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    Straight Male; bi-curious
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    Medical Biller
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    east-central NJ, USA; near the beach
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    Grateful to the Almighty for all things past, present & future. I'm straight but have been bi-curious. I'm considered witty, intelligent, friendly, outgoing & playful by my friends. For you ladies, I'm a true gentleman at all times.

    Sadly, I'm 2x divorced but still believe love - especially pee love - will come back my way.

    If you're curious about me, feel free to drop me a message.

    If you're a single lady between 30 & 60 looking for a play partner, and are in the Jersey area (NJ - USA) lets become friends and see how things go.


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    Watching a sizzling hot pee stream come out of a pretty lady and showering me with her nectar; lapping up the salty sweet taste of her. Then I'll return the favor with my own piss as she holds my cock to drench her hair, her mouth, her breasts and her vulva. Then we'll lick each other clean on to a delicious session of lovemaking.
  • Hottest Pee Experience
    Now this takes place some forty (40) years ago, around 1979/80, when I was 17 y/o experiencing and experimenting with all the world had at the time.

    I got invited to a house party and there was EVERYTHING imaginable from brews to booze to grass and even snow. While indulging in a little of everything, I was as high as kite but had to pee from the beer. There were a couple of bathrooms in the house so there wasn't too a long wait to pee. There were a few girls from school (yeah I was still in high school) ahead of me, one I had a particular crush on. They went in but didn't close the door all the way. Thanks to the medicine cabinet mirror was so able to watch them both take a pee. I got hard in two seconds but still had to pee... urgently.

    This bathroom had a shower stall. The girls finished and the one I had a crush on kissed me and said " I saw you watching us; do you need a hand with that?" (We'd played truth or dare a few times so the bar was already raised.) I said I might if she was willing to watch? We made sure to lock the door then I went into the shower stall where she watched me pee with the hardest erection up to then.

    Mind you I was still on cloud 99 let alone 9. She was mesmerized watching me as I let go what seemed like a good five minutes and a barrel full of piss all over the shower wall, door and even on me; LOL. The last I remember was us kissing and feeling each other up. After that I found a lawn chaise in the backyard and passed out. I still to this moment remember pissing with that erection with her watching me though. Every time since, when I've had a morning erection having to pee really bad, I remember that time. I don't recall having such a relieving pee ever since.

    So, that's my story and where my pee fun all started. True story; hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Steve25805 - Where is this from? Is this a video or a gallery collection? These two look very sexy, especially the gal giving the shower. I love how the gal getting is so casual about getting showered by her friend. Would love to check out the entire video if there is one. Thanks!
  2. https://thcf7.redgifs.com/CapitalIckyIbadanmalimbe-mobile.mp4 It's a very short but exciting gif/vid. Hope it excites you as it excited me.
  3. Nearly ever pic here from page 1 to page 16 is great! It's my pee passion to have an attractive, sexy gal playfully piss on me; nothing turns me on more. I'm just not into the bondage/slave thing, not my scene; turns me off. The shots like this last one with multiple chicks pissing on the guy... PRICELESS & AWESOME! Now if I can only find me a lady who's eager to satisfy my fantasies. Thanks steve25805 for all these great pics!
  4. Like an open invitation. SWEET! Yes it's a re-post but this lovely has very beautiful bum; very deserving of her own post. Enjoy y'all!
  5. This is so erotic... This fiery redhead has a sweet tush and her friend lovely pert breasts.
  6. I realize this is the third time this pic is here, but this young lovely is beautiful in this. I caught the video for this a while ago; it was great.
  7. Hope these are in tune with the original theme of the post. If not, let me know.
  8. These are sort of along those lines but I'll keep looking as well. Hope you like. https://www.xvideos.com/video26982215/wet_dreams_
  9. This is a honey of picture. Very nice; awesome! Thank you @steve25805 ; always the best!
  10. https://sea.mashable.com/culture/9597/disgusting-coronavirus-challenge-has-people-licking-toilet-seats-and-doorknobs I really hate to believe that people, especially those in there twenties are this stupid & idiotic. PLEASE - DO NOT DO THIS CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posting this so you know what's out there.
  11. Borrowing this from Steve in floor pissing ladies; thanks!
  12. Wow. Interesting question. Each person and their morals are uniquely different, obviously. If someone feel its wrong, they shouldn't be on this site to begin with so there's the hypocrisy. You are comfortable with yourself, which be it those who follow you appreciate and those who are new MUST accept. Should you stop posting videos? I'm sure with those of us who follow you and consider a "partner in crime" NO!
  13. For those here in the US, we're all familiar with the Weather Channel and Stephanie Abrams in the morning. Tell me you wouldn't like to see her pissing? got to pee pose? I once saw a cock this big
  14. I've been thru all 37 pages and surprised there was only one pic of Jennifer Aniston. She was hot at 20 y/o and she's still hot at 50.

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