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    I’m Canadian, of course if written with my piss in the snow!

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    Probably the one time I just released my whole bladder on all the clothes I had on my wall hooks and let it drip down into my laundry.

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  1. I had a single living studio dorm in college with epoxy floors for the kitchen and bathroom area. I used my sink and shower as urinals constantly and given the durable floor I had no worries about missing. I would often challenge the distance while either standing or sitting on the toilet and aiming for the shower. Sometimes I made it and sometimes I made a mess on the floor.
  2. Just now In a hotel shower, without the water on, just splashing the walls!
  3. I had similar, except I had carpet near my bed and desk so I didn’t go there. The kitchen and bathroom were all epoxy floor though, I used to see if I could piss into the shower from the toilet. It depended on the day but sometimes I could.
  4. Probably camping early on, I remember realizing that if the floor of a camp outhouse was soaked I could add to it discretely
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