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  1. Great story @Yesimhere thanks for sharing and don't worry your written English is better than many born here!
  2. During the summer months of lockdown before pubs had re-opened, there were sightings aplenty in my local parks in London, especially when evenings where any musicians were having a jam. Most sightings were concealed by bushes, though managed to sneak a couple by pretending I needed to go too. Now that pubs are on 10pm curfew I'd imagine that many towns especially university towns, or with busy taxi ranks would be ideal, almost like back in the days when they had to shut at 11.
  3. On average 4 days or 6 times per week. Less if I'm with my other half but more than made up for with something else...
  4. Thanks Alfresco, I look forward to your sightings reports as you set the scene well. Brighton is a good city for sightings, as can be seen by you getting double figures on a Tuesday! Although ones on the beach can be rather fleeting and dark
  5. Would be good to see this, let me know if you remember which show or when it was on. Cheers
  6. I have accounts on both tumblr and Ck. A lot of stuff is censored, and not easy to search through, hough I have also found great stuff there that I’ve never seen on other sites
  7. You almost describe me perfectly. I’ll always check in here every few weeks, though only when I’m in the mood to read rather than watch, as there’s other places more suited to that space. I’ll always keep coming back on occasion unlike peesearch that I gave up on. Out of all of the sites that I frequent, this is the one that I do recommend people that have a real interest in the area to come along and visit. Just needs tweaks on keeping it active to be the first site I think to vist when online. Hope this doesn’t sound negative as I really appreciate what the admins and the reg
  8. For me it was a chance finding by my ex-girlfriend finding my not so hidden, public places pee pics on my computer. At first an awkward, then arousing conversation,about do you really like this? Followed by if you like it, i’m happy to be part of your fetish. We drove out to a nearby woods, after some horny kissing, she said I’m desperate for a wee, and you’regoing to watch. She took down her jeans took a while to get started but then peed forcefully but only for a few seconds. Obviously then hard we had a quickie in the public woods. We indulged a few more times before splitting
  9. Thanks for the sightings report Alfresco. You’ve done as well spotting on a Tuesday night in a small city as I do on the weekend in the large ones.
  10. A lot of good shouts here. I prefer the models that genuinely seem to have a thing for naughty pee, or piss play. Lolly badcock is my call, she just seems to love it, quite cute, good body and a filthy mind.
  11. The best locations I have found have been in Brighton and Newcastle, unsurprising with the amount of hen do's and hedonists . I live in London, though have our ladies here seem more reserved, yet to find a spot that always yields sightings. Festivals are great for sightings in better lighting, though much harder to grab a longer coy look. My all time favourite is the notting hill carnival though I haven't been in several years now.
  12. Nice story pwpj, whereabout in the country did this all happen?
  13. Great story Remy, thanks for sharing - which City was this in?
  14. Thanks for the stories pwpj, the 1st sighting especially. I had a few sightings myself at my local park this weekend. There was a large daytime family orientated, festival going on, and typically the portaloo queue was huge. Mostly guys also a number of girls headed towards the trees nearby the portaloos. I made use of a particular hollowed out hedge a couple of times. Timed it well on both occasions was greeted by by tipsy group of girls apologetically, but desperately joining me in the just through the leaves - pulling down their knickers and shorts and adding to the already saturated
  15. What is normal? You will find millions of people worldwide who want to watch or join you in what you do including many people on this site. As long as you're not hurting anyone do what you want, and forget about anyone that gets in the way of that
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