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  1. Oh wow!! I'm so turned on reading this!! Peeing while walking!! Soooo desperate!!! Omg!
  2. Omg that's hot!! Peeing and cumming on cum!! Wow!! It's so sexy when a man cums after peeing!!!
  3. So hot peeing over the used condoms! Wow! It must feel so good spreading your ass cheeks and then peeing and cumming!
  4. Lovetowee


    It's very exciting! I feel like a kid in the candy shop lol!
  5. Lovetowee


    Hard little nipples too!
  6. Lovetowee


    Oh that's just the perfect slit!!
  7. It does feel so warm and naughty! It's quick ticklish as well, in the water! Very arousing!
  8. It's so hot! I take my panties off and sit on my bed, put netflix on.. eat a pizza and drink soda and just get totally relaxed and just pee... Oh it's so good!! Sometimes it's a full on wee, sometimes it's just trickles every few minutes... It feels so naughty.. I do it for hours and just sit in the mess
  9. Come to think of it I do see people staring into the distance, focusing! Focusing on peeing!!! Lol
  10. Omg that's funny!! Yes I get really excited at the thought of peeing outside. Holding it and finding the right spot. Then I pee and it feels sooo good!! I often forget how horny I feel... My pussy gets so wet and just a couple of rubs and I cum!!
  11. That's so hot! I pee in my bed too! I've got a mattress protector!! It feels so lovely!!!
  12. Oh that's hot!!! I sleep on a plastic sheet so I can wet whenever, it's so freeing. Sometimes it happens on the sofa, I was laughing and I peed my pants. I stood up and there was a puddle... I quickly mopped it up
  13. I sure did!! I used to pee over the bath too. Or in the sink....
  14. It's so so good in that position because it does spread your privates apart and the air feels delicious!! Yes I often cum when I pee!!

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