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    Straight Male; bi-curious
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    Medical Billing
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    Toms River, NJ
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    Grateful to the Almighty for all things past, present & future. Sadly, I'm 2x divorced. I was raised and continue to be an old school gentleman. Friends consider me witty, outgoing, friendly, & playful. If you're curious to know more, drop me a message. Pee-happy!

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    Seeing a sizzling long stream come out of a beautiful gal and seeing the expression of elation as she empties her bladder. Of course to be able to receive as well as give a stream with a partner just makes things all the more sensual and arousing.
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    Now this takes place some forty (40) years ago, around 1979/80, when I was 17 y/o experiencing and experimenting with all the world had at the time.

    I got invited to a house party and there was EVERYTHING imaginable from brews to booze to grass and even snow. While indulging in a little of everything, I was as high as kite but had to pee from the beer. There were a couple of bathrooms in the house so there wasn't too a long wait to pee. There were a few girls from school (yeah I was still in high school) ahead of me, one I had a particular crush on. They went in but didn't close the door all the way. Thanks to the medicine cabinet mirror was so able to watch them both take a pee. I got hard in two seconds but still had to pee... urgently.

    This bathroom had a shower stall. The girls finished and the one I had a crush on kissed me and said " I saw you watching us; do you need a hand with that?" (We'd played truth or dare a few times so the bar was already raised.) I said I might if she was willing to watch? We made sure to lock the door then I went into the shower stall where she watched me pee with the hardest erection up to then.

    Mind you I was still on cloud 99 let alone 9. She was mesmerized watching me as I let go what seemed like a good five minutes and a barrel full of piss all over the shower wall, door and even on me; LOL. The last I remember was us kissing and feeling each other up. After that I found a lawn chaise in the backyard and passed out. I still to this moment remember pissing with that erection with her watching me though. Every time since, when I've had a morning erection having to pee really bad, I remember that time. I don't recall having such a relieving pee ever since.

    So, that's my story and where my pee fun all started. True story; hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Hey admins! Haven't been here in awhile; sorry. The blue did catch me off guard but granted it is easier on the eyes. I like how you gave us the option to choose which colours we'd like; very cool! I also applaud the new layout; looks "modern". Keep up the outstanding task of keeping the website "flowing"; yes pun intended. Cheers! Pee happy!
  2. Beautiful & sexy = Awesome!
  3. There is just something super sexy I find about a beautiful "mature," lets call them "experienced" gals; they're awesome! You know their husbands are happy.
  4. Thanks to @Ozabot for this pic. She deserves her own post. Awesome!
  5. The the platinum blonde with the killer smile is spectacular - love it!
  6. Welcome @Chrispisa19! Glad that your lurking days are over and now a part of our ever growing pee fraternity. Pee happy!
  7. Welcome Mrs. @CraftyPee! As has been previously said, our ever growing pee fraternity is here to answer any curiosities and questions you may have. Glad to have you on board. Pee happy!
  8. Welcome @Cyan493! Glad to have you here. Pee happy!
  9. Welcome @PissBoner! Glad to have you here. We're a polite, friendly bunch sharing the same enthusiasm. Any questions just give a shout out and somebody here will be glad to answer them. Pee happy!
  10. Cheers @Peecheslundun! Apologies for this late greeting six months after you signed on. Hope you are enjoying and making good use of the site. Glad to have you as part of our ever growing pee fraternity. Pee happy!
  11. Groeten & welkom @ellen48! Welcome to our ever-growing pee loving fraternity. By your wonderful introductory pictures, it's obvious you'll fit in here just right. We're here for you. As mentioned by others, we're a friendly & sociable bunch. Should you have any questions, there are many here, and many ladies at that, who would be glad to answer them. Great to have you here. Pee happy!
  12. Using Bing translator in English this reads: Hi. I'm Dark and I love how a woman does pee
  13. Awesome! Maybe by the site's 10 year anniversary (2024) we double today's amount - 60k?!
  14. Totally agree. Sending you all the best get well quick wishes and thoughts.
  15. Ya can't help but go wow about this one. WOW!

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