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  1. I tried naughty peeing as a teen where I drank water like crazy until I was beyond desperate and then pissed everything all over the hallway floor and then rolled around in it. It was so blissful I could not believe it was happening. Still waiting for when I can do this again.
  2. The trick is to go a while without masturbating so you will be uncontrollably hard, and wait until you really really have to pee. Usually the body doesn’t care if you’re hard then.
  3. Maybe you should always piss in the van before you get out and do stuff.
  4. Not having toilet paper is pretty bad. That’s a lot worse than you peeing on the floor tbh. Between that and it getting on your pants, the drain was the best option. So try not to feel bad, your first pee like this was a situation that called for it.
  5. A lot of my favorite piss videos disappeared within the last year of the site anyway.
  6. Xtube is apparently shutting down tomorrow FYI.
  7. If you’re getting rid of the furniture, then don’t hold yourself back. Enjoy it as much as you can!
  8. 2021 Pornhub report: PeeFans users 1000000% more likely to watch pee porn than the average users
  9. If those commenters think peeing in the shower is yucky, they haven’t seen nothing. 😂
  10. Peeing on the floor home alone as a teen was so amazing.
  11. Does anyone else go crazy over the sight of lady buttcracks? Lets’s see them pics and vids. I used to have a ton of buttcrack videos on my PornHub favorites but most of them disappeared because of the purge.
  12. It makes me wonder, do most of these people have our fetish, or is it for other reasons (being drunk, etc.)?
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