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    Former Military, High School custodian
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    I'm an odd duck...pissing and smoking...them's my fetishes

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    I don't do it, but I like females who do...pants, bed, carpets..mark your territory
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    X peeing on my chest in bed

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  1. That is hot as hell. I would invest in new mattresses for you to destroy.
  2. I bet that purple velvet couch smells amazing
  3. great thread fire duder...thank you
  4. poka dot skirt...I love her
  5. mmhmm and after she leaves I am dumping that on my spare pillow
  6. That blonde in the 1st 2 pics...yeah I let her drop trou and squat on my living room carpet...and I'm not a blonde guy...reds and brunettes. Something about her naughty look tho...
  7. like the piss and smoke 1s. both my fetishes in 1 pic
  8. you're so flippin hot
  9. aww girl...don't be embarrassed. I'd want to tongue tornado that bout now
  10. She looks like Kaley Cuoco
  11. rip the jeans off....here come get these lol
  12. King size...lots of room 😄

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