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  1. wetterisbetter

    Frankie Babe

    Would have to agree with you there Steve, very close to one of my favourite sneaky pee models, really enjoyed her clips as I genuinely got the feeling that she enjoyed doing these clips, whether it was public, solo or golden showers. I didn’t get that impression with a few of the others.
  2. wetterisbetter

    What are the better social medias?

    I have accounts on both tumblr and Ck. A lot of stuff is censored, and not easy to search through, hough I have also found great stuff there that I’ve never seen on other sites
  3. wetterisbetter

    What happens to our members?

    You almost describe me perfectly. I’ll always check in here every few weeks, though only when I’m in the mood to read rather than watch, as there’s other places more suited to that space. I’ll always keep coming back on occasion unlike peesearch that I gave up on. Out of all of the sites that I frequent, this is the one that I do recommend people that have a real interest in the area to come along and visit. Just needs tweaks on keeping it active to be the first site I think to vist when online. Hope this doesn’t sound negative as I really appreciate what the admins and the regular posters bring to this site
  4. wetterisbetter

    Favourite Pee Model?

    A lot of good shouts here. I prefer the models that genuinely seem to have a thing for naughty pee, or piss play. Lolly badcock is my call, she just seems to love it, quite cute, good body and a filthy mind.
  5. The best locations I have found have been in Brighton and Newcastle, unsurprising with the amount of hen do's and hedonists . I live in London, though have our ladies here seem more reserved, yet to find a spot that always yields sightings. Festivals are great for sightings in better lighting, though much harder to grab a longer coy look. My all time favourite is the notting hill carnival though I haven't been in several years now.
  6. Amazing posts on the drunk peeing thread, and neary all new to me too.  Where do you find most of them? Thanks for all the effort

  7. Having issues creating a videogallery account. It states that email is alreasdy registered when creating an accoun, however when I select forgot password it says that email address is not registered. Thanks
    1. Admin


      Have you paid the membership fee?
  8. wetterisbetter

    Is this a normal thing or...?

    What is normal? You will find millions of people worldwide who want to watch or join you in what you do including many people on this site. As long as you're not hurting anyone do what you want, and forget about anyone that gets in the way of that
  9. wetterisbetter

    Your first pee website...

    Late 90's Patches.org, Wetset.net and daily links from thehun.net, and ABPU network or something similar, freebies from shepees.com Mid 2000's P2P downloading through Don Des, and wetsex network, tbob's clips I used to love, ivan and stu's yahooor excite, exxhaust, hightide and xstreams did great stuff for the time Late 2000's peesearch.net, pantywetting.co.uk. Late 5 years amateurvoyeurforum, eroprofile, tumblr, fetlife and of course here! The only constant is that things are always changing
  10. wetterisbetter

    Chav fetish

    A couple of pics to add here, never seen the first before. http://chavettesrock.tumblr.com/post/119488879783 http://chavettesrock.tumblr.com/post/136274275348
  11. wetterisbetter

    Nonchalant Peeing in Naughty Places

    If you like that video, you will like this one. Hopefully it's available to non VK users, if not DM me and I'll download it and upload to EP. http://vk.com/video235561354_170580229
  12. wetterisbetter

    Up skirt peeing

    Try clicking on this clip, it is the first one in the album, should be viewable to all EP members, send me a FR if you're still having difficulty http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Pisswalk-1
  13. wetterisbetter

    Up skirt peeing

    It just so happens that walking while peeing is one of my favourite things I can see a lady do. I have a Album on EP that you might like to see if this interests you, I've hd to make it viewable to members only as I was getting some clips taken down due to copyright. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/editAlbum/Piss-Walking
  14. wetterisbetter


    It would be easier to say the things that don't excite me in some way, but by far my biggest love and 90% of what I search for online is pee related.