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    An introverted Nintendo nerd from Sweden being happy that he can express his love for the golden nectar online,

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    Doing it in public places. Its warmth as it splashes over me
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    Very inexperienced with IRL peeing. I have been allowed to watch a girl piss for me as well as letting me listen to when she peed through the phone. I secretly came listening to that. <__<
    Also get off by myself by spraying piss and making a mess in public. It turns me on.

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  1. So it's done and I can say nothing happened. Nothing sexual. Just friendship which is fine! However, again, she did seem to leave hints. I wonder sometimes...
  2. Lol.. It's like a small 1.5 meter tall metal/silver-colored pyramid-shaped thing that's near water reserves and rivers.
  3. Ohhhh I hope you're right. This is all so exciting!
  4. Hmmm. HMMM. So I was out for a walk today snapping pictures sending them to her. I snapped a picture of a thing (I don't know what it's called in any language or what it's even for lol) where this girl once peed when she was with me when we were teenagers. Chat looked exactly like this but in Swedish (emoticons and all) Me: "You peed behind this thing one day during PE 😳" Her: "You remember exciting things ^^" Me: "Some things are etched into my brain 😋" Now, was that sarcasm from her or....?
  5. Not really an accident, but it was unexpected... When I was a kid a neighbour came and pissed on me and my female friend when we were playing in a box. Nothing sexual. Just a bully bullying me. It was just really gross. I seriously doubt that's where the seeds of my fetish were planted. Actually, I know that's not it. I know exactly when it was planted.
  6. No idea. It was over several days, I pissed in it every time I walked past it which was every day. Once, I let a friend piss in there too, so it wasn't all mine. Just like 99% mine. It wasn't sexual for him, but peeing in there was kinda hot for me when I saw it overflowing after so many days of hard work. I don't remember exactly how old I was but it was just around the time I had accepted I had a pee fetish in my teens.
  7. Smh. If they really wanted a challenge they should lick a phone or computer keyboard as they tend to carry way more bacteria than a toilet seat. Yeah I agree it's stupid either way.
  8. I have pissed in cars several times, however these were abandoned cars. I have peed the seats, the floor, the glovebox. Even the gas tank! Open the lid and let the stream enter it. I did this many times until the gas tank was full and overflowing with my piss.
  9. I've done that many times with friends as a teenager and few times as an adult. Peed all over the stove, in their sink, on the floor, on porno magazines and other things found in the abandoned houses. Really soaking it down. Also masturbated over the mess I made.
  10. I like it. Oooh, I like it. I have actually had similar fantasies to this many times. To be able to get people to do what you want them to. I would be filthy rich as I'd ask Elon Musk to donate all his money to me. But more importantly, I'd get every single speck of peeing fantasies to come true from the most gorgeous of women. I'd ask like 50 women to come pee play with me at once if I could do that. Oh man oh man. Really curious to see where this goes. I like the premise a lot!
  11. Thank you for your comment! This was a unisex restroom. It closes around 9PM and opens at 7AM, and every time they open, they flush the bathroom clean regardless of how dirty it is. I scoped all of this out beforehand because I want to be able to make a mess but not cause TOO much trouble. So I peed at around 8:40 PM I believe it was so that the probability of more people coming in was low. I was not this considerate in the past, haha. The first video which was about the women's outdoor changing room, I took into consideration that it isn't used right now. It is only used in the summer, so again, a very dirty mess but with minimal consequences for the public. I might go again and make a bigger mess at the restroom as indicated by some post above... But even with the rules I put in place, I can promise to piss everywhere except the toilet itself which is kinda funny when you think about it.
  12. My two videos now total 500 views. That's hundreds of people willingly watching me take a piss. I find that EXTREMELY exciting. Like, wow. That's hotter than the act itself for sure. I get so horny knowing people do this. Doesn't matter if it's a guy/girl/non-binary/other either, i get horny knowing that people watch this, even though I'm straight. Chances are a few of these people came while watching me. That is so damn hot.
  13. I believe there are tinder-like apps for fetishists... Maybe try one of those? I hear there is a lot of catfishing going around in them though. Also, I don't think dutch girls are much different from other girls when it comes to things that arouses them. Sure, pissing is more popular in some countries compared to others, but on the whole it shouldn't be too different... Right? I admit my contact with women has always been terrible so maybe I know nothing lol, but still? 😓

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