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  1. Finally tried pissing in the main area of my basement! https://www.erome.com/a/9bJ4bUUe @Bacardi
  2. Has anyone tried unprotected mattress wetting and then used a mattress protector when you don’t intend on peeing in bed? I tried bedwetting and loved it but I couldn’t sleep because of the wetness from the mattress protector.
  3. This is how I am. I’m straight but pansexual about pee. I would let some guys piss on me without hesitation.
  4. Looking like I might get to spray the basement early next week 🙂
  5. This is good advice. My favorite is to move furniture, spray the carpet, and then move the furniture back. I’m working on getting more comfortable with drenching the carpet.
  6. It’s not real tile. By edges, do you mean seams between parts of the floor or just on the edges by the walls? I only plan on pissing in the middle of the room and won’t be dealing with wall edges.
  7. I'm really feeling the need to let loose with some wet fun and I think my basement is the best place. I'm wondering exactly what type of flooring my basement has, if it's waterproof, and if it would soak in pee (I don't want that). I remember it being a little sticky when I've peed on it before but I didn't mop it or anything like I would after spraying the room.
  8. I love that you flushed the toilet as if you accidentally used it 😂
  9. I honestly can't remember. I'd be surprised if I didn't have pee dreams sometimes.
  10. My nudist resort has a sign saying not to pee in the hot tub. I’m sure it’s been done before. 😆 Idk how much open peeing I will see there. They have plenty of bathrooms there.
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