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  1. Certainly, although I never really saw the point of them, like guys I miss more than I hit, why not just use the floor?
  2. Yes, it was something my boys grew up thinking was normal. A handful of very close friends and family members have seen me as well. I suppose it's not near as acceptable in society for a woman to do so as is for men, so it's not something I'll do around anyone, although I really don't understand the stigma around a woman doing so.
  3. While I'm very much a woman, I like many women have mastered the art of peeing while standing. Granted it's a bit more difficult than it is for an anatomical man, but it's quite possible. I too have received some rather shocked looks while doing so, but when I need go, I go and it's much easier standing. certainly if I had the benefit of a penis, I'd never take a squat, regardless of what anyone thinks.
  4. My boys have always loved using stairwells.
  5. I'm sure you weren't the first guy to do so.
  6. I just absolutely love to be surprised by the site of a man pissing in public, it's so rare for a woman in America to see strangers cocks.
  7. I think that having kids changes many young moms thoughts. I think as young women we're all a little grossed out by many things, but as we deal with babies and changing diapers and such we tend to be less grossed out. As moms we also realize that swimming diapers may trap a toddlers poop, but urine passes right through. We also realize it's a pain to gather the kids and head into the locker rooms, just because mom needs to pee, when the kids have to be reminded to visit the restrooms or they just use the pool. We also learn as I did from my boys that it's common for boys to pee around the locker rooms and showers or even in the grass around the pool. At some point we just realize that we're the only ones going back and forth to the restrooms. A good friend of mine with kids of similar age to mine often came down to the pool with us. I began to notice she never went to the restroom, but rather sat poolside dangling her feet in the water every hour or so. I once commented it was pee time and she agreed, got up before me and took a seat poolside. As I walked up beside her naively waiting for her to walk with me to the restrooms, she looked up at me and commented, "I almost didn't make it." I then finally realized she was peeing poolside. Not sure what to do in this situation I stood there a minute or so, conversing with her as usual, still having doubt as to whether she had in fact peed there. Then out of nowhere she commented, "weren't you the one who needed to go so bad, have a seat and go." At that point I would have totally embarrassed her had I continued to the restroom, so I did sit down and after a bit shot out a few spurts accidentally, looked around seeing no one noticing and eventually let loose. Just then another friend came up behind us and asked, "may I join you for a bit girls?" She sat down next to friend and commented, "to much coffee this morning I guess, it's just running through me." I never realized that not only were all the moms peeing into the pool, they're not even shy about the fact they pee there. Since that day I've always done the same.
  8. I suppose this current situation could be a good time for shy men to become comfortable with the idea of urinating in public, as there are fewer people around and much fewer restrooms accessible.Best wishes on your effort, it's good for men to be comfortable peeing in public.
  9. I certainly agree with you. I grew up in a rural village in Eastern Europe where it was always extremely common for men to piss openly in public and women as well with just a bit more privacy. Living in the U.S. now I find it so odd to almost never see anyone peeing outdoors. A few years back it was fairly common throughout much of France and Spain to see men urinating in public, but I'm not sure how common it is today. I thing much of the issue is with public nudity, as opposed to simply urination. In places such as Spain and Germany where public nudity is neither uncommon or illegal, urination isn't seen as such a big deal.
  10. I think here in the U.S. some of the ridiculous laws passed in recent years have given many grown men hesitation, since some of the penalties certainly don't match the crime. But even at home and around the neighborhood where no one outside of friends or family is apt to see them, I've noticed that it often doesn't even seem to occur to many young men and boys that could or should pee outdoors. While laws seem to have become more serious and guys less bold, I've noticed the opposite among women, especially moms, who may not do so themselves, but often expect the guys will.
  11. That's reasonable thinking in public, yet I'm still wondering why young men seem to be so shy around their moms, sisters, aunts and such and why we don't see men jumping at the chance to exhibit themselves in places like this site.
  12. I still find it to be interesting how open women have become on the subject, sharing their thoughts, explicit photos and videos online, but yet young men are hesitant to pee in front of even their best friends and families. I swim almost daily at a Y pool and have become acquainted with a few women. It's almost a daily occurrence for me to notice another woman peeing in the showers or even squatted down at her locker. I walk with a 70ish women in the evenings and she often squats down for a quick piss in an alley. They tend to justify themselves by saying, "why not, men do so." Yet I notice more and more men being hesitant to do so.
  13. I doubt that's the case, but only 28% of moms say they're aware of the fact their boys pee outside. I think that from the same poll one might realize that mothers must find it awkward to be the ones to encourage boys to do so, otherwise those 43% would become part of the 28% who do and indeed 3 out of 4 boys would be doing so.
  14. I find it so odd that many young men and boys these days are somehow under the assumption that women and especially their moms will be offended or upset by them relieving themselves in public. Looking through various parenting and mothers sites over the years I've found numerous polls done on the subject of boys peeing outdoors, in public or in backyards. While there's obviously some variance between them, the just of it was about 3 out of 4 moms said they'd allow boys to pee outside. Another asked moms where they'd prefer guys to go when they're outdoors, to which 58% said just go wherever outside, another 17% said discretely outside and only 24% want the guys to come into the bathroom. While 28% of moms say their sons do pee outside, another 43% said they wish their boys would. There certainly seems to be a disconnect between what moms think and what boys assume their moms are thinking.

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