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    When I was little, I somehow got the notion that sex had something to do with peeing. Turns out, I still do.

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    Love pissing with a woman, even if she's jut watching. It's even more fun if she participates in any way.
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    The first time I told a girl I had to go pee and then she followed me into the bathroom and asked to help. You never forget your first time.

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  1. I love them on the small side, but with proportionally larger areolas and nipples. Not to get too analytical, but i like when the areola is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the diameter of the breast. If the breast is too big, that proportion looks a little odd. There's a sweet spot though. Like this:
  2. Context is everything. In ordinary conversation, I stick with penis and vagina, possibly "the bits" or something generic and inoffensive if it's informal. When getting flirty, it's dick and pussy. When things get hot and passionate, I like it guttural and lewd, so cock and cunt. Cunt is a very old word, a cognate of the word "queen" even. The fact that it evokes a strong reaction and raises the pulse--well, that's part of its power. In fact, I love the word because it's so powerful, and I absolutely hate that it's usually used disparagingly. I'm pro-cunt.
  3. That reminds me of the Kate Winslet movie called Holy Smoke where she pees. She said she really wanted to do it for real, but constraints of filmmaking prevented it.
  4. Where I used to work was a long way from the restroom. I had a coffee machine in my office, and would sometimes close the office blinds and pee into the old cold coffee pot from the morning. It usually had some leftover coffee in it. I could then walk at my leisure with the pot of coffee & pee, down to the kitchenette and dump it. No one could tell the difference.
  5. Someone in Texas was shot and killed last night over an altercation that developed over public urination. https://www.insider.com/houston-man-caught-urinating-in-street-shot-dead-by-angry-residents-2021-6
  6. Something I've always wanted to try is double-ended anal beads. I'm not even sure they exist, but I'd like to fasten one end in my ass and the other in my girl's, then get the tension just right and fuck her pussy. Seems like the extra tug between our connected asses would make all the motions raunchier.
  7. Me, too. Beneath a tombstone that said "Bliss"
  8. I had one girlfriend who was really into it. She'd prance after me whenever I went to piss, then reach around to hold it for me. If we were outside camping or something, she would point my dick left and right, then give it a squeeze and a shake when I was done. I've had others who liked to watch, and might have participated if I wasn't a little shy about bringing it up. With another, I blew it early on and in hindsight realized what I should have said. One morning early into the relationship I woke up and announced that I had to go pee. "Need a hand?" she said. In all honesty, I had
  9. Wow! Does your pussy sometimes get aroused enough to show through your panties and pants? How often does that happen? And what circumstance?
  10. I love the sound of a hissing piss, and the fact that it changes pitch, depending on the force of the stream. Sometimes it even seems to whistle a little bit. I'm getting hot and bothered just thinking about it.
  11. There's something about the combined smell of pee and denim that's especially hot
  12. I always got a bit heated by that
  13. Hi everyone! Newbie (i.e a former lurker) here. I'm a man from the USA who's been into pee stuff for as long as I can remember. I might be an outlier, since I'm not really into desperation or pants wetting. But...I really enjoy a bold and messy, unfocused, naked pee spray from a woman, especially if it's running down her legs. Or pissing with her knees together, especially when standing tall or lying on her side. Or pissing onto a dick and vice versa. I've had a couple girlfriends who are into mild piss play, but no one quite as dirty as I want to be 🙂 Glad to be here!
  14. deliquescent


    I prefer to use the Greek letter Ψ to represent a frontal view. It has the added bonus of being pronounced almost like 'pussy' (psi) And for the rear view, this: (|)
  15. It sounds like you snuck a peek at your dad peeing. Naughty girl.
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