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    I have a piss fetish love watching men and women piss and get pissed on. Also like to watch people pissing on things

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    naughty pissing golden showers piss in mouth piss slave
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    I used to let my cousin piss on me and piss in my mouth. When he would come spend the night He used to come in my room when he woke up and he would wake me out my sleep just so I could drink his hot yellow morning piss.

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  1. Yes! I love spraying my yellow ass piss all over something white and watching it turn from white to yellow from my strong yellow piss I feel so naughty but I love doing that
  2. Right some women don't know what they are missing it's super sexy to get on your knees and suck him clean for me it's hot and a huge turn on especially if the guy is looking down at me while I'm on my knees sucking the last piss out or start giving me some fresh hot piss down my throat while I'm sucking
  3. Sucking a guy clean after he takes a piss is hot I would have no issue sucking out the last drops of tangy hot piss
  4. Have a girl sitting outside talking on the phone with a skirt on when she needs to piss she can spread her legs pull her panties to the side and spray piss while she still talking on the phone
  5. I absolutely would take a piss and let a guy lick my pussy clean I'd watch him do it too make sure he lick all the piss off and get it nice and clean
  6. I'm female and love watching men piss but I also enjoy watching women piss to I think it's sexy when ladies put one leg up and spray piss or piss with their legs wide open. lesbian pissing is also hot to me and watching women piss on the carpet and naughty pissing. Even better when they shake their hips while pissing.
  7. I absolutely love watching men piss! I love watching men unbuckle/unzip their pants whip out their dicks and start pissing! It's such a turn on for me as a woman to watch guys piss especially on walls trees urinals and places they are not supposed to!, I think it just so manly when men pull out their dicks and take a nice long piss where ever they want and mark things with their piss! Love watching guys piss with each other too like they are doing in this clip I think this was so hot! https://www.xvideos.com/video45226967/hot_piss#show-related
  8. I love the feeling of relief when I take my morning piss I also love the naughty feeling I get when I have my legs spread and I'm spraying my hot ass yellow morning piss all over!
  9. One of my favorite hotel pissing clips! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph6031c51b8603d
  10. I love pissing In hotel rooms most times I will get a double bed and use one just to piss on or I'll get a sofa bed pull it out piss all over it and put it back!, I also line to the pillows stand over them and piss I piss on the carpet and all over the towels I make sure my piss is good and yellow cause I love seeing my yellow piss hit the white towels pillows or mattress! I have never got in trouble but I know house keeping smell my strong ass piss stench. I like to scoot to the edge of the bed and open my legs wide and spray my piss all over the room and carpet I'll stand on the couch with m
  11. I like pissing on pillows but standing up I usually do that when I go to a hotel I'll piss all over the bed and pillows
  12. That is the best part watching it get soaked in yellow piss
  13. Most of my bears was white and like you I love pissing on it its just something about watching my yellow piss spray out all over the bear and seeing it turn yellow from my piss that's such a turn on. The bear I have now i piss on it when ever I want! Usually give it a nice soaking with my morning piss. My piss is so strong and yellow in the morning.
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