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  1. Pee porn is one of the great equalizers. All genders can equally enjoy watching all genders have fun with piss play.
  2. Recently, a relative replaced their area rug. Their dog had been peeing on it for years. There are a few interesting things to note. While the rug itself was cleaned every time it stated to smell, the real problem was the rug stopper thing under it. The thing that prevents the rug from sliding. That was where the real problem was. It was drenched and smelled really bad. The rug stopper was the reason for the lingering smell. The hardwood floor was badly stained by the pee. Extreme dark patches were everywhere. So those are some things to take note of when you pee on carpets or rugs.
  3. Do what you're comfortable with. Probably something that doesn't make a huge mess but still satisfies you. Good luck!!!
  4. I LOVE this video. Spectacular. And same, I would love to have a relationship like this. To me, this isn't degrading - it's the opposite. I want someone who takes the shower like a pro and enjoys it.
  5. A lot of other fetish-specific porn kinda disappeared after the PH purge. There were a ton of amazing women’s buttcrack videos on there that are gone now.
  6. Depends on the day. Piss porn is my main go-to. Nothing beats a day where a bunch of piss queens have new stuff on my PornHub feed! I like other stuff too, and whether or not I spend time on non-piss stuff depends on the day or my mood.
  7. Me when someone knocks on my bedroom door when trying to watch porn lol
  8. Yesterday I had the opportunity to pee on the floor of a Target restroom, but chose not to. Target is famous for their in-house security team that finds out everything you do with their security cameras. They had a camera/monitor clear as a day in the hallway leading to the restrooms. I don’t go out shopping very much so I’m still waiting for the right opportunity to try being naughty in a restroom.
  9. Amazing experience, hope you find more spots to do it!
  10. I’m a straight guy and seeing guys pee like that still gets me rock hard lol
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