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    Just a very kinky guy looking for people to openly share my secret interests with!

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    Naughtiest peeing possible. In clothes, in public, absorbent surfaces, nonchalant... anywhere but a toilet
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    Plenty of solo experiences. Hotels, work, school...

    Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to have fun with in person. A few girlfriends have endulged me with light stuff, but the uncomfortable forced feeling of them not really enjoying it ruins the experience for me.

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  1. Hey! I just read your favorite pee experience and holy shit! That may be the hottest single sentence I've ever read. The idea of you walking around sipping on your cup of golden.... 😍 Anyway, stay awesome
  2. OMG this is so fucking good 😈 😍. Please please please document more of your naughty peeing. My mind is going wild wondering what took place at the Airbnb....
  3. It's rare that I don't piss in the sink at least once a day. Sometimes the bathroom sink, sometimes the kitchen sink... Sometimes with someone in the next room. It's a fun challenge to make it quiet enough that they think nothing of it 😁
  4. Hi all! I've been a long time lurker, not a big contributor though. Well I have a free night and I'm looking for some naughty ideas!... Even though I'm not generally into holding, I've been (semi) intentionally not going to the bathroom. I have a pretty huge bladder, but I'm quickly approaching the uncomfortable level haha. My roommate is home, so I can't do anything daring in shared areas of the house. Does anyone have any naughty/sneaky ideas for me?
  5. Out of pure desperation? Nowhere... I have a pretty resilient bladder. But plenty of places for pleasure 🙂 One of the naughtier ones would have to be at a hotel on work travel, after getting out of the hot tub and half hazardly drying off, I was walking towards the elevator and had an idea. As I pushed the button for my floor, I relaxed and felt my swim trunks warm in the front again as a small puddle started to form around my feet. At the last minute, I pushed a button for a floor a few down from mine, just so I could go down the hallway letting a short stream out every few feet as I wal
  6. Oh my God that's so incredibly hot. The thought of a beautiful woman walking along, pushing a little dark patch of pee through her shorts every few minutes 😍
  7. What non-ordinary place that you have peed in made you the MOST excited??
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