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  1. I can say that for the most part when you walk down to a beach the area right in front of you is normally the most conservative where you will see many families. The further you walk up or down the beach the less clothing you will see, topless and sometimes nude for a bit until you near the next access point. There aren't really any nude beaches per say, but rather clothing optional zones between the beach access points. As for the American YMCA's https://www.vocativ.com/culture/fun/fairly-recently-ymca-actually-required-swimmers-nude/index.html
  2. I rather imagine that women will overtake men in that respect as men have become so much more timid these days and young women today have a much more relaxed view. It happened with swimsuits, men used to wear little speedo suits or nothing at all and women wore huge one piece swimming dresses. Today the guys where long trunks and shirts whereas the girls are in string bikinis.
  3. Just to continue on the original subject matter, the polls I pointed to at the top of this thread were mostly the thoughts of today's mothers or parents in general. I always thought that there is a strong correlation between what mothers teach or allow and what young men are comfortable doing. Men are rarely concerned about what others might say or think, but many, especially teenage and young men living at home are terrified of what their mom might say. When guys understand their mom to be okay with it, they don't seem to be concerned about it. I recently came across this poll https://www.
  4. While I like being on this site, I think that for many, especially young people, this site has the appearance of being too much of a fetish site, something many wouldn't want to admit to. On the other hand, sites such as "Misterpoll", "Redit", "Quora" and such are less intimidating and any polls or opinions offered there are much more of a mainstream opinion. Even more enlightening are polling and forums from parenting sites, "Cafemom", "Mothering", "Babycenter" and such as they give the opinion of mothers today, the people who will be teaching the new generation. Anyway, for getting the opini
  5. Young men these days seem to be absolutely paranoid that their moms will see or realize what they're thinking or doing. While moms do tend to be the warden of the house, we are nowhere near as naive or innocent as our sons tend to believe. I raised 3 boys, now in their late 20's and have always had a house full of their friends and cousins around the house and I'll tell you that nothing really surprises me. You guys seem to think because we're not men we don't know what men do or how they think. We've all had boyfriends, brothers and husbands, we're not shocked to see or hear of a guy peeing o
  6. I learned that address fix rather quickly, but as I was seeing no new posts I was afraid that most people wouldn't find it. Can't imagine why they did that without any notice. Anyway, I'm pleased you've found the fix and I hope you'll post here as well in case Mister Poll disappears again.
  7. I don't have a girl myself, maybe if I had only girls I'd feel differently about it, but I can't imagine treating a daughter any differently than the boys, that just seems rather unfair. I'm quite glad that you encourage your daughter to do so, what's good for the boys is certainly good for the girls. I wish I myself could be as open and casual about it as the guys are, I'm always a bit cautious about who's around and what they might say. For the boys nobody's going to say anything as nearly all the guys do so and even the little boys needn't fear as nearly all of the moms know the boys do so
  8. That's actually a rather common situation. Even if a woman is rather curious to see or watch guys pee, they are sometimes rather intimidated or afraid of walking up to someone they don't know or that might be attracted to them. A mom isn't going to be the least bit intimidated by her sons friend and what's more it's a chance to check out a much younger guy and tease him a bit. Many of our boys have had that experience with a friends mom.
  9. That's a very rare case, I would have to guess he was probably doing something else as well but they couldn't charge him with that for some reason and just fell back on a simple public urination charge.
  10. This is certainly a very achievable fantasy! There are places where women expect that men will be outside, with little if any privacy. Sitting around a bon fire or camp fire is certainly one of them, especially if it's dark and you've all had a few drinks, women would be critical if you were to walk to a restroom in that situation.
  11. That a boy, be polite and don't make a mess in the house, we'd rather you guys step outside.
  12. What's the point in peeing in a toilet before taking a shower, You're only wasting time, water and making an unnecessary mess. Check it out under black light
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