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    Women are peeing into urinals while standing.
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    I watched a group of girls peeing near a stadium.

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  1. Thanks, I enjoyed this one too.
  2. sathuta

    Asian gifs and pics

    Yes, this link is working.
  3. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    That's good , you are practicing peeing standing up. I can advise too....
  4. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    Still busy, but I will be here when ever possible.
  5. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    Oh good. Pee standing or squatting?
  6. Sports women are collecting pee for examination. Downloadable links https://www5.javmost.com/DVDES-436/ http://javfull.net/dvdes-436/ http://javcum.win/dvdes-436-womens-physical-education-college-student-in-the-country-to-be-compliant-while-blushing-confusion-the-experience-of-operating-the-tournament-for-the-first-time-doping-test-are-forced-to-land.html https://hpjav.tv/5958/dvdes-436_watch-online
  7. sathuta

    Chinese female urinals

    Yes, Japanese squat toilets provide better views of pissing women.
  8. sathuta

    Pee blog

    Thanks, I found it too.
  9. sathuta

    Pee blog

  10. sathuta

    Pee blog

    Thanks a lot
  11. There are urinals in public female toilets in China. These are squatting urinals with channels. https://voyeurhit.com/videos/voyeur-rtv07216/
  12. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    Great, keep going on.....
  13. Pee Asian models https://xhamster.com/videos/pee-asian-models-compil-8058572
  14. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    We must encourage them to post.