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  1. I know that many young men these days are much more apprehensive about doing these types of things than they were in years past, but seeing evidence that others have already done so give them some confidence to follow suit. Leaving some evidence behind will only help to encourage others who are on the fence about doing so.
  2. As guys should, not splattering back, no need to step away from a growing puddle.
  3. From the looks of it you're not the only one doing so, and not surprising as I know many men who do.
  4. Wow! Thank you, and yes you certainly do understand my perspective and my interest in helping young men to overcome their fears. I think that a good many young men these days share your fear of undressing or even peeing around others. In the years past men peed mostly outside, urinals were often just troughs and had no dividers. Locker rooms and showers were wide open and they often swam nude at schools or ymca's. Back in the day, men were expected to be comfortable being nude or peeing in public. While times have certainly changed, there are enough of us who remember how it was and find all
  5. Don't know why it's so taboo for girls to do so, the men do so all the time and no one thinks anything of it.
  6. I've seen that so many times with men. It seems that while guys all want to take a "wild piss" in uncommon places, when it comes to actually doing so many guys get "stage fright" about doing so. A few minutes later, back at home or in a restroom they pee like a horse.
  7. Nudity isn't something that outrages Europeans, some are just more relaxed about it than others. It's just considered polite to leave the area right in front of access points to families and those more modest. If you walk a few hundred meters in either way it's thought that you have made an effort not to offend anyone. I think unfortunately most modern day Americans don't read or study much about the past, the culture, the norms, it's all about what they're being told at the moment. Such a shame as our past was more free. Kids today, not knowing about the past, simply assume that older fo
  8. I'm always rather dumbfounded when I hear men say they're hesitant to do so around others (even solely men), but yet they don't think anything of doing so alone. While I'm certainly not a guy and don't have the benefit of being one of the guys, I did raise 3 boys and had the experience of entering the boys locker room with them on several occasions such as swimming lessons and groups such as camps and private changing rooms. I've told the story here many times, but over a few years I'd heard my older boys speaking about having peed in locker rooms at school and at the local pool. I was a
  9. Masculinity isn't toxic, nor is it dead. More and more women today are opting to socialize, date and become involved with strong, confident, if not crude men in loo of the sensitive guys everyone claims they're looking for.
  10. There are certainly people, both men and women who don't like the idea of swimming in a pool others peed in, even if it's very diluted. I've heard a great many moms encouraging their kids, especially boys to pee elsewhere, like in the grass, showers or changing area in order to avoid them peeing in the pool. Yet other moms don't see any harm in them doing so. To each his or her own I guess.
  11. That's actually a rather mainstream thing to do. People may not speak openly of doing so, but I'm sure between friends and family they do. As someone who works at a pool / gym I can tell that women rarely make trips to the locker room and that men piss all over the locker room, less so for women, but a few do.
  12. Not really, men don't much care who see's them.
  13. After learning their dad did this a couple of times and I didn't seem to be bothered by it, our boys have done so several times now as well when we've been on the road. So I'll agree that being hydrated, which they usually are is the only solution to having a lingering odor. On occasions where they peed in one spot, like in a corner and it failed to dry, I simply took an empty soda cup from the garbage and tossed it on the floor over the spot to make it look like the cause. I've noticed the paint or wall paper in hotels is quite durable and repels liquid quite well and as such wasn't noticeabl
  14. I hate men making a mess out of a toilet that I need to sit on, but simply spraying a nearby wall is far better than trying to hit the toilet and making a mess.
  15. In the US midwest it's so common among the middle school and high school age boys that the coaches don't say anything and many moms allow their little boys to do so when with them, Assuming they're going to do so eventually anyway, despite what they might think of it, many moms say may as well make it easy on themselves now. I had overheard my two older boys speaking of doing so in middle school and warned them not to at the time, as I assumed they'd get in trouble for doing so at school. A few years later when taking my little toddler to the same school for swimming lessons their female coach
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