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    I didn’t pee in the small pool on my profile pic.. honestly..

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    A lot.. by now :’) Pee standing up while wearing a skirt in the summer (and peeing outside in general). Dribble on the carpet of my rental apartment (when I’m naked, desperate and I’ve had a few drinks..). Make my submissive drink lots of water and decide where and how he eventually can let go. A video that a friend made for me where he is emptying his very full and large bladder on the floor while sitting in the drivers seat of his car.

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  1. I was wondering about that recently, whether men just don’t plan ahead as much as women do. Because they don’t care and expect that there’s some place to pee wherever they are, either a toilet or a more naughty place, like you mentioned. My upbringing made me rather paranoid about having to pee when there’s no (good) opportunity, but over the years I’ve heard quite a few men say that they really avoid having to pee while on the train (usually not the cleanest toilets..), which suggests that there is at least some planning going on 🤔
  2. Hiking adventures (Contains female and male peeing, naughty peeing and voyeurism) Chapter 4: Two orgasms later I’m still horny but I know I really have to do some chores around the house today. I did my laundry this morning when I was cleaning up the pissy clothes from my bedroom floor but other than that my new obsession has seriously distracted me from housekeeping lately. I decide to compromise and get to work, drinking almost an entire soda bottle filled with water while I vacuum clean the house. Once I’m done with that I have to pee pretty bad. I still have t
  3. Well.. yes. I already did, actually 😳 I was really going for the ‘one time only’ promise to myself initially. Even though I was bursting for a pee again very soon after I made the video (about 20 minutes later, I think). I hadn’t changed clothes or put on panties so I just went inside and stood over the toilet to have another much needed pee. Now in retrospect I’m not sure but I think I kept drinking more water than necessary and I also poured myself a glass of wine after a while (because I’m a semi responsible adult and I don’t have to work today or early tomorrow 🤫). I was just relaxing
  4. Definitely, yes 😳 I drank a lot of water before and held it in pretty much as long as I could since I intended it to be a ‘just this one time’-event. There are hardly any neighbors who can see onto our balcony but I still felt too self-cautious too film myself naked the entire time. I didn’t stop peeing in between (with my skirt down) though.. ☺️
  5. After my previous adventure I felt like having a little less scary pee, but with some more for you to see 😉😚 I’ve peed on my partners balcony before, and so did he (he knows about my pee fetish and is cool with it, just not into it himself), but I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t think that it’s a good idea to empty my full bladder there on a regular basis. So.. I don’t. I do get a bit creative while watering the plants every now and then and I’ve let out spurts of pee while sunbathing or just for fun. Last night we had some pretty heavy rain though so I decided that I could get away with
  6. I really love seeing a guy emptying his full bladder where he shouldn’t 😚 And I like it even more when a desperate guy looks like he’s about done, but then there’s even more piss. And then yet some more.. mmm 🤤
  7. Actually, quite a few things are true (or a slightly fluffed version of the truth). I -obviously, I presume- based the main character on myself and my ‘pee adventures’. The redhead lady and the guy are entirely fictional though.. unfortunately :”)
  8. Hiking adventures (Contains female and male peeing, naughty peeing and voyeurism) Chapter 1: I turn on the shower and look at myself in the mirror while waiting for the water to get warm. While taking off my clothes the bathroom finally becomes warm and steamy. I feel my bladder twitching almost instantly once I’m naked and I automatically squeeze my legs together. It’s a pleasant distraction from my everyday thoughts. One that is impossible to ignore. As usual, the twitchy feeling turns into an urgent need to pee as soon as I step into the shower. Sometimes I just let my
  9. Thanks 😊 And hah.. yeah, who knows what the other girl was doing 😏 I was wayyyy too preoccupied with my own situation to notice anything other than her gender, that the book had her full attention and that she was a safe enough distance away.. lol.
  10. As some of you might know by now I was raised far too strictly when it came to peeing. Going outside for example was out of the question, no matter what. I love peeing where I shouldn’t now and I’ve peed in public many times before. On the balcony, when spending a whole day or an afternoon in nature, sitting on the edge of a private jacuzzi on holiday, and many more places. I still have a residual fear of getting desperate in a situation where I can’t go though (a traffic jam, train with toilet out of order, etc.). Also; I always pee before I leave the house. Even when I just g
  11. Well.. what’s stopping you from trying again by yourself some time when your wife is not around? 😊
  12. Do you have any picture or photo evidence of that by the way? 😉 Or a bit of a backstory perhaps..
  13. Man, I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I know I would feel exactly the same and avoid oral sex all together after something like that happening. Unless I would be with a partner who is also into peeplay that is, but I would probably still be self conscious about making sure that I drink enough water to keep my pee diluted and go for a bathroom visit right before having sex. Is it just that rather traumatic experience that makes you avoid receiving oral sex or do you just don’t like the overly sensitive feeling in general? In the first case scenario I hope that some day you’ll m
  14. Question for you guys; have you ever accidentally/involuntary peed while having sex? I know it’s not uncommon for women (still sexy though 😌), but quite rare for men. I think the only ‘real’ examples I’ve seen online were men who were either being pegged or had someone use a (very) large dildo on them. Im not a fan of using huge dildo’s on people, but male squirting definitely fascinates me. Unfortunately I haven’t yet met a guy who can do it, although I did my research and had men practice by themselves too 😕 My current sub doesn’t have a pee fetish but is very much into pleasing and l
  15. My upbringing was extremely strict so I wasn’t allowed to pee outside at all. I don’t have siblings but I know my mom felt the same way about boys/men. I have always been fascinated by girls or boys peeing in public though, even before I knew about sexuality at all. As an adult it took me quite a few years to ‘rewire’ my own brain to the point that peeing in public feels natural. Pretty much every guy I have dated over the years somehow grew up with strict parents too, and they would just hold it until they could go to a toilet, like I used to do too. It wasn’t a matter of politenes
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