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  1. Yes, I think that you're clarifying my question well. My observation has been that boys and young men seem to be more hesitant to take a quick pee outdoors or in a questionable place than in years past, whereas moms today seem much less concerned about the ethics of them doing so. I'm not so sure I'd exempt the young men on this site though, I've spoken to many young men on this site who've privately asked advice on how their moms, sisters, or others around them might feel if they were to pee around them outdoors. There are many young men here fascinated with the idea of peeing in public or e
  2. No pics of dad, the girls need something to look at too.
  3. It's so nice that you and your dad are so open around each other. My dad has long since passed, but he was always quite nonchalant about peeing anytime the need arose. I don't know why, but ever since my early teens I was rather intrigued by men peeing outdoors and while it seemed to make most guys uncomfortable to do so around me, my dad was completely at ease doing so around me. I think too many people today would want to make something sexual about it, but it wasn't at all, I just loved seeing him casually pissing in public. The fact that he wasn't embarrassed to pull his cock out in front
  4. My boys do that all the time, you're guys, it doesn't matter if anyone sees you anyway.
  5. Why bother anyway, guys can piss anywhere easily.
  6. You're so much like my boys, it doesn't matter who's over to our house or what neighbors are in view, they just whip it out and go.
  7. Better they piss outside than ask to come in and use my bathroom. Everyone has their own privacy standards, while some people need to be in complete privacy, others are fine with doing so openly. If my workmen don't mind doing so openly that's up to them, but I'd hope they wouldn't ask to come inside.
  8. At one time it was, boys played outside all day and into the evening. Peeing outside was the norm. These days boys tend to sit inside playing video games or on the computer, so it doesn't become as common. On the other hand, girls have become more outdoorsy and the roles are beginning to reverse these days.
  9. Great job, it's such an exhilarating experience isn't it? My boys used to do so all the time and I didn't really get why, until I did so myself. Now I do it all the time.
  10. It's not that I believe that mothers have really evolved that much, although women seem to be a bit less timid to say things openly these days, but more that the young men today seem to believe that their mothers couldn't possibly be alright with guys peeing outside. I've heard so many moms criticize their sons for not just going outside somewhere when they need to and so many boys who wouldn't think of doing so.
  11. News flash: It's no surprise to mums that boys, be they little or young adults love to pee outside, in the yard and out of tree forts. I'd be surprised if your mom never noticed you boys doing so as kids and even more surprised if she'd object to you doing so now. Mom's are nowhere near as naive or conservative as teenage boys seem to think.
  12. oddly enough, as I've noticed, dads are generally much more critical of their sons in many respects than moms are. Dads might think they're trying to avoid upsetting their wives by stopping boys from peeing outside, but actually most moms believe that it's fine, even helpful when boys don't track in to pee.
  13. I've always preferred peeing in pools to using toilets at pools and told girls to do the same. While I don't really care if boys do so, I always told my boys to either go outside in a private pool or when no one was around, otherwise to just run in and do it somewhere in the changing room.
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