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  1. That's part of the fun camping, everybody does so.
  2. I was quite surprised myself and even went out an bought a cheap black light flashlight, not believing their story. Since, I've looked around every hotel room I've been in and found every one to have walls and carpets clearly sprayed on, it's so obvious under the black light. After that, I realized we're not doing anything others haven't already done and no one really cleaned up after others anyway.
  3. I would have thought so myself, but some time ago an ABC news investigation revealed that all 20 hotel rooms they looked at had urine stains on the carpets and walls. They're quite obvious under black light. Curious, I bought a cheap led UV flashlight and looked around every hotel we've stayed at and they're correct, they've all had stains. My husband, who's always been rather timid about peeing in public, once peed in the corner of a really trashy hotel as my mom was in the bathroom for a long time. To my surprise in a matter of minutes there was no obvious sign he'd done so. Since that exper
  4. Odd to see this post just now as over this past weekend I had such a sighting. We were vacationing in the blue ridge mountains and had stopped for gas. While my husband was pumping gas, I ran in for some coffee and asked about restrooms. The clerk apologized saying they didn't have any public restrooms, which wasn't really an issue for me, as I didn't really need to go at the time. I returned to the car and was waiting as my husband finished and walked in to pay for the gas. In the meantime a man had pulled up on the other side of the pump and stepped out to pump gas. As I looked back that way
  5. A few years ago I would have been in complete agreement with you as far as anywhere outdoors and indoors on hard tile or concrete surfaces only, however, in the last couple years my husband has peed numerous times on hotel room carpets, which I once thought of as going too far. I've since come to realize is that in a matter of minutes all visual signs of it disappear and I have yet to notice any odor from it later. After hearing how common it is to find urine on the floors and walls of hotel rooms I purchased a small black light to check out our hotel rooms as we arrive and to my surprise they
  6. Congrats on finally giving in and yes it's becoming much more common to see girls of all ages squatting over floor drains or even just on the floor in restrooms and especially in locker rooms. It's just so much easier to quickly squat down while changing clothes than run off to an often dirty toilet. The guys have been doing this for years, so it's certainly time for girls to benefit.
  7. Perfect aim as far as I'm concerned. I've always hated men messing up toilet seats, I'd much rather they spray it out onto the wall or floor behind the toilet as it's not hurting a thing and leaves the toilet and the floor in front of it clean for the ladies. Great example of how men should piss in stalls.
  8. We had gone for a week long romantic anniversary getaway, the housekeeper, a very friendly older woman knew we were there for an anniversary getaway and was overly attentive as we stayed much of the days in our room and rather flirtatious with my husband. She had come to the room one morning and noticed an unmistakable wet spot on the carpet we'd forgotten about. Seeing she'd noticed I explained we dumped a water bottle this morning, although it clearly looked like a pee splatter. She smiled and said, "oh, no need to explain, you wouldn't believe how many guests pee in the rooms, it's no probl
  9. I do think that attitudes change from place to place, but also seem to differ in different age groups as well. While I didn't grow up here in the states, I notice that the older moms and grandmothers tend to be much less uptight about particularly boys peeing outdoors than many younger moms. I suppose that I was just fortunate that so many of the moms I was close to grew up in families where the boys frequently peed outside and they themselves didn't see a problem with boys doing so, their only hesitation was that they never saw other boys doing so. Once they noticed our boys doing so, they we
  10. It absolutely amazes me that so very many young men and teen boys are terrified to pee outside at home when in fact the vast majority of moms, housewives and women in general see nothing wrong with men doing so and roughly a third would prefer for guys to pee outdoors!
  11. While men have always been much more bold and open about doing so, women have long been rather secretive about the subject, that is until the internet gave women a way to open up and compare thoughts in forums, polls and chat rooms. It's hard to know if someones particular story is true, but when you compare their story to what people are confessing to mainstream chat sites, you can tell if it's really outrageous. If someone tells of peeing in their yard, one can see that some 85% of guys say they've done so and some 75% of moms think it's fine, so one could assume it's not outrageous to do s
  12. It's being asked in various mothering, parenting and relationship sites how housewives feel about their husbands, boyfriends, sons and other male guests or workers peeing in the yard rather than tracking into their house and the results and discussions on the subject might surprise many young men. On a popular birthing / mothering site 75% of moms said they would allow their boys to pee outdoors when they're out in the yard. https://community.babycenter.com/post/a69857843/boys-peeing-outside Another poll asked women what they would think about their husband or boyfriend peeing in their
  13. My boys probably would have had to endure the same confusion, spending summers with family in Romania and the rest of the year in the U.S. , except that I made it a point not to let U.S. society dictate how I raise my boys. In the small village I grew up in Romania there were no such things as public toilets, rest stops or gas stations with restrooms. Girls squatted down behind a bush and boys pissed anywhere. This was considered completely normal back then and no one thought anything of it. When we'd return, out of habit our boys were frequently peeing outside around the house, on walks to th
  14. Same here, in fact on one instance my husband had just stepped out of bed and pissed across the room leaving a very obvious pattern. As I came out of the bathroom unaware housekeeping was knocking on the door. I told her to give us a hour to get going, but that we could use some more towels. She grabbed the towels and went into the bathroom with them. As she came out she and I both noticed the stain and I said, "we knocked over a water bottle this morning, she smiled and commented, "no problem, you wouldn't believe how common that is, guests love to pee in hotel rooms." I was a bit embarrassed
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