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    I guess you can call me a switch when it comes to bladder control.
    If you’re wondering if I need to pee right now, the answer is almost always yes.

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    The desperation
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    I both saw and has an accident at a Halloween party. I was dressed as a sexy cat and the other person was spider woman. She peed herself and I teased her about it, but karma hit me back as the punch and the vodka hit my bladder hard. That costume was so tight I couldn’t get it off in time!

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  1. I’ve done it for fun on a few occasions but I always make sure that I am well hidden from everyone else. Out of emergency would have to be the more common one. On the highway, I have no problem opening the passenger side door and peeing right there. I’ve had to do that many times to avoid peeing myself. In parking lots i just make sure no one can see me. For example, once I had to pee really bad while grocery shopping and I tried to go to the bathroom in the store, but all the stalls were occupied as well as there being a line of I think 4-5 women. I decided I wasn’t going to wait to pee w
  2. I have no idea. She’s not into pee so she’s never done anything like that before, but I can guarantee she can easily surpass my capacity. We would be out together and get food and drink. After a couple hours, I would really have to pee and she wouldn’t even be close to needing to pee
  3. I have a 32 oz cup that I keep in my car for emergencies. Surprisingly, I use it usually at least once a week. After a long day of hydrating at work and being stuck in traffic, that cup is my savior
  4. Something similar happened to me! Like you, I was at a house party with dozens of drunk people needing to pee all lined up at the bathroom. I was mortified when I saw the line. I tried to wait, but there were still ten people in left in line and I wasn’t going to make it that far, so I grabbed one of those big red drink cups and found a discrete place to pee. I put it up to my pussy and peed when another girl walked in with a red cup in her hand and her legs crossing every second. I was mortified when she walked in, but she didn’t care. She smiled at me and said “you too, huh?” We didn’t reali
  5. Sometimes after a naughty pee, but I also feel horny after I had a long relieving pee. I’ve done it in public, but it’s hard to stay quiet, especially when you’re in a bathroom stall with people to the immediate right and left of you. I guess that’s what makes it more exciting though
  6. I’m so glad I discovered thisvid
  7. Whenever someone says bladder, or really anything remotely pee related i cringe (not in a bad way) and blush slightly. It’s super embarrassing and hard to hide lol.
  8. Just like @Northern_pee, I have no problem peeing in my car, whether that be intentional or unintentional. I personally like being desperate while I’m in the car because you don’t know if you’ll make it or not, or if you’ll arrive just for all the bathrooms to be occupied at your location, or even worse a line. The thought of having all those possibilities excites me. More times than I can count. Though, my favorite one is when I was out clubbing with two of my friends. We all got really desperate by the end of the night from drinking and we all got in line for the bathroom, but,
  9. Like a few people here have said, we were an “open bathroom door” type of family. If I had to pee really bad and someone was using the toilet, I would just use the bathtub. This happened a lot with me and my mom since we had the weakest bladders in the family. I have a few memories of me and my mom bursting while arriving home. I remember one memory in the car while coming back from clothes shopping. We were both so bursting and we couldn’t pull over. Every red light she would immediately shove both her hands into her crotch. Eventually we got home and ran to the bathroom. We frantically und
  10. I love doing this during work. Especially on the drive too and from. I love being super desperate and wondering if I’m going to make it or not. It’s exhilarating for me!
  11. I work as a construction worker and I definitely had a weaker bladder when I first started off. It’s still not great, but there are long periods of time where I am too busy to take a bathroom break. Especially since it’s important to keep hydrating when being outside all day. A lot of people are rightfully saying nurse. I have a friend who is an ER nurse and her bladder capacity is freakishly huge. Years of daily practice brought her to this point.
  12. Out of desperation I’ve gone in trash and sinks, but I’ve never gone just for fun. Maybe I should try it
  13. So I didn’t actually see it, I heard it, but I think it counts nonetheless. I was using public toilets when I heard the bathroom door fling open hard and someone woman running in. She got into the stall next to me and I could see under the walls of the stall that she was crossing her legs. I could hear her whisper with urgency in her voice “cmon cmon cmon” while trying to undo her belt. She kept dancing around for maybe 30 more seconds, still struggling to undo her belt, when I heard her say “nonono fuck!” A few seconds later I finally heard the distinct sound of a belt jangling undone an
  14. The desperation is my favorite part! I love the aching pain of a full bladder, feeling like I could burst any second. Peeing while trying to undo my pants is a huge plus too
  15. I don’t think I’ve ever used regular bathrooms at festivals. Why wait in those atrocious lines when you can just pee behind a bush
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