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  1. A rather freeing experience isn't it, we pee all the time on our deck and into the pool, we all love doing so.
  2. What a nice Mothers Day gift it would be for mothers if every son would learn to do this instead of constantly bothering their moms to take them to or wait for them to find a restroom. It's not just easier and more convenient for you guys, but for your moms as well. Mothers appreciate boys just pissing in public.
  3. Like every woman, I'd piss everywhere for a weekend as guys do.
  4. Why not? Guys don't think anything of doing a casual piss in front of everyone.
  5. Same here, just wondering how many of us do so.
  6. I have three now adult boys, but back in their preschool days I'd take them to swimming lesson and like many moms, go into the boys locker room to help him change. On one occation a mom asked the coach where the toilets where and she replied for all to here saying, "the restrooms are all the way back at the entrance and down toward the gym, but unless you're really squeamish about it the boys can just pee here as all the guys do." After a couple of days of warming up to the idea, all the little guys were doing so, I really wish it was that accepted in the ladies locker rooms, guys are so lucky
  7. Yeah, he's right, it's not even illegal in many places, even encouraged. New York's Marathon Race Trough and San Francisco's park urinals.
  8. Yeah, it's really so easy to go anywhere in a pool locker room of any kind. Here's where the ladies pee at our pool locker room.
  9. I find for women this is one of the few places where it's as acceptable for us to pee as it is for men. It's a place where every woman can do so noticeably and can slowly become more casual and bold without judgement.
  10. I'm glad you've finally come to realize that no one's going to care about a guy pissing in his back yard, it's totally normal.
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