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    I guess you can call me a switch when it comes to bladder control.
    If you’re wondering if I need to pee right now, the answer is almost always yes.

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    I both saw and has an accident at a Halloween party. I was dressed as a sexy cat and the other person was spider woman. She peed herself and I teased her about it, but karma hit me back as the punch and the vodka hit my bladder hard. That costume was so tight I couldn’t get it off in time!

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  1. Quick little story: I was in a local park with my kids and over by the porta potties, I see a woman, and she clearly has to go. She was lifting her knees up and her heels were hitting her lower butt, you know, those “high steps” people do when they have to pee. She knocked on the door of the porta potty multiple times, but it took forever for the person to come out. She almost bent over at one point, but then quickly caught herself and stood back up. I guess she realized that she was in public and didn’t want anyone to realize she was desperate. Of course, she failed because I’m posting about
  2. One time, I was in high school and this one popular girl got her hands on alcohol and had a party while her parents were on vacation. I didn’t really know my limit at the time so I ended up drinking a bit too much, getting tipsy, and more importantly, having to pee really bad. Unfortunately, there was only one bathroom in the house and it seemed like every girl there was in line for it. What’s even worse was that most girls weren’t peeing, they were going in to fix up their makeup or have sex. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I started leaking. I snuck off into a bedroom and squatted over a tra
  3. I sometimes pee in pits that I’ve already use, because hey, I was gonna wash them anyway, so might as well!
  4. Mostly random alleys or semi private areas where there isn’t much foot traffic, but also in the parking lots, where I would rip off my jeans and pray no one walk by
  5. Haven’t been to those specially, but I have been to a fair amount of music festivals and can say that there is a pretty good chance of sightings.
  6. I’m not sure, but some people probably did if my skirt was hiked up a bit as I was hunching over
  7. I absolutely agree! Peeing in diapers is so fun and convenient. I had to wear them for a while as an adult because of a bed wetting problem, but now I wear them to work sometimes so I can just pee while going about my day. I used to wear diapers if I ever went to a club or a party because I found myself having too much to drink and being put into embarrassing or awkward situations, whether that be peeing on the floor or having an accident.
  8. I always pee in the shower, and occasionally pee in the bathroom sink just for fun. Sometimes I used it out of emergency, and if the bathroom was occupied I would sometimes pee in the kitchen sink
  9. Bathroom access at my job as a construction worker is a nasty porta potty and I hate using it, so sometimes I have to take a risky public pee. One week it actually got damaged because of weather the night before and they had to get a replacement, but they were in no hurry because everyone at my job is male and they just go behind the bushes. I had to find somewhere else further away, and we weren’t really close to any businesses so I had to walk a decent distance away to pee. Sometimes we’re super busy so I have to try and hold it for hours. One of my past jobs was a waitress, and on days
  10. I love this too! And I’ve had some experience with it. I was never really a shy girl so I did go to a lot of parties with my friends when I was younger, at peoples houses and at clubs etc. I frequently found myself having partying a bit too hard and having too much to drink, so emergency pees in random corners or outside. But since I wasn’t always comfortable with that, I did occasionally find myself at the end of a line for the bathroom, hunched over with my legs crossed and my hands jammed into my crotch, alcohol flowing through me, making it 10x harder to hold.
  11. I just pee through my one piece if I’m at the beach or at the pool, or pull aside the crotch. One time though I made the mistake of wearing a one piece that didn’t allow me to just pull it aside and pee. I was super desperate and I wasn’t thinking straight, so when I realized I wore my one piece under my regular clothes, I panicked and was desperate trying to get it off while leaking, withiutbrealize I was going to be swimming in a little while anyway and that I could have just sat and pews through it.
  12. I keep a 32oz cup for emergencies in the car. I started doing it after because heavy traffic is almost a daily occurrence for me and I’ve been bursting in traffic more times than I can count. I am forced to use it at least once a week, if not more. Once I accidentally threw it out, but didn’t really have to go that bad so thought nothing of it. Fast forward 3 hours after that and I can barely drive because I’m shoving my hands in my crotch. I ended up soaking my car seat and pants, but I found it really exhilarating even though it was embarrassing. Sometimes I like to not take it with me or pu
  13. I do. The first time I realized I like it was when I had an accident at work and then was desperate on the way home. When I got into the bathroom I figured that if my pants were already wet then I might as well wet then again for fun, and I loved it!
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