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    Straight male
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    Older than dirt
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    Northeast USA
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    Happily retired, happily divorced and happily uncircumcised, in that order. I'm a refugee from the now extinct Peesearch, where I contributed posts on a semi regular basis under a different username than I use here. My interest in this fetish dates to my childhood when a neighborhood girl openly peed in front of me, without modesty.

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    Watching girls pee. I like to hear about pee experiences from the female point of view since I can only experience the male side myself. I consider myself to be a lifelong peevert.
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    Haven't had the hottest pee experience yet. I'm waiting for it!

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  1. Yes, I did have a girlfriend once who did indicate that she would like to hold it while I peed. She did, and we both enjoyed it!
  2. And I would love to have a woman pee next to me at a urinal. So far it's never happened but I can dream anyway.
  3. No question about it. If she wanted to see me pissing or if she wanted to hold my dick as I peed, I'd welcome it. But not unless she asked.
  4. As far as shaming for naughty peeing, I was completely unaware of that. I'm not into naughty peeing myself so perhaps I just didn't read those posts. I do agree that there have been, in the more distant past, some moderators that abused their power and were quick to delete posts for no valid reason. However, those moderators disappeared over time and most recently there were only two moderators and I believe both did a great job of cleaning out spam and trying their best to maintain order, which is what a moderator is supposed to do. As far as I know, the moderators were unpaid volun
  5. I am a former member of the now defunct PeeSearch. I read and posted there on a somewhat regular basis for over 13 years. I joined this site several years ago but really didn't participate until this past October. I do see familiar usernames here that I remember from PS, so I'm assuming they are the same people. However, the username I'm using here is not the same as there. As a matter of fact I never did care for the name I hastily chose when signing up there in 2010 but felt I was stuck with it, so I just continued with it. I do use the same avatar here as I did at PS, so if it l
  6. So, I got curious and looked up the Pollee online and I see what it looks like, but I'm a bit puzzled how it's supposed to be used. I couldn't find any photos or videos of it in use. Does the lady face the device or back into it? And if that's optional to the individual user, which way do most ladies prefer to use it? And is the "Pollee Naked" version where the lady is totally exposed to onlookers as she pees? Can someone please post a photo of it in use?
  7. I am uncircumcised and believe it should be a crime to mutilate young boys without their consent. I'm very happy with my foreskin and take pride in being the poster boy for daily cleaning which is absolutely necessary if uncut. I can retract my foreskin to look as if I'm cut if I choose, but I can go back to covering the glans with my foreskin at any time to protect its rich purple color and high sensitivity. Masturbation is so much easier with a foreskin also. No need for lotion, ever!
  8. Total of 10. 5 including my wife at first, then 5 more after my divorce.
  9. Tee shirt and briefs for me. I didn't see that option in the poll above.
  10. I was brought up Christian and I adhere to the basic ethics of Christianity but I am an atheist.
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