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    Love pee, a dream to have girls pee on me

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  1. Welcome patrice...njoy lots of pee to C and talk about in here. Same here got some self pee experience....would love to have some experience with a girl. Bye......pees up. Until pisses, kisses peelover
  2. Welcome happy-pee , great site here. Lots to see and do, so pee away....love pee vids, would love to have a live experience. Pissy greetings, peelover
  3. Welcome lil squirt, njoy....pissy greetings. Love to hear ur pee adventures.......pee away. loves from peelover
  4. Pee away, whats holding you back....I would face upwards trying to catch the sream...grtz
  5. Welcome Nat, it's fun to talk and experiment in the P-zone...nothing to be shy for or afraid of. It's all private here...and it feels free to do so. If you want to know something or chat just ask or enter the chat zone. It's liberating to experience that your not the only one with a certain positive feeling with pee, you're absolutely not alone. So I would say: pee away and pissy greetings from peelover. Njoy the site with a lot of possibilities
  6. Love that pissygal00, turns me on......Just peeee away, hope ur pussy and legs get also a little wet. Love it to see little streams flow on ur body. Njoy peefans, lot of fun to see do or chat with....be ready pissy greetings from peelover
  7. I'm all in.....great fantasy fits right into my fantasy. Njoy all the pee-work inside.... pissy greetings peelover
  8. Welcome ellahoney, Take a look around enough pissy to C Loved to be peed on, unfortunately never had the actual pleasure only fantasy.... pissy greetz from peelover
  9. Hi contra Welcome @p fans, njoy the site ! I love to see girls pee 2 If u want to chat share stories or fantasies just let me know pissy greetings have a nice weekend Njoy Peelover
  10. It's ok if you don't want to share it, if your not comfortable with it. how would it be if you would share it and opened up and openly could talk about it here? To my experience you can share anything here, its not judgemental here. No matter what the story or age or preference. Wish u all the best, grtz
  11. Great story....do what feels good, glad u shared it with us. Hip hip hooray for pee play / orgasm. open up open up with pee and words and u will feel free!
  12. peelover38


    Hi cupcake, welcome with all the peelovers. I would love to here from you what piss plays you do? Would turn me on. I love to play with my pee as well and fantasies. Tell me .... we can message each other, maybe we get new ideas that are even greater turn ons. Love and pisses from peelover38
  13. Mmmm just got rid of the table......no prob I will be your table, I will lay down and you just let go...have fun with me as table.....probably as a bonus I will cum without touching. Pee kisses peelover38 btw U you look lovely and are beautifull ...dont be shy we will love ur pics/ vids
  14. Lovely, getting excited....just pee standing, with pee dripping down your legs rubbing yourself. Don't by shy show us....
  15. Hi there, I'm enjoying this site a lot. Got a pee fetish several decades. Had some pleasant small pee play with my wife, but my fantasy is to have 1:1 action...that the girl pees on me. Like all the material and messaging in here. Maybe I want to post something...a bit shy, anxious. Have a lot of pee fun y'all. Like to chat and exchange with the girlies ...100% hetero. Bye, pissing greetings

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