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  1. Nice information to share, women who are overshooting in sitting toilet seats most probably have forward angled urethras. They can definitely pee standing up too.
  2. Nice pee story too. If the clitoral hood and labia minora descended it may be easy to direct the pee stream even in the standing position.
  3. Love to find more information and videos of Indian women are peeing.
  4. Hi, and welcome to you. Love Asian pee girls very much.
  5. Great.. I love to watch pee shooting in the standing position too.
  6. That's good too, are you shooting the pee stream backwards in low squat position?
  7. Well, You will be able to shoot too far in the standing position.
  8. With more pressure and finger assistance you will be able to shoot over 1 meter.
  9. Yes, Japanese squat toilets have a small hood at the front end of the toilet bowl. That means there is a big chance to shoot the pee stream high and forward. Some of Chinese female urinals are designed like just small canals and have some more distance to shoot. https://media.thisvid.com/contents/videos_screenshots/1517000/1517269/preview.mp4.jpg
  10. Great, Is that when you are peeing in squat position or standing position?
  11. Critical thing to ask, I would like to ask the same question as well. By the way I found some guiding videos for women to use Japanese and Asian squat toilets. Some of them are mentioning more pee options too.
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