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    There is so much to love about pee but the things that get me wettest are naughty pissing, nonchalant pee, being used as a urinal, and watching men spraying wherever they want............
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  1. If this breaks any copyright or bad poetry laws, I will just tell them Oliver made me do it 🙃 Shall I come share pee on a summer's day? Thou art more thirsty and dehydrated... Strong streams do soak the nipple buds of May And shower's length hath all too short a date. Sometime too hot the wine of heaven shines And often is his gold confection rimmed, Every stream from lips sometimes descends Bush shaved, or nature's Venus mound untrimmed... So as long as men can whizz, or pussies pee So long lives piss, and piss gives life to thee.
  2. (@oliver2 is one of my favourite mad artists 💛 ) It's Sunday and it is hard work being a muse, all that lying around naked drinking absinthe (or so I've heard)... So I will just be lazy for this first poem and do a slightly altered version of the one I already sent: Hell hath no pleasure like a woman pissed, You aimed for her heart but sprayed on her tits.
  3. Our real national anthem. WARNING: contains awesome breakdancing 😜
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