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    Pretty shy I guess I will join conversations if I have something fitting for it you can always ask me questions tho I will be gushing to answer those.

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    My favorite currently was a bench pee in morning when the sun was already out.

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  1. As someone who has tried a she wee I wouldn't be able to reach a sink not even on a tip toes since you can't shoot it above your pussy.
  2. Since the store Bathroom tied now I might do that today as well, when I go shopping.
  3. I have never been in the public one I only walk past it so it might have one. Tho I doubt that it will have a drain. Not that it would matter if it had a drain or not
  4. I do hope the long wait will be worth it.
  5. @KuparYes there totally is one they recently moved it and in the summer there should even be bushes for extra coverage. I will definitely try it when it's warm enough.
  6. Sadly we don't have that in my city 😢
  7. I honestly though people would give me ideas on where I should pee when they voted that(I should have been more clear) cause the only thing I can think for that is the place under the bridge or some benches.
  8. Don't worry, and good ideas but I think it would be weirder to see a girl in a skirt/dress in 10°max weather which is why I would do it in the early morning when it's still dark. I defenitly have peed next to some toilets so I wouldn't be that worried and it's only a rather small store so I definitely could get away with it especially the public toilet. The playground one I was thinking going on top of like the thing were normally a slide is and peeing up there. The underpass is the only one that lowkey scares me since it is underground and you have to take stairs it's the easiest one to get c
  9. So I want to pee somewhere new, where I have never peed before so help me decide. Keep in mind that I will try my best to do it but can't if the toilets are closed or to many people are around.
  10. I always forget to use incognito and am to lazy to delete my history. I just never let anyone use my phone.
  11. It was a color I normally have a little yellow
  12. The thing is it wasn't painful sure I had to pee and it didn't really come out but it didn't hurt! that's the weird part. While it would have been great to have a stream it wasn't bad. It was like playing a game with 3 fps like really weird but doable
  13. So I was holding close to 22 hours, cause why not, and when I decided to let go I had trouble letting it out and I really had to push it out and even then my stream would cut off I peed close to 5 minutes cause I couldn't get a stream and force it out and it stopped all the time. This happened years ago too when my family and another family where going on a holiday (I was like 12 or 11 I think) and I kinda have a shy bladder so anytime I tried to pee in a public restroom like McDonalds or at a service area I couldn't because of all the people. So I held it for over 24 hours and when we a
  14. Shypee


    Don't worry I have checked out a lot on here already. But no where near everything
  15. Shypee


    I haven't tried out a lot of the things so I can't say for sure yet.
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