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    I have many kinks from panties, to pee, to cum. Want to know more ask away! The wife and I love chatting with people!

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    How hard I get just hearing her trickle into the toilet!
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Grizzly Man

    Does anyone here like Sports? If so which ones?

    I enjoy America Football, Rugby, Boxing, Baseball and golf. I'm bias to these since I played all of them growing up lol
  2. Grizzly Man

    Great Legs!

    Legs and pantyhose get me every time!!! Lol
  3. Grizzly Man

    A favour,please

    I dont know how I missed this post. Lol she is very sexy with lovely curves!
  4. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    They other night the wife and I went to dinner. We went to a wood fire pizza place down the street. It was a great time eating and having a great conversation. As we headed home we both were filling frisky lol when we arrived home we both immediately got naked. We began to kiss and touch each other. She told me to sit down on a chair across from her. She said she wanted to touch herself as I watched! She was on the chair fingering her pussy and of course I became hard as a rock! I enjoyed watching her move her fingers in and out watching her enjoy herself. The whole time I was pleasuring myself. She ended up cumming on her fingers which put me to my peak. I got up from the chair and finished myself off all over her body! We cleaned up our mess and went to sleep. It was a great night!!!
  5. Grizzly Man

    Today peeing outdoors.

    I probably would have taken the risk and played with myself right there lol
  6. Grizzly Man

    How many of you do this?

    I have listened at a party when I was in college. It was at my apartment and I came out of my bathroom and one of the ladies at the party asked if she could use the restroom. I agreed and when she closed the door I stood outside listening. Hearing her trickle made me so hard. That is the only tme i have ever done that.
  7. Grizzly Man

    A question for all.

    Last night actually. Took the dogs out since I knew it was gonna snow later decided to pee bu the tree lol
  8. Grizzly Man

    How much?!

    I payed for a name brand portable speaker. Bought a JBL knowing there are off brands that perform and sound just as good. Lol
  9. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    Damn that's a good time right there!!!
  10. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    Thank you! Shes taking me to dinner tonight! Lol maybe I'll get lucky when I get home hahahaha
  11. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    Me too!!!! Need more people to comment on their night out! I have been enjoying it!
  12. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    Oh you know it! Lol
  13. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    Totally agree!!! Lol she puts up with me
  14. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

  15. Grizzly Man

    A night with this beauty!

    Dont worry she will be wet and ready after she reads this! I'll be there to slip in and take care of her! Lol