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    Makes me feel so nasty and warm and hot
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    The first time I peed on myself. It went all over my face and eyes and mouth, even my hair, and I didn’t expect it.

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  1. Finally peed my panties! It felt soooo good.
  2. I love watching guys stroke and piss at the same time and then cumming
  3. It did! I didn’t realize how good the relief would feel after
  4. I ended up making a mess 😂 I ran to the bathroom and I realized I wouldn’t make it to the toilet so I just grabbed a cup and squatted with my romper pulled to the side but I mostly missed the cup and it was wayyyy more pee than I realized would be. i loved it
  5. hahaha she wasn't a fan? she lets you do it anyways though?
  6. I was looking for a chat room. searched online and found the site.
  7. anybody have good tips for distraction and holding it? Trying to wait till I gotta burst
  8. Well thank you 😊 I turned over after and laid in it while I fingered myself and after I finished I fell asleep in the wet sheets
  9. I think that being the girl being peed on below would be pretty fun. hope the aim is good 😂
  10. So, this got delayed because I was so horny I came and passed out after. But I’m here for sharing now 😘 sorry the quality kind of sucks in gif form
  11. I realllly would love a partner that was into it too and loved to degrade me with his piss. I would swallow it for him anytime and even would love to feel it fill my pussy and ass and watch it spray out. And that he would be willing to do it in public and other places.
  12. Anyone ever done this to someone or had it done? Just curious what it’s like? I’ve tasted my own, But Ive always wished I had a partner to piss in my mouth or in other holes lol.
  13. Who’s ready for more?! Friday night update comingggg

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