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  1. Look, we all love this, but please be careful. We don’t need you getting arrested or something. Would much rather continue getting to read your stories.
  2. 10 seems a bit young for watching porn but I see what you mean. I came across piss during my exploring and was drawn to it because of my interest in it during my pre-puberty years. My tastes are more varied but there’s just something special about piss. It’s the best.
  3. Cool. What are your favorite places besides the toilet?
  4. Here is my latest adventure, a low-risk pee on my bathroom floor. This floor is actually the very first place is did naughty pissing, back when I was 15, and it’s very easy to clean. This time it sprayed everywhere and my legs got wet. Honestly a pleasant sensation. I’m trying to work on forcing it out while still dealing with being pee shy. https://www.erome.com/a/kWGgrIOp
  5. That’s a nice story. I had one semester where I had a room by myself but unfortunately wasn’t into naughty peeing yet. I watched porn of it and at the time was half disgusted about why I liked it. There was no stopping my pee kink and that’s why I signed up for PeeFans later that year. Put me in that room now and I would spray it every week. Do you pee in the toilet at home now?
  6. You are sooo hairy 🥵. Women are attractive both when they shave and when they let all of their hair grow out. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  7. True. There’s not much better than seeing those kinds of streams come out of a raging boner
  8. Sounds like I need to hang out with some of you people
  9. Awesome. I think you win this poll 😁
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