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    Love to share experiences! The wife and i love to chat with like minded people! Lets talk dirty lol

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    The sight, the sound, the taste the experiences
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Grizzly Man

    Ask me and wife Bonnie anything

    Have you and your wife always participated in pee fun? Or did you both reveal toyr fetish later on in the relationship?
  2. Grizzly Man

    Sink pee

    After some wine she is a peeing machine! Plus very adventurous lol
  3. Grizzly Man

    Sink pee

    Heres a good shot of her using the sink. She likes to do it on occasion for me. She knows it gets me hard lol
  4. Grizzly Man

    Sink pee

    The wife and I will pee in the sinks every now and then lol
  5. Grizzly Man

    Pee Orgies should come with Warnings

    Thats all a part of the fun. Reminded me of a time i caught friendly fire. I was getting a bj from a lady at a party while another guy was waiting in line playing with himself. Well i guess he played too much and he decided to cum all over the ladys face with me still inside her mouth lol. She didnt skip a beat and kept on sucking lol
  6. Grizzly Man

    Pee Orgies should come with Warnings

    Friendly fire! You should be expecting stuff like this to happen on occasion. Lol
  7. Grizzly Man

    Anyone like to cook?

    I love to cook, mostly bbq or grilling over live fire.
  8. Grizzly Man


    Thanks i enjoy my shenanigans lol
  9. Grizzly Man

    Backyard peeing

    It is! sometimes its super cold! Lol then ill go im and make some coffee
  10. Grizzly Man

    Backyard peeing

    Often times i have to get up super early to start cooking. Most of thr time before the sun comes up. I light my fire and as the cookeris preheating, I stand there still with morning wood. Ill pull it out and pee in the yard lol
  11. Grizzly Man

    What aroused you today?

    Walked into the bedroom and found a pair of the wifes panties she slept in. Picked them up and gave the crotch a sniff. Insta erection!!!! Love her smell
  12. Grizzly Man

    Ask away

    Nope no cottage grew up on a ranch but still venture out to the mountains. Love action films
  13. Grizzly Man

    Ask away

    Hobbies i enjoy cooking especially cooking over a wood fire. I like to do lots of camping, hunting fishing. All the good outdoor stuff. I have a guilty pleasureof collecting super hero toys lol Typical day begins with coffee! I can drink coffee all day and still go to sleep no problem. Lol after thw coffee ill do my morning stretchs and workout. Then i get ready for work. Work conisists of lots of food. Working in a kitchen consist of fast pace long hours standing and very few pee breaks lol. But when i see people enjoy the food it makes it worth it.
  14. Grizzly Man

    What hobbies do you have?

    All things cooking, outdoors, hunting fishing.
  15. Grizzly Man

    Ask away

    Just cause i thought it was funny lol