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    I love naughty pissing in the summer time

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    Naughty peeing and car wash

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  1. Kimmy


    I stole my BF some of his boxers so it's 18 at the moment
  2. Kimmy


    12 or 20 in the winter with socks
  3. Bedsheets can be washed, so just go for it
  4. You can go to the doctor they can give you a contraceptive pill so you won't get pregnant.
  5. OK I just tried it and it's more like 30 cm when I'm relaxed. I need my hands or have to turn my hips when I want to pee further
  6. Without my hands and standing upright I get around 50 cm. By turning my hips or using hands I can get further
  7. I have a pretty good aim standing but sitting or squatting is much easier I feel comfortable in both positions but squatting is often times more convenient
  8. Yes, that's why won't gonna do that I don't want to annoy someone with my ideas
  9. But we have skirts which makes it easy to piss standing up for girls in the summer XD. But yeah the reaction is often a surprise if you spray a wall standing up as a girl but is seen normal if boys do it.
  10. I like that too. During the summertime I make sure to drink enough bevor I walk in the forest so I can enjoy a little piss on the trees and the breeze on the bare skin
  11. Wow what a great story. I enjoyed reading all 5 parts and it's detailed descriptions.
  12. Great story I like the combination of revenge, relieve and sex. I like that Nate allowed Shannon to have her revenge piss in the car and how he was hypnotized by her naughty act.
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