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  1. I did the same thing last month. There was dirt all over the bathroom floor and I was going to clean it anyway. I peed and then wiping the pee also cleaned the dirt. Then I properly cleaned the floor with soapy water and a mop.
  2. It was easier to make myself pee on the bathroom tile than the carpet for some reason.
  3. First time staying at a hotel in forever, and I figured I did not want to miss a shot at my first carpet piss. I chose the closet, to be considerate of future guests. The closet already had a funky smell (did someone else already piss there? 🙂) I was really nervous at first. My brain was not allowing me to pee at first. My first sprinkles sort of magically absorbed into the carpet. After that, I slowly let out more and more at a time, until a couple second-long streams. Wish it could have been my full bladder (still a bit desperate while writing this). Now I can totally see why some of you can
  4. That’s a crazy coincidence. Hope both of you enjoy this new shared interest.
  5. I would at least hope that one could pee multiple times overnight and then clean it the next day.
  6. I think I have done it before. You have to hold until you are almost unbearably desperate. Then your body doesn’t care if there’s an erection, it just needs to get rid of the pee. So very full bladder relief plus erection is an amazing feeling.
  7. Movie theater would be convenient. Never doing that IRL though. Why do they give use drinks and show two hour movies with no breaks?
  8. Even being able to pee in your bedroom all the time sounds like a dream to me. I almost never get to do that.
  9. I peed in the hallway and my bedroom floor. Sadly we don’t have any carpet. I envy you all that got to pee on carpet at home during your younger years, that must have been wonderful.
  10. Even if I lived alone, family would still want to stop by a lot. Idk how often I could pee wherever I want (and not clean up).
  11. Dream relationship sex life would be naughty pissing and watching pee porn together.
  12. Is enzyme cleaner really like magic? Are those stains after you started pissing again? Looks so fun.
  13. You do all of this naked, right? I don’t think wetting clothes would feel good.
  14. We could be roommates, lol. I agree with all of that. Being naked all the time and having special piss days.
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