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  1. We have a hot tub and a regular pool in the backyard. That's where my mother and I piss when we're inside. But sometimes we also piss in from outside when we don't want to get wet anymore.
  2. Once with a friend, the toilet was so full that we went into an empty room and peed there on the carpet.
  3. Different, sometimes I just peed when I was in the pool. But have also sometimes sat on the edge and peed in it
  4. My mother was very open with me in the past. We had a pool in the garden and in the summer I was actually allowed to pee anywhere I wanted. Once I had just dried myself in the sun and realized that I had to pee, but no longer wanted to go into the water. So I asked my mother where I should pee. She said piss where you want
  5. I like your attitude, would you like to write to me sometime?
  6. Peeing in the front garden can be very exciting
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