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  1. Which ones are you subbed to?
  2. Great story, sounds like you had fun! Did it look anything like this? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5f1c72e1bc990
  3. Great story, really enjoyed it. It is well written! If I can offer one bit of advice, it would be to use the person's name less often. If you instead use "she", it will sound more natural 🙂
  4. spywareonya you are waay too paranoid. Many people visit the restrooms during a day, do you really think they go trough all of them to find out it was you? lol 😜
  5. It is a fantasy of mine, but it's just too risky. I never naughty pee anywhere people know my name, and it can be tied to me 😂
  6. Inside the entrance to my building (lobby if you will) theres a side door that is never used, that is slightly concealed behind a bend in the wall. Every day on my way home I stop by and piss all over the door mat. It's slightly risky as someone could come by and hear, but I've not been caught so far 😄 The mat always dries out well, so the only evidence is a slight smell of urine.. 😋
  7. Liked the story, maybe we get a continuation of it as well, about what happens in the changing room the next time they work out...? 😃
  8. I signed up for similarworlds.com, which is sort of like experienceproject, to check it out. Its the same concept, but unfortunately, the content is not there yet 😕
  9. Your link is slightly wrong, it should be /album not /editAlbum Also see that you have added even more videos to it, nice! Keep sharing your adventures 👍
  10. Great story! You should link to the videos here as well, it really adds to the story when you can see it after
  11. Why have many of these been removed from the c4s store?
  12. You never disclosed how much this 'fair price' is. I think we would all be interested, if we just knew what the price was..

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