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  1. I've mentioned it's part of being a Mammal; not some affectation (even for those who may perceive it so). I hope that doesn't sound too Doe Pee; my confidence is high that (perceptions aside), Pee reaches in & grabs one, mostly via the smell (quite independently of whether one is aware of smelling anything or not). ( He typewranted, striving to avoid Grammar's rocker & her foot 😉). Best regards, all!
  2. I get into experimenting on my own food b/c I've been a Pee-Lover (my own Pee) as far back as I remember. I think I've been happiest with some kinds of frozen veggies one may take right from freezer to microwave. I typically hydrate enough my Pee barely tastes salty at all, but I prefer making it my condiment on foods one salts (or might say it was too salty). Can't address drinks exc soft drinks b/c I threw drinking away in the early 80s as a survival strategy (to survive some "in-house" politics where I was Stationed then). It was a devastating blow to those who believed (religiously) I had
  3. Wouldja believe the SYSTEM just suggested one: "My SQL Server's Gone Away?!" (okay, I don't get it, either, but that's twice & it's about to Piƒs me off just for Topical Relevance). Best regards, all; I'm outta here 4now!
  4. When it's far less hot than 120ºF (IIRC normal skin mean is ~94; air at/below that is cooling one if it's moving at all), At ~82, in my Element; I'm still (mostly) dry if not exerting. Doing anything physical at 82 or above, "Ahm sweating like a Politician-ah-say-a-Politician 😉 inna Revival-tent!" (had to clean up the tradtional simile to honor my Parents a few decades ago, in their home; Dad got a kick out of that one). (to steer this thread outta the weeds & back up on the road it was on), IMO (at 74) no one rocks a Pussy-Slip like a lady in my age-range in Swimwear with lots o
  5. Thinking on this Thread a while, I realized I may have let a lot of things slide by ( while playing "Intendo" instead of just going-for-it). Still a work-in-progress whether (for me) this has actually been a good thing or a bad thing (in the enhanced vision of Hindsight). Best regards, everyone.
  6. FWIW when we're quite young, at least some of us may get the notion a particular rules-change is arbitrary & capricious. This, in turn, may inspire the ASSumption any rule not clearly explained is the same; a product from the "WeSAYso©" book of rules to impose on the powerless. A child's assumption needn't be correct to seem-so to that child.
  7. I first used one "just-in-case," during a Urology-adventure. It occurred to me as I went to sleep, how having one under myself might Tattle, rather 'loudly,' of a need for it to be there. I may have mentioned that as the Adult-Toddler I've been, longer than I've even been an Adult, I have a selective 'Tattled-on" Fetish; part of my Sexually-Infantile-Exhibitionism. It even surprised me how fast this sense of an Underpad Tattling grew on me (& it wasn't just my mental processing of how it might appear)..! The impermeable layer efficiently reflects-back my body-heat & my skin's normal mo
  8. Oh, and... That Asterisk in what I just Typewranted: By "Granny-Porn-Ladies," I mean playful lasses I'd guess to be in their 60s or above & looking it; not "grannies" in their 30s-to-40s & looking like Jailbait.
  9. FWIW (1) I just noticed more comments on Pee looking too Yellow. DEPENDing on the camera & lighting, some Pee-pics tend to look unreal for (apparent) lack of color. Might some be compensating with Food-coloring? FWIW (2) At 74 & tending to gravitate towards my own age-range, I love a BIG, OLD Exhibitionist. To my delight, I observe Exhibitionism seems NOT to be "outgrown" with age! A few "Granny-Porn*" ladies seem to enjoy presenting their (often-perfectly-Bare) Bottoms at distances/angles that exploit the inherent "KnoWhuttaMEAN?"-effect of many a digital camera's wide-angle defa
  10. (with respect) I believe I like the way your mind connects things! I have my own, long-running agenda for sound-effects-devices no one seems to make; synthesizing different engine-signatures in sync with the vehicle's actual engine-RPM. Way back when, Talk-Radio host G. Gordon Liddy used to treat his audiences with good-quality recordings of WW2 Aircraft (thus inspiring my agenda). But I'm sure there's room in such a device (if it's ever built), for various loud Piƒssing sounds! FWIW if a guy keeps his "Taint" hair-free & uses stick-on contact-microphones his skin can tolerate, the re
  11. Thanks for asking, @awkwood; I was there until a family illness demanded most of my computer time. I didn't see its demise. Agree with much of what's been shared thus far; I would add: their software invited one to take liberties with fonts (such as MS Comic Sans), but then some Crybully there would wax emotional about its use & a Mod would validate the resulting "Heckler's-Veto," but nobody there seemed to know how to disable the "offensive" options. So (be it by accident or by design), the effect was to dangle the "forbidden" options out-there to see if the "uppity" user had learned "his
  12. I've had to warn Nurses (even in Urology sometimes) my Playful, Easily-amused Bladder can hide as much as 800. I can take the Cup into the typical "Jack-&-Jill" potty-room with the miniature Sally-port; make my contribution (with-or-without vocal theater*), then finish "emptying" (to best of my knowledge), & return to the Exam-room to which I'd been assigned ("... am I in 8?"). 1 way or another, it's discovered my perceptions of having "emptied" were a wee bit premature & exaggerated; missed it by 500--800. I'm blessed that none seemed to believe I was doing that on purpose! *
  13. For a person who grew up in a world where "17-will-get-ya-20," EP allowing "14/f" to post as "women" (& apparently accepting that without comment) seemed a sign to me: Don't BE here when the proverbial shoe drops. Best regards!
  14. The info wasn't in the 6 semester-hours of undergrad INorganic Chem in my College-Adventure. But I have intel the components used in making a bunch of Perfume-products people buy--taken individually--would motivate fly-larvae to bail from a solid-waste-transport-vehicle. Some Shipmates & I examined an allged recipe for a WW2 Chemical Harrassing-agent. We had no Internet then, but we had access to a wealth of chemistry references & we had time on our hands. The mixture ('twas told-for-true) defied washing-off of skin or out of textiles, & caused the target to smell as if he'd just s
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