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  1. I don’t piss in the trash can in my room very often. I had a lovely piss in it last night instead of going to the bathroom. Got me wondering how many days I could do it before having to change out the trash bag and dumping it out on the grass. One big lesson I learned last year is to never empty a morning piss into the trash can. I left it in there for a day and when I went to change out the trash, it smelled as bad as an outhouse and I had to use an air purifier and open my window to get rid of the smell. So far, my hydrated pees have only left a pleasant faint piss smell that I per
  2. I’m not happy with the experience of peeing on a protected bed. The only upside is the pee not leaking through. The experience is too wet and sticky
  3. You’re getting a ton of green lights here. She is clearly not grossed out at all. That’s a big deal. At the very least, you should try peeing in a hotel room in front of her. Keep exploring places to pee in the house. Hopefully you can eventually get her blessing to pee around the house.
  4. I recently had a soda can explode in the back seat and leak everywhere. There is a stain but no smell. I wonder what else could leave a stain and no smell…
  5. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to open up to her about your pee kink at some point. There was a user here a couple years ago who opened up about it to her mom. Turns out her mom had the exact same kink. She said she started having thrilling experiences getting to pee wherever she wanted in her mom’s house and vice versa.
  6. Well as a germaphobe clean freak who is also really into pee, I’d say it’s not nasty!
  7. If I lived in my own house, every single room would have gotten sprayed within the first week of living there hahaha
  8. If I ever have a room with carpet, I will definitely piss under my desk while visiting this site
  9. If you can deal with a waterproof mattress cover, you can pee on your bed as much as you want. I say deal with because the pee pools and people here say it’s more fun to piss on an unprotected bed. Peeing on sheets either on or off the bed is my go-to when I’m in the mood to pee in my bedroom.
  10. Not in front of friends, but countless strangers have seen me pee in the restroom at my nudist resort. The urinal is on a wall facing the sinks with no privacy at all because no privacy is needed. One time when I was dressed and getting ready to leave, I pulled my pants down and had my butt out because it’s completely allowed there 😆
  11. PH is rejecting your videos because you’re pissing??? I wonder if that’s happening to other creators on there too.
  12. Yeah, PornHub’s naughty pee collection was spectacular before the purge.
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