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  1. Never had any hassle from the police about pissing, most of them are pretty decent about it and don’t care, but there are a few arseholes. Me and may mate were standing either side of a door having a piss on the way home one night and this policeman comes up. I thought he was gonna do us, and there was no way I could have stopped even if I’d wanted to. But he just walked up, stood between us, got his dick out and started pissing against the door as well. I told him I thought he was going to fine us, but he just laughed said he didn’t give a shit where people pissed, did the same himself and co
  2. Feel guilty about a naughty piss - fuck no 😈💦😂
  3. I ended up being sent away for work this week, so that meant a hotel and definitely taking advantage to piss around it. The sofa had a strong piss smell and a couple of marks on it, but I took the cushion off and it was one of those bed fold out ones so pissed into that and sprayed into the corner as well. https://www.erome.com/a/SznepvJJ
  4. Was in the pool at my gym the other day, had swum a few lengths and was having a rest and a piss at one end. The other end is where the steps in are and I saw this guy about my age get out of the spa pool and come into the main pool down the steps and stopped at the bottom. He got to the bottom and crouched down so his shoulders were under water then stood up and did that a couple of times. Then stood there for a bit, looking around then up at the roof. Then he started fidgeting and adjusting his shorts and cock under the water - so fucking obvious he was having a piss. By this time I was swi
  5. Definitely all over the floors and walls in a public toilet, a hotel room, pools and car park stairs
  6. Walking home from my mates house the other night, and the urge to take a piss began when I still had a long way to go. Was walking down this long lane and decided it was far better to let it out.
  7. Mate!! After 7/8 years, get an escort mate! Easiest way back in.
  8. Was on my way home from the pub over the weekend after a fair few beers which needed to come back out in the form of a piss. Might have helped if I’d gone for a piss before leaving the pub but where’s the fun in that! 😉 Was going past this old car park so it seemed only the right thing to do to go in and piss down the back stairs. They fucking stank of piss so no way was I the first or even hundredth person to piss in there. https://www.erome.com/a/O6E7nCvc
  9. Was having a fairly standard piss in an alley on the way home from the pub one night. I’d just started pissing and this other bloke came into the alley. He just said alright mate, got his dick out and starting pissing near me. A few seconds in he says fuck this is a great pissing place to which I agreed, apart from the chain at the end of the alley which is exactly the wrong height when you’ve been drinking! Both finished up pissing but carried on chatting shit for about 20 mins and had a couple of smokes. Sound lad, decent chat.
  10. This is 100% me. I’m straight. What I like about piss though is seeing a guy or a group of guys pissing where they shouldn’t be or naughty pissing. So, walking into a toilet and seeing a group of guys pissing into urinals has no interest, but take that group and have them pissing in an alley or on the floor of the toilet would be fucking amazing. Women doing the same thing is decent, but preference would be seeing a group of guys. It’s the pissing where you shouldn’t that I like about it. I know it sounds a bit weird, or a lot weird maybe 🤣, but it is what it is.
  11. I’d been out with a couple of mates and had a few beers and we were walking back to my mates house at the end of the night. I was needing a piss, deliberately hadn’t gone before we left the pub so I could go outside. There’s a side street with a gap between two buildings about 10m wide which has a few fire exits coming out into it, we were walking near it. I’ve pissed there a shit ton of times so had in my head I’d go there. Told my mates and walked into it. I’ve never seen more than one or two other guys in there pissing, but this time there were 10 or 12 before I got there. Fuck knows what w
  12. A couple of nights ago in the hotel I woke up in the middle of the night needing a piss so just swung one leg out bed and started pissing onto the floor. Finished up rolled straight back into bed. Quicker and more comfortable than using the bathroom and I got to leave a nice piss puddle on the carpet of the room. No evidence of it by the morning.
  13. Nice of you to help out by watering the plants haha!! Doesn’t sound like he was that out out by it, and everybody laughs at a fart 🤣
  14. Been in a hotel for a few nights and got back one night after a few beers desperate for a piss. Fuck using the toilet, I just moved the spare bed thing to the side and let fly on the carpet under it. Absolutely flooded the carpet which was sound, then just moved the bed back. No one would be able to tell. So my advice, don’t stress about it, just piss.
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