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    I have many kinks and love talking with new people about them. I enjoy all things pee, showing of my wife, wife sharing, boobs, panty sniffing, cum, and anal. If you enjoy any of these let's have a chat! Lol

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    How hard I get just hearing her trickle into the toilet!
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Oh my goodness @PissingBlonde I'm in love with your pics. I would love to just have some fun with those lovely breasts of yours!!! I'm so HARD looking at these! As always thank you for sharing!
  2. You are welcome. I mean who wouldn't want to follow a BBW like yourself!
  3. Hi welcome to the party lol we are a great group of people. You will have alot of fun here. You have lovely breast by the way! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi welcome to the group. Lovely picture by the way. If you stick around you will meet some great people.
  5. Steak dinner, foot and back massage, flowers and candy and a very long oral session to get her off plus cuddle time. Lol
  6. I know the feeling we had to cook for about 400 people that last 2 days. My wife was left alone on Valentine's but I made up for it! Lol
  7. So sexy!!!! I would love to massage your boobs lol
  8. Nice looks like you had fun. I always enjoy seeing the white stuff cum out also lol thanks for sharing.
  9. I couldn't agree with you more! This is what gore into pee in the first place. I walked in a women in college and it was hard to hide my erection after lol I'm lucky cause my wife will send me bathroom selfies and I love them.
  10. Love this one! The rear view is always the best!!!
  11. Hi welcome to will have a great time here. You will definitely find like minded people lol
  12. Oh my!!! You have some sexy legs!!!
  13. Always my pleasure to share! 😉
  14. Some new ones of my wife. I love her pussy! This was right before we fucked! She is amazing!
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