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    I didn’t pee in the small pool on my profile pic.. honestly..

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    A lot.. by now :’) Pee standing up while wearing a skirt in the summer (and peeing outside in general). Dribble on the carpet of my rental apartment (when I’m naked, desperate and I’ve had a few drinks..). Make my submissive drink lots of water and decide where and how he eventually can let go. A video that a friend made for me where he is emptying his very full and large bladder on the floor while sitting in the drivers seat of his car.

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  1. Gotta love that in the second video you didn’t even bother to walk the few extra meters to the bushes.. I’ve seen two or maybe three guys ever, pissing this openly at the side of the road and I thought it was hot as fuck 🤤
  2. Allright, no need for a pissing contest here ( even though I wouldn’t mind of course 😂). You’re right though, this particular person doesn’t necessarily stand out in volume or force of pee but I really like to hear a man talk or moan in desperation and/or relief. So fucking hot😍
  3. Maybe we should our own ‘Find your video here’ topic for just the male section of the forums 🙂 I remember this guy having some really nice and daring/public video’s (on pornhub I think, maybe xtube?) too but I don’t even remember his username tbh, all i could still find was this one hot video of his: https://m.tnaflix.com/hd-videos/Desperate-Pissing-in-Public-Park-(w-Voice!)/video4651924
  4. Makes sense I guess. I wouldn’t be dragging tissues with me all day either is the toilet paper option wasn’t mostly available :’)
  5. I never really understood this male/female opinions/differences either. Like Eliminature says, if I pee standing up, my stream drops straight down and no mess is made. I know I’m rather lucky with my almost Barbie-ish very small labia, but even peeing sitting down, I don’t feel that the situation is much different from a guy who just took a piss, gives it a sqeeze and puts it back in his pants. I’ve encountered many situations where there was no toilet paper in the ladies rooms (or maybe just not the one where I was at because I didn’t check 😅). In which case; no problem, I will just
  6. Same here… not available in my country anymore either. Wish I had noted at least him username before posting the link when it was still working fine :((
  7. So.. I couldn’t resist having a few more tries.. for science, of course 😇 And I’m now pretty sure that it’s indeed the movement of water rather than the pressure that makes underwater peeing feel different (aka extra arousing) for me. The feeling was significantly stronger when I was desperate (and thereby I assume stirring/whirling more water around my pussy ☺️) than when I just ‘normally’ had to go. But I’m still curious about what other people experienced of course.. 🤫
  8. Hah.. that’s interesting. I never really thought of it like that. I like to see guys and girls (although that’s more rare unfortunately) pee in public ‘live’ and pretty much every partner I ever had was willing to do so for me and a few were into it themselves. So.. that’s lovely, but just seeing the ‘aftermath’ without knowing what happened is different. In that case I can imagine many scenario’s without ever knowing the truth (and I have a very vivid imagination 😅).
  9. http://m.eroprofile.com/p/videos/view/-M-essy-power-pissing-20-preparing-a-salad?nav=profile&navParam=&navPage=1&navLeft=8 Something like this? 😉 There’s some more of his vids on that site but he used to have an (rip :’/ )xtube profile with even more content I think. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5fa5e727ecd46 Or this guy maybe (he’s got a lot more content on pornhub). I like video’s of men taking a massive piss outside too but can’t find any good examples right now :’)
  10. Please keep going, there’s many more corners, walls, sheds and other things that should really be pissed on in my opinion 😈😚
  11. Hard to chose.. I’d say 1 or 3, but they are all hot for sure 😉 I always get aroused seeing very obvious piss stains on walls, concrete etc. Also bonus points if the wall or whatever clearly wasn’t needed for cover (e.g. because there were some perfectly suitable bushes right next to it). Without going into detail of course; where is your new place to pee? In your yard, somewhere not on your property..? 😇
  12. This might actually be a better description. I don’t feel like I have to push harder to pee under water either (although I’ve never tried deeper that 1,5m submerged.. :’) ) but maybe it is indeed the displacement/disturbance of the water that ever so lightly tickles my peehole while I’m going under water that makes it feel more arousing to me ☺️. Oh, and I’ve also seen labia (or foreskin, for males) mentioned by a few of you. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t make any difference for me since my private parts are pretty much Barbie-style.. with some openings added.. thankfully 😅
  13. Nope, it’s definitely not my swimsuit/bikini that makes the difference. I pretty much always pull those aside when I’m in the water since nobody notices anyway. I only pee through my bikini bottom when I’m too lazy or desperate to go in the water ☺️🤫
  14. So, I’m new here, tried to look up if there was a topic about this but I couldn’t find one. Enough topics about peeing in pools/waterparks and at the beach or in the sea/lake though. Personally I only pee in lakes or in the sea but if I get the opportunity and spend a day at a lakeside or at the beach I’ll pee in the water all day long (in between having some drinks and hang out with friends :’) ) because it really turns me on. I’ve always felt like the water pressing against my peehole from the outside (while peeing) added extra arousal for me somehow, but since I’m turned
  15. Maybe marking outdoors can be an alternative option for the time being now that you’re living with your friend? 😇 No carpet vibe going on then unfortunately, but you do get loads of other options instead. Especially brick and cement walls will leave quite a distinct mark. It always turns me on to see those.
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