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    Love to share experiences! The wife and i love to chat with like minded people! Lets talk dirty lol

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    The sight, the sound, the taste the experiences
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    Receiving my first golden shower! The warmth running over me and being up close and personal!

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  1. Grizzly Man

    Wetting panties

    This one always gets me going! Lol love panty wetting
  2. Then ypu need to be a mastet with your fingers and tongue lol
  3. Grizzly Man

    Personal cumshot pics

    Sexy stuff!!! Heres a few. If you enjoy let us know! Compliments welcomed
  4. Grizzly Man


    Thanks! Lol i just love covering her tits and ass with cum!
  5. Grizzly Man


    I have been told that i make a mess of things but he takes it to another level lol
  6. Grizzly Man

    Boys peeing outside

    It was this past sunday. I was christmas shopping with the wife and our friend. Well wr finally left the mall, keep in mind the place was packed with people. Well the 3 of us get to the truck. Wife gets in the front and our friend gets in the back. I open the driver door and announce im gonna pee real quick. So i whip it out in the parking lot and start peeing. Our friend ask my wife if im really peeing. My wife tell her the truth and without hesitation she lean forward from the back and looks right at me to watch the show. We all begin to laugh! I finished up and we headed to the next place to shop. Lol
  7. Grizzly Man

    Knickers, thongs and panties.

    Sexy! Need a foot and leg massage? I would he happy to oblige you!!!!
  8. Grizzly Man


    Great stuff!
  9. Grizzly Man


    Looks like you had fun lol. Hot by the way
  10. I enjoy masterbating outdoors. I do it consistently and cum in the grass. Lol
  11. Grizzly Man

    green panty pee

    Looked at your pics decided to play around a little!
  12. Grizzly Man

    Male panty pissing

    I figured i would join the fun! Hopeyou dont mind.
  13. Grizzly Man

    What should I wear tommorow?

    Sexy i enjoy this kind of outfit. I say blue panties. Thong preferably lol
  14. Grizzly Man

    What do you masturbate to?

    I enjoy looking back at the naughty pics the wife takes. Always a good time. Also love sniffing her panties when i masterbate. As for porn I enjoy amateur 3 somes, voyeur pissing, masterbation videos.