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    Spent too many years thinking I was alone in my kink... And keeping it hidden from the world. The thrill it gives me to cross my legs until I'm way past desperate... The peeing into my knickers, the sneaky slashes out in the open air (and other places one definitely shouldn't pee...)... I realise I'm intoxicated by the rush of the forbidden. Never shared this so I'm excited to interact with like-minded guys, gals and anyone in between :)

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    Breaking the rules
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    Secretly unleashing a waterfall of pee under my floor-length ballgown onto an immaculate lawn at a garden party without a sole being aware what was happening only metres away...

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  1. Yeah I don't mind who overhears, if I'm already horny then I may choose to heighten the situation by loudly forcing out a super hard stream, or add in some relief sighing noises, moans etc. Certainly, if I'm well in the zone, I will masturbate whilst Peeing and cum in under 60 seconds. Don't care who overhears that, either... 🦊
  2. Nope, no qualms here. If I knew the people well, I wouldn't even ask.... I'd just go and use the facilities without making a fuss.
  3. I like that one too, Sophie. Then again.... I also like this... I'm easily pleased.....
  4. Perhaps one of the experts would demo it....? Only way I'd tune in.....
  5. Heard this the other day and fancied listening again this eve. The song contains one of my favourite lyrics.. "Due to lack of interest, tomorrow is cancelled."
  6. We're looking forward to hearing all of your stories, Pete! Welcome! Sam
  7. Let_It_Go


    Hey, we are all looking forward to coming on your pee journey with you 😁 Sam
  8. Hey there, welcome and I look forward to reading your posts! Sam
  9. Hey Jake! Good to have you here. I too have spent many years hiding my kink....and can now embrace it here. Hope you feel the same! Sam
  10. Hey Fanny. Hope you enjoy your time here, I'll look out for your posts ☺️🦊 Sam
  11. I play this game most places I go 🤣 Nice to see you've chosen (I assume?) to start with one which could be quite hard to call. A brave choice ☺️ The breasts certainly have a lot of fulness in the cup, with hallmarks of overall "swelling" (where a boob can look somewhat too inflated for the frame). That said, her pose with arms elevated would affect the overall "hang". What further puzzles me is the underside of the breasts where they meet the body. There is dark crease shadowing in this spot, where most implants would be inserted through a slit in the tissue in this location. B
  12. Thank you for the thoughtful response, Alfresco. I shall plan out my actions with this in mind (if there is a next time!). I guess I just did what felt right for me in that moment 🙂
  13. IT's taboo, for sure......I think many are conditioned against it......or just shy types
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