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    Destructive piss marking is the only thing that's hot about pee to me.

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    Naughty pissing
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    The first time I decided to go out of my way to drink as much water as I could, only to piss all over a public restroom.

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  1. Just use the public restroom like the normal person of course! But make sure to piss every that isn't the toilet. Floor, walls, sink, toilet paper, garbage bins, inside soap dispensers etc.
  2. Usually once or twice a day. From time to time I'll have days where I try to cum as much as possible to the nastiest porn I can
  3. 1. Several times a day usually. 2. No, I function completely fine without it. I just have a lot of free time to watch it. I purposefully wank myself into exhaustion because I want to. Sinking deeper into depraved fetishes is fun to me. 3. Not at all. 4. Nope.
  4. Public restrooms for sure. It makes me incredibly hard to drink as much water as possible, and then go to an empty public restroom and piss all over it, doing all I can to avoid pissing in the toilet. I don't do it very often as I'm scared to get caught + feel guilty about it sometimes, but the sheer thrill of covering the entire room in piss, spit and cum makes it all worth it. Last time I did it, I came really hard on the floor without even trying to get off, and once again in the car on the way home😉
  5. I don't like pissing in the pool mostly because I find it weird to do so with people around me. I do however, go to the bathrooms and piss all over them instead 🙂 usually these toilets are so wet from pool water that you will never get caught doing this anyways
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