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    Hi! My names Kylie. I’m a 18 year old female currently living in Boston Massachusetts where I study Pathophysiology, Biology, Chemistry, and Public health. My goal is to become a Physician and Researcher. I love helping people and want to make our society and the world a better place. I also happen to enjoy pee, especially making messes…

    Overall In terms of sexuality, I find myself attractive and I also find other women attractive, think of me as a Autosexual Lesbian haha.

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    How freeing it feels, the rebelliousness.
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    Just message me 😉

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  1. Shit. Thanks kupar. I hope you’re having a good night. It’s good to see you again. Been a little bit.
  2. @gotcha it says you can’t receive messages. I just wanted to say that if the art in the banner of your profile is yours I’m super super in love and would love to commission a peace of me.
  3. I don’t know who they are but I would love to meet them! I haven’t done it in the dorm hallway but I’ve done it on the dorm floor. The dorm floor reminded me of doing it on my bedroom floor when I was younger, turned me on a lot.
  4. I’ll answer this a little differently. I don’t pee outside that much but I do hover/squat over the toilet almost every time. Even if it’s super clean. I haven’t peed without making at least a little mess in forever.
  5. Lol yes if you have fucking blue jeans on that would suck ass.
  6. I have been doing this the last week. Someone else is a pee’er in the same dorm as me too
  7. I want to make a comment here - I know there is technically a difference between pee and squirt, but I feel like for the purpose of this forum and story they may as well be the same thing. If you disagree, feel free to discuss this by quoting this message.
  8. So I’ve always been a squirter (pee’er?), the first time I masturbated and actually had an orgasm, I squirted, not like a fountain like you see in porn but a trickle. I was actually hesitant to make myself actually cum the first time because it kept feeling like I had to pee, even when I went pee it would still feel like that, especially if I put a finger inside. So I squirt virtually every session, I don’t squirt every time I cum, but almost every masturbation session I squirt. I’ve messed around with girls before - I’ve had some FWB’s, but I’ve always tried to make sure I never like exp
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