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  1. Our faces and even our fingerprints are quite unique and can be used as indisputable identification, but dicks are quite unexceptional especially among family members. I recall seeing a Japanese game show where a wife had to identify her husband from a group of similar guys solely by his dick. About half the women couldn't do so and I recall one episode where she chose her son instead. I can say that my sons are almost indistinguishable from my husband in that respect, so I can't imagine any mom not having a very good idea of what you look like based on a life of seeing your dad up close and personal.
  2. Men should use a wall and leave the toilet clean for the ladies.
  3. Very common and the appropriate thing to do, rather than everyone tracking into the hosts home.
  4. Actually, most moms would be completely comfortable with it if you did. Moms are often even a bit curious of how their kids have developed in that way.
  5. I really don't see why it would matter, there isn't anyone who hasn't seen a member of the opposite sex nude, we're often sharing locker rooms and such, so peeing along the side of the road shouldn't be any big deal to anyone.
  6. I'm not surprised, it's been my experience as well that most moms are more willing to let boys pee outside than are the dads, strange?
  7. Thanks @Justanormalguy for sharing your story. I would have assumed that the guys frequenting this site would be the most liberal, open minded people aroud, but after having a few conversations with them I began to realize the opposite seems to be true. I became to realize most of you guys seem to be of the mistaken impression that your moms would be outraged if you were to be caught, but in fact the opposite is likely true, most moms are actually fine with it and many are less concerned about where than their sons.
  8. So, being a 50 something mother of 3 adult boys and living in various locations, from suburban homes, condos and more rural homes over the years I've been asked repeatedly by young men here on what moms think of young men peeing in yards. I've been giving some advice to more than a dozen young men, based on my personal experiences with my boys as well their friends and other moms. I'm finding that I spend my time repeating myself or simply copying and pasting the same advice to another young man in the same dilemma. Lately it occurred to me that I think you guys would benefit as much from learning from one another's experiences as much as mine. I'm sure there are also other moms or grandmother whom could contribute as well. I'm not going to mention by name the guys I've been speaking to, or share any of our private conversations, but you guys (you know who you are) are certainly welcome to share those comments here. I think nearly all of you young men have been rather surprised to recently realize how very open minded many moms are about young men peeing outdoors. I've attached a poll to give everyone from young men, former young men and moms the ability to share your experiences quickly, but I'm hoping you guys will use this as more of a discussion board to share your experiences and give one another more confidence around home. I think many of you would be very surprised to know what moms think. I participate in many parenting forums and there's been a great deal of discussion on whether or not to allow boys to pee in the yard or in public. There have been many polls with similar results, but I think this one was the most enlightening. Moms, you're thoughts on boys peeing in the yard. 16% It's disgusting, I'd never allow them to. 17% Whatever, I never witnessed it or thought about it. 51% I think it's perfectly fine for boys to pee in the yard. 17% It's fine, my boys do so all the time. So I love the way they worded this particular poll because it reveals more than the obvious. First, for all of you young men who are terrified to be caught by mom or the neighbor women, relax only 16% of moms would really object to you doing so! Conversely, by adding the last 2 numbers together you'll see that 68% of moms are actually perfectly fine with boys peeing in the yard! What I find interesting though is the last number, showing that only 17% of moms are aware that their boys pee in the yard. If you do the math, of those 83% of young men moms who never noticed, 63% of their moms would be fine with them peeing in the yard and 21% could likely convince their moms it's okay. Every day you'll see young men here commenting things like, "I wish I could pee outside, but I live with my parents," or "I'm sure the woman next door would complain." Yet, most of the moms I've conversed with over the years think like the moms in this poll, often complaining when guys track into the house. Guys, moms feel free to share your thought and experiences.
  9. There have been a few paperbacks over the years like "Do you do it with the lights on" and a few others that have done their own polling. Mostly though I've seen polling from websites like"Cafemom" , "Mothering" , "Babycenter" , "Mr.Poll". While there's a bit of variance between them, possibly due to the way they word the question or by the age, location of the moms, for the most part the results are similar. What I do find to be telling about them is the disconnect between what moms think and what the men in the household assume they'd think. Here's a poll, "Your thoughts on boys peeing in the yard" 15% said "That's disgusting, I'd never allow them to." 17% said "Whatever, I haven't seen or thought about it." 51% said "There would be nothing wrong with them doing so." and finally 17% said "Our boys do so all the time." What I find interesting is not only that 68% of moms okay with guys doing so, while only 15% are opposed, but the fact that only 17% of moms are aware that their boys actually do so. In various other polls around the internet I've seen that some 65% to as high as 85% of guys have peed in the yard, but are apparently must believe that mom would object and therefor do it quietly.
  10. yeah, my question as well, that's where I seem to go wrong. I could care less where I spray it, just not on my clothes
  11. It truly is! We ladies have nothing like it, it's such a turn-on to see a man casually pull it out and be able to direct his stream anywhere he wants, even as far as the ceiling. To watch it grow and become hard, to feel that stream flow through the underside. I always appreciate when men have the courtesy to piss in public, so I'm able to observe them and even more appreciative of men who allow me to aim for them. I wish men these days weren't so very uptight about pissing in public, women really do love it.
  12. Even biological women used to be intimidated to do so because it wasn't considered ladylike, even if they were able to do so standing as men do. I never let that bother me too much and have done so anyway, certainly if I had the biological advantage I'd do so even more frequently. It's just much easier to do so with a penis than without.
  13. I have to agree, my husband and boys wouldn't even bother going inside, the walls work just as well.

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