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    I have many kinks and love talking with new people about them. I enjoy all things pee, showing of my wife, wife sharing, boobs, panty sniffing, cum, and anal. If you enjoy any of these let's have a chat! Lol

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    How hard I get just hearing her trickle into the toilet!
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Grizzly Man


    Very sexy!!! Thank you for sharing! I have come back to look at your pics a few times today! 😍
  2. Im sure it did! My wife and I enjoy doing naughty things in hotels as well. Its always a fun time lol
  3. Very sexy!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
  4. Welcome to the group you will have a great time!
  5. This picture is really sexy!!! I can't but get hard from this lol. As always thank you for sharing!
  6. Here is my contribution. I dont stack up as well as the rest lol
  7. Grizzly Man


    Very sexy! Thank you for sharing! Those wet panties would be fun to play with after the mess you made. Lol
  8. Decided to spy on the wife taking a shower lol she ended up catching me so started to pose hope you enjoy!
  9. Awesome photos! Thank you for sharing!!!
  10. Hi welcome to the group! You will have a great time.

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