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    Single mother of 2
    I guess you can call me a switch when it comes to bladder control.
    If you’re wondering if I need to pee right now, the answer is almost always yes.

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    The desperation
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    I both saw and has an accident at a Halloween party. I was dressed as a sexy cat and the other person was spider woman. She peed herself and I teased her about it, but karma hit me back as the punch and the vodka hit my bladder hard. That costume was so tight I couldn’t get it off in time!

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  1. My bladder is average, maybe slightly larger than average, but my bladder is weak, so I could theoretically hold a lot more if I strengthened my pelvic floor muscles
  2. Anyone who’s pee shy is gonna have a rough time!
  3. I can relate. I’ve always have a weak bladder so I’ve been in many desperate situations. Although it is embarrassing, a part of me finds it exciting even in the moment
  4. My interest started around this age too. My mother had a weak bladder from having 4 children so I got to see her desperate very often, and we also were fine with peeing in front of each other
  5. Definitely not, I’m single and haven’t had a partner in a while.
  6. Last night! I was taking out the trash and felt a little naughty so I popped a squat right next to the side of my house. Same here!
  7. My older brothers liked to torture me like this when I was younger. Sometimes I would make it, others times I needed to relieve myself in an unconventional spot. If my parents were home, I could usually just tell them and they would force my brothers to get out of the bathroom. But if they weren’t home, my bladder would be in for a rough time!
  8. NYC is the total opposite. The cops have too much to deal with so they really don’t care unless you’re exposing yourself to everyone. Public pissing is not that rare here!
  9. Last weekend, I took my kids to their favorite park. We all bundled up and walked over. I noticed my urge to pee only a few minutes after we arrived, but I ignored it. There was no way I was thinking about peeing in the disgusting park porta potty, especially when it’s freezing out! But my bladder didn’t like that. While talking to one of the other moms there, I began fidgeting, but she thought it was because I was cold. I let her believe that. But as my urge got worse, I had to resist the urge to grab my crotch in front of her. I started to regret drinking all that coffee at breakfast. It pil
  10. Oh yes, definitely. NYC is so unpredictable that I’ve been in many desperate situations
  11. For some reason, I’m too confident in my holding abilities, which ends up in me being caught short at least a couple times a week. Last week, I had a decent urge to pee while out in public. No kids with me, so it should have been an easy, quick bathroom trip. But I was quite busy, so I put off my urge until it was more convenient to take a potty break. Despite fully knowing my history of embarrassing potty mishaps, I still thought I could hold it. I probably could, but I didn’t account for the unpredictability of New York City. Suddenly, I was starting to regret my guilty pleasure Starbucks or
  12. It’s the same with me. My previous job involved some heavy lifting, so by the time I got to my lunch break, I would look down and notice my panties were wet. I got used to wearing a pull-up for that reason. Now my job isn’t like that anymore so I don’t leak nearly as often.
  13. I wouldn’t question that at all, enough weird things go on in nyc that a talking sewer rat is another Tuesday for us
  14. Exactly! The bigger concern is a rat scurrying up to you while you’re peeing.
  15. As an nyc resident, I can confirm. We all have better things to worry about than someone pissing somewhere besides a toilet. I’d say a large portion of nyc residents have relieved themselves in a weird spot before.
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