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    I love hearing everything in public toilets - boys and girls pissing and more..... lol

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    Love to hear people coming into toilets and wait to hear the spraying when they let go in the urinal or toilet!
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    When the boys’ public toilets were closed for maintenance everyone had to go to toilet in the girls’ toilets! It was hot to hear everyone coming in and having a wee :)

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  1. Your cock looks good tucked in those boxers 😃 😊
  2. I really need a wee too, sitting in bed and don’t wanna get up but I haven’t had a wee for 10 hours or so now 😊
  3. @Rewdna yeah that’s a nice strong yellow stream! Bet it felt nice coming out! I’m sitting in bed right now bursting for a piss but I’m too settled to get up lol 😂
  4. Nice tinkle, bet it felt good coming out! 🙂 Looks like you had a good drink too 🙂
  5. Nice stripey pants 😊 and you sitting on the toilet! Having a wee or changing your panty pad? 🙂
  6. Papa John does amazing pizza 🍕!!
  7. Sometimes if I’m not sitting on the toilet and I’m standing at a pisser I undo my belt and top of my trousers and flip it out 🙂
  8. Me too, then after my stiffie has shot I’ll have my first wee of the day 😃 nice and strong yellow stream! 🙂 The best piss!
  9. I don’t really have a preference.....I like seeing a girl piss with a nice full bush round her pussy but I also like seeing the slit and the girl’s piss hole 🙂
  10. Girl I wish I was there with you watching you pull your pants down and push that load of wee out of you 🙂
  11. Sometimes when I’m out with the boys I’ll say I gotta go for a piss or “Boys I gotta take a slash”
  12. Which I why there’s wee all over the toilet in the girls’ public toilets.....cos you girls don’t sit down and you can’t aim your piss stream 😂 you go on about us boys missing the toilet but I heard girls are just as bad lol 😂
  13. Yeah girls I guess if you sit like that with your legs together then you’ll wee all over your bottom like that girl did.....but if you open your legs up a bit you’d just spray into the toilet 🙂
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