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    Love to share experiences! The wife and i love to chat with like minded people! Lets talk dirty lol

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    The sight, the sound, the taste the experiences
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Grizzly Man

    Clit appreciation

    I agree! Lol here is a good pic of the wifes!
  2. Sometimes it's hard to focus when your horny at work!!! Lol @timeexx your definitely not strange. Wish i was able to do it more often at work!
  3. A couple of times actually. The first time i was working retail in my teens. I was working in the back doing some inventory when a co worker came back to chat. She a had a crush on me and i knew about it. Well at some point during the conversation she flashed me her huge tits! She got off work and i was stuck closing. I couldn't concentrate, i just kept seeing these huge knockers in my face. Well i locked the office door whipped it out and jerked off thinking about her. I ended up cumming all over the office chair lol
  4. The wife does not care about size! She enjoys all of them. She has been with a man larger then me and said it hurt her to much and has been satifished by a smaller one then myself.
  5. Grizzly Man

    Pissed on by whom?

    I would totally have shakira piss on my face then have her shake her lips dry! Lol but either of them would be a good time!
  6. Grizzly Man

    Sell your panties?

    Talked to the wife about this the other day. She said she would be into it for a fair price bit doesnt think anynody would buy hers lol
  7. Grizzly Man

    Does this mean im gay?

    Im the same exact way!!!
  8. Grizzly Man

    When was the last time you had sex?

    Had a good session last night! Lots of thrusting. Her cumming in missionary and then her jerking me off all over her boobs! It was amazing!!! Shes amazing!!! Lol
  9. Grizzly Man

    The campsite, Rachel and Emma

    Amazing!!!!!! Thank you!!!!
  10. Grizzly Man

    Riley's Pee Lottery

    No worries take your time
  11. Grizzly Man

    Riley's Pee Lottery

    First person is fine. How about summer dress with some pantyhoses?
  12. Grizzly Man

    Riley's Pee Lottery

    Hmmmmm outfit. What are some choices?
  13. Grizzly Man

    Riley's Pee Lottery

    Female main character. Cooking over a fire by a lake could be a good setting lol
  14. Grizzly Man

    Riley's Pee Lottery

    Lets go with option 2. Like you i enjoy nature but i also enjoy cooking lol
  15. Grizzly Man

    Male panty pissing

    Ya same here! I have done it a couple 9f times in boxers but its not nearly as arousing compared to panties