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    I didn’t pee in the small pool on my profile pic.. honestly..

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    A lot.. by now :’) Pee standing up while wearing a skirt in the summer (and peeing outside in general). Dribble on the carpet of my rental apartment (when I’m naked, desperate and I’ve had a few drinks..). Make my submissive drink lots of water and decide where and how he eventually can let go. A video that a friend made for me where he is emptying his very full and large bladder on the floor while sitting in the drivers seat of his car.

    If you like you can find some of my video’s here btw: https://www.erome.com/MrsVixen

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  1. Assuming that that’s mostly your shadow on the wall, I would personally like to see you leave a bigger mark next time 🤫😚 Please keep pissing outside though ;’)
  2. Haha, I have actually thought of that myself too. Being quiet for a while doesn’t make much of a difference I think. Although I haven’t tried it with him being blindfolded on top of being tied up. I expect him to still sense my presence but it might be worth a try :’) Maybe if I play some music or so and then go for the shock tactic ice dip 😌
  3. That’s pretty hot actually 😚 Like.. you were probably expecting some pee relief and a semi-frozen cock as a side effect, right? So.. what happened after the video? ;’) Meanwhile I also tried the ice bucket challenge myself 😅 I also waited until I had to pee rather bad, and while waiting I spend quite a while having fun with myself (enough fun to usually make it a bit hard to pee, and usually with a diminished stream..). Unfortunately wrenching the ice cubes out of the trays took a bit longer than expected so I had a little cool off time before taking the plunge. And a little time for my
  4. Not sure if it counts as unusual but I don’t remember anyone ever mentioning it: being stuck in an elevator with an attractive man or woman who really needs to pee and talking them into peeing in the elevator. Or a more farfetched variation on the same theme that I most definitely wouldn’t like at all in real life but is somehow hot as a fantasy: being stuck in an elevator with a partner (or stranger) who is also into peeplay and both of us are in a frantic attempt not to pee on the floor or in our pants because we don’t want to face the eventual embarrassment when someone gets us out. It take
  5. Yes, I do too, I actually just mentioned it in another topic. Also when I’m very turned on or when I’ve been edging for a long time (which also results in being too aroused I guess 😅). Even when I’m alone and just go for a pee on my own toilet it feels as if I’m somehow ‘blocked’ inside and unable to pee. Peeing with/on a partner always adds some tension (nervousness? 🤔) on top of arousal for me so I can imagine that you couldn’t pee in the golden shower situation :’) You say it was in the bathroom though. If there’s also a toilet in your bathroom you can maybe try sitting on the toi
  6. Yeah, I think the cold water will be rather effective for that 😄 and maybe cold immersion diuresis also plays a part. Not sure if that kicks into action that quick though, maybe when the temperature difference is big enough. Lol @oliver2 , it kind of is the peeplay version of the ice bucket challenge I guess :’) I didn’t think of it before but maybe I’ll go for the challenge myself 😄😊 Male bodyparts vs female body parts is obviously different but I do actually feel ‘blocked’ and it’s difficult to pee if I’m very aroused or aroused for a long time 🤔 Let’s make some ice cubes and see
  7. I’m looking for a way to ‘force’ my submissive to pee. He’s not peeshy around me and totally willing to engage in peeplay but being told what to do is such an intense turn-on for him that he often gets too aroused to pee (even when he has already had an orgasm before), resulting in bladder ache/cramp, which I don’t want him to feel 😕 Anyway; I came across this video and I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried this (or is willing to give it a try, also fine by me of course 😈😏) or something similar and if so: did it work for you? https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=63e46a34c9
  8. Probably not. I would be able to do so without making any mess (using my shewee, only unzipping the front of my pants) but having to grab the shewee from my backpack and put it back it its case afterwards would be more effort than using a stall. That plus I’m not used to the concept of urinals and men or women standing close to me like that. Maybe drunk and/or high me would have less of a problem with it though 😅
  9. I really love urbex photography and I’ve been to quite a few places, both recently abandoned and quite decayed. I remember I went urbexing for a whole weekend once, me and my bf slept in a hotel nearby overnight but we spent both days going through the deserted village/former hospital complex looking for pretty scenes. We mostly peed on balconies that were subjected to the weather anyway, but we also pissed all over the walls of one backroom that already had broken windows and rain coming in☺️ In the more recently abandoned places it somehow felt more offensive to pee inside (even in one build
  10. As a scientist, I’d say that asking here is probably gonna get more that a little bit skewed perspective/answers :’) I was raised rather stricly and always got out of the pool to use the restrooms, even when I got older and my pee-fetish was already very much a thing. I guess I just thought in terms of etiquette/ being polite/etc. After my late teens I never really went to swimming pools again. The ocean or large natural lakes were the only places I went swimming after that. There are often no toilets around so I got used to peeing in the water (and enjoying it 😚). Last year I
  11. Well, mostly the anatomy lottery :) I’m blessed with a Barbie pussy, aka I have small outer labia and almost non-existent inner labia. I don’t wear skirts most of the time though, so it’s not that amazingly handy really, compared to guys who can just unzip :’)
  12. On carpet and/or at someones house I would never do that but last summer I had tickets to go to a very large semi open air festival and I had already planned on wearing a skirt and no underwear to just let go whenever I wanted to. Some unrelated personal issues got in the way so in the end me and my friend (who is also very much into pee) couldn’t make it to the festival unfortunately. New year, new chances though, so I’m sure it will happen sooner or later 😈😇 Quite looking forward to it actually.. I can easily pee straight down when not wearing panties and I’m sure it won’t be noticed with lo
  13. I was wondering about that recently, whether men just don’t plan ahead as much as women do. Because they don’t care and expect that there’s some place to pee wherever they are, either a toilet or a more naughty place, like you mentioned. My upbringing made me rather paranoid about having to pee when there’s no (good) opportunity, but over the years I’ve heard quite a few men say that they really avoid having to pee while on the train (usually not the cleanest toilets..), which suggests that there is at least some planning going on 🤔
  14. Hiking adventures (Contains female and male peeing, naughty peeing and voyeurism) Chapter 4: Two orgasms later I’m still horny but I know I really have to do some chores around the house today. I did my laundry this morning when I was cleaning up the pissy clothes from my bedroom floor but other than that my new obsession has seriously distracted me from housekeeping lately. I decide to compromise and get to work, drinking almost an entire soda bottle filled with water while I vacuum clean the house. Once I’m done with that I have to pee pretty bad. I still have t
  15. Well.. yes. I already did, actually 😳 I was really going for the ‘one time only’ promise to myself initially. Even though I was bursting for a pee again very soon after I made the video (about 20 minutes later, I think). I hadn’t changed clothes or put on panties so I just went inside and stood over the toilet to have another much needed pee. Now in retrospect I’m not sure but I think I kept drinking more water than necessary and I also poured myself a glass of wine after a while (because I’m a semi responsible adult and I don’t have to work today or early tomorrow 🤫). I was just relaxing
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