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  1. I am in Kansas, I haven't found any places to see the women pee yet. I have yet to find a lady to have fun with.
  2. Your the type of woman I so hope to meet. Damn that story is hot. 🔥🔥🔥
  3. I was raised that it was ok to pee outside when you needed to go. In my early memories I can remember it being fun to be able to just pee where we was when outside. Us kids would pee on just about anything outside, when we had snow we would try and write our names in the snow. 😆 We would try to go behind a tree or a bush but if it wasn't available then we would just turned our back towards the people that we could see. I can remember traveling and stopping the car or truck along side the road to pee if it was dad or I, we would just stand beside the car and go. Sometimes mom would have to go w
  4. That was a very hot story. Would love to read more of your adventures. Awesome picture definitely love your lips. Thanks for sharing with us.
  5. Yes they are connected for me, sex is good, but doing it with someone you love makes it that much better. What is your favorite position.
  6. Ok well my first story more to come later. This is one of the most recent events.. It started with reading a short content from a Instagram post. I guess my subconscious was inspired. I went to bed as normal had to get up once to go no big deal, back to sleep. Awoke really early had a slite need to pee, I didn't want to get up yet. So made the decision to just let a couple small spurts out to just take the edge off. I do have a water proof cover on my mattress just in case cause I have woke up mid stream dreaming of going. So I let go a couple spurts and the need stopped so right ba
  7. Hello all. I am so glad I found this site to enjoy chatting with like minded people. I have been a member in the background for just a little bit. Checking out the site and love it. Looking forward to sharing my stories and reading more of you all's stories. Hope to find a lady to have some DM's with. I am a straight male, loves all types of pee fetish, been a pee fan for a very long time. I only have got to have a couple small experiences with partners in the past hope to find someone to have a lot more with. I have tried several different things by myself and enjoyed them all. Loo
  8. Hello I so agree, me also. Except I love watching women and would so love a woman watching me.
  9. Hello, it is great I found you. I am a straight man that has been into pee for a long time. Only had a couple experiences with ex's. Looking forward to having a outlet to talk with other like minded people. Share a little of my craziness 😁 and read about others experiences. Maybe find someone to chat with about fantasies and experiences. Prefer all female experiences but will read about a man's view and experience with a woman.
  10. I found you all on a search, happy that I did. Been looking for a forum like this.
  11. @YellowKitten you have some very and sexy stories I wish I could find someone with half your freeness and adventure what fun we would have together. Keep them coming.
  12. That is so very hot.. Keep them coming.
  13. Don't think for a minute that it wasn't hot as hell like @p1ssputz said I would have loved to go in after you or even have been in there with you cause I sure would have add my piss to yours in a second all over the place.
  14. I am a man and agree so hard to find someone that is kinky and not afraid to try new things and play around.
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