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    Women are peeing into urinals while standing.
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  1. Actually I don't think that this is a pee fetish site, but there are some useful things to practice when you are enjoying pee activities. https://girlpstanding.blogspot.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5RIdd2_idZXmejNInG7vg
  2. Is anyone there who knows about better websites to find sports girls pissing videos. Especially urine collecting videos for female urinalysis. Better if the girls are in sexy sports shorts and skirts.
  3. https://www.gotporn.com/asian-teen-piss-in-toilet/video-8727778
  4. Yes they are very interesting, I am trying to find some more.
  5. Hi, Recently I found a couple of pissing videos related to female urinalysis. All of them were Japanese and very interesting. There is something strange and these videos are extremely pleasurable. Is there any one who can find more videos like this? If anyone can find please share the links. ( There are long video clips ) Some of images
  6. That's good , you are practicing peeing standing up. I can advise too....😀
  7. Still busy, but I will be here when ever possible.
  8. Oh good. Pee standing or squatting?
  9. sathuta

    Pee blog

    Thanks, I found it too.
  10. Great, keep going on.....😀
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