one of, if not THE, most erotic moments in my life.

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  1. You're too good to be true @pop-a-squat. You'll never be lonely, not on this site, with all of us pee loving, sex-crazed geezers like me. LOL.
  2. Why can I meet someone like you @pop-a-squat ? Awesome story; thanks for sharing it.
  3. For what it's worth, at the top of the page in the PeeFans.com banner to the far right just before the site search box there is a tab "MORE". You should check it out; here's the link: https://theporndude.com/ Anything and everything is there including pee sites. If he's paying money to be on this site, the least any of us could do is give him a try. Hope this helps!
  4. I started out on Peesearch many years ago. Some of the posts weren't bad but as time went on it lost its quality, quantity and popularity. Peeing Cupid... UUGGHH!!! Great idea, or so I thought, but like y'all have mentioned what a friggin' waste of time; I hope nobody spent the money on that. Totally agree with what @spywareonya posted on 7/28/19: and herself, among the many countless others who keep this website going and keep it a delight to cum to everyday.
  5. I'm going to have give that "Kingsman The Golden Circle" another look for the scene you mentioned; don't know how that escaped me before.
  6. Welcome Erinkiyo! Glad to have you here and hope you're enjoying this site. You'll find we're not freaks here, just very friendly people who have a peculiar vice. I want to believe the subject is more popular in the privacy of people's homes than to openly speak about it at the coffee machine at work. With that in mind I would bet to say there are more folks enjoying our forte than one would think. However, whether they want to go deeper into our "golden pool" remains to be known. That's why this website was created; for those who want to explore and for those who want to expand their fantasy in, as you illuded to, a "taboo" venue. Heck there are for more worse taboo arenas out there. I've mentioned a few times here that a few lady friends I've had through the years were ok with the idea & performing for me but only AFTER we got to know each other a little more intimately. I learned very early on not to bring the subject up at a first or second meeting. You just have to use your own discretion and common sense. Pee happy!
  7. I used to be a Lyft driver so I know about getting that next fare and pissing in between rides. You're fortunate to have this happen to you, that is being able to afford $500 as a tip for a Uber ride and the lady driver, looking quite nice actually (I love tall redheads - schwing!) letting you take pics of her wetting herself. It's almost too good to be true but congrats to you. I hope you got her phone number at least. LOL
  8. It's been so long since I've had a lady partner to share an experience with that at this point in my life, just the thought of engaging with a female in any sort of romantic interlude would be a fantasy come to life. I have a couple of fantasies that I'll post another time.
  9. Not wanting to be Johnny Downer here, but is there a high concern about this Coronavirus happening around the world lately?
  10. Woo - Hoo Pissguy! You have us all anxiously waiting for your next update. Way to go guy!
  11. All of the points all of you have previously mentioned are all valid issues. It's great that we have a forum for just this sort of subject. I'm in agreement with more natural, unplanned, pee happenings with both sexes in an understandable language. The amateur films or "real-life" flicks do have more spontaneity and are more of delight to watch. I love to see a big beautiful smile of elation on a gal as she's going and the joyful sighs & sounds they make when all done. To have her lover (male and/or female) come and lick up any drops or drips left behind I think is also incredibly sexy. Many ladies have said about seeing more guys pissing; here here! In conjunction with that, in a playful setting, not torture or B&D, I'd like to see more of the gal holding the guys cock while he pees, be it on her, at the beach, in the park or even traditionally into a urinal or toilet at home. What you really don't find, if at all, is a guy with a morning erection and he REALLY needs to pee. I can remember after having a joint getting a hard-on but having to pee; the sensation was almost as good as ejaculating. So that's my two cents. Pee happy y'all!
  12. I too as a male often thought of gender swapping; it's fascinated me almost as long as my insatiable admiration of watching you lovely ladies pissing. As was mentioned by @gldenwetgoose in the very beginning, coming to grips with the female anatomy would be an orgasm... or three. Without revealing too much, and keeping things as fantasy, there are so many delightful things you gals get to experience I've often wished I could; the wide array of clothes you gals get to wear, the fashions, the styles I've often envied plus the plethora of beauty products that just gloriously accentuates your already beautiful selves. Of course there would be plenty of gratuitous sex but taking the bad with the good, going thru a "period" is something I wouldn't be looking forward to. As I've come to learn from girlfriends and wives through my years, it's "what every male needs to experience to know what our bodies go through every month from 13 to 55 unless we're giving birth which is an altogether unique experience in and of itself;" author unknown. Read that somewhere many years ago; can't remember where or when though. But the Great Almighty made me male for a reason and I'm thankful for it. I also give thanks to Him for all you lovely women and the miracle of birth you possess. Pee happy y'all!
  13. Congrats on a milestone achievement! Thank you for all your many posts that have done nothing short of making this site as wonderful as it is because of you. And I agree with you in saying 'thank you' to @Admin for creating this wonderful site for all the pee lovers out there.
  14. P_lovinguy


    As they say gentlemen prefer blondes. So to see pee first I'd definitely like to see the blonde on the far right (#4) then the bosomy sweetie in pink (#2) then the fun one in the middle in black (#3) and lastly of course miss hearts panty (#1). Then again to see them pee together at the same time, and not ashamed to say on me, would make a fantasy come true and completely make my night. Cheers!
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