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  1. I agree with it being more of a western issue. There is a tacit double standard that exists here, best illustrated by women who will first claim body shaming is wrong or immoral, and then be heard using phrases like "big/small dick energy" Imagine a man publicly stating whether a woman had "big/small tit energy" It's my view that many younger women see this as feminism/female empowerment when in reality it's nothing but entitlement mentality and hypocrisy. Those who participate in this type of fuckery often feel they are beyond reproach and will become more aggressive if pressed.
  2. This is SO sexy. I love when classy women piss in inappropriate places. I've known a few and there's really nothing like it
  3. I know from time to time, I have, especially if it's a particularly inappropriate place, or an inordinate amount of piss
  4. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here
  5. I certainly enjoy naughty pissing, pissing outdoors, and seeing/helping women do the same, but something I've realized lately is that it really heightens the experience for me if I'm able to piss on something pretty, or nice. For example, pissing on a white sand beach, or onto a flower garden, or a pretty girl's chest are all top tier within this
  6. My garbage bin in the side yard is my outdoor "urinal" at home
  7. I completely agree. I always like when they end up peeing more than they thought, or are surprised by the size of puddle. Also, I completely appreciate either the choice of a "polite" place to pee or when they just don't care, or choose somewhere less "polite" because of privacy. I've witnessed both and they're equally intriguing to me
  8. She was definitely a fun friend to have. She wasn't the first or even close to the last woman I got to see pee, either. There's definitely something about it. You just reminded me of another time, I was meeting a girl on a first date, and we were having a few drinks. I asked her what she'd do if she was a guy for a day, and she answered that she'd pee on stuff. I asked why, she she said she thought it'd be fun, and was jealous that men can do that. I asked if she'd ever held it/aimed for a guy and she said no, but that she'd love to. I told her she could hold mine in the parkin
  9. Thanks! She aimed my piss all over a bush at the edge of the yard, and remarked on how much I could hold. When I finished, she squatted, pulled her bikini to the side and pissed into the grass, which also seemed to last awhile. For the rest of that night, we both watched the other any time one of us would get out to pee. Over the course of our friendship, we peed in front of each other as often as not, especially on a few day trips we took together.
  10. Several women have helped me aim before My last girlfriend enjoyed aiming for me any time I mentioned I had to pee and we were outside somewhere. She would also aim it at her boobs if we were in the shower and I said I had to pee. Another female friend asked to aim it once for me. She and I were in her hot tub and the house rules were not to pee in the hot tub. She had a private yard, so we both would go there when the need arose. I stepped out into the yard and she asked if she could aim it, so of course I said she could, but only if I could watch her pee as well, and she agreed
  11. This thread reminded me of another aspect of peeing that I enjoy other than the act itself. I enjoy seeing where women choose to pee. As an example, a girl I dated in college would often pee outside, and she tried to be as "polite" as possible, for example, she'd pee on the grass rather than a sidewalk, if that was feasible. That said, she very often would squat between two random cars in a parking lot as well, leaving massive puddles behind. She was certainly less "considerate" as her need increased
  12. My ex wife had the loudest stream I've ever heard. It would hiss and she always pissed hard, and usually for quite a long time. She was used to holding it and wouldn't go until she had to
  13. @Kittykiss You reminded me of the evidence, which is of my favorite parts! Especially when there's a huge puddle, or when she pees somewhere and doesn't realize just how much there is, but can't stop, or doesn't care to stop. Also, deliberately leaving it, is a real turn on for me. @Havelock I agree with you as well, the politeness or impoliteness as it may be, of the chosen spot has always intrigued me, for example when a girl will piss on a sidewalk, rather than the grass right next to it. I love both, of course, but that's definitely something that interests me as well
  14. This is such a good question. I enjoy seeing where women choose to pee, how they position (squat, stand, etc) and also whether or not they're enjoying it for the sake of relief, or if they also enjoy going somewhere that's not a toilet. The facial expression, as well as whether or not they're "good at it." For example, seeing a women squat and release her stream without hitting her feet or anything, when it's clear this isn't her first time is always fun, as is when it's clear she doesn't have much experience and doesn't quite know how to aim right away
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