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    Always been into pee as long as I can remember love just letting it all go in the least appropriate places!

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    Naughty/bad taboo feeling soaking everything
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    Ibiza club night right in the middle of the dance floor

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  1. Position yourself somewhere that you feel like you really shouldn’t be… but time it just right to the point where you simply can’t hold it back anymore…..
  2. Can barely hold on now, been at it for hours I can feel the leak…
  3. Holding and holding until it’s all too much and experiencing the joy of release…
  4. My latest efforts after deciding I hated that shirt anyway…
  5. When it’s too hot to hold it in and you just don’t care about getting wet…
  6. Come next week I’ll be absolutely drenching this get up…
  7. I’m doing exactly this on Monday, might dress for the occasion!🌊💦
  8. Currently holding myself and will be flooding my shorts soon if this keep up haha!
  9. You have lived my absolute dream! Well done and thank you for the account it is utterly incredible and I’m really happy for both of you!🌊❤️
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