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    New Zealand
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    I have had a pee fetish since I was in my early teens but is my secret. Love the naughty ness of it and the more mess the better

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    Seeing girls pee on the floor or in a car
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    Pissing on the floor in public toilets or on the floor in a broken car

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  1. Always find this interesting, have any girls had to pee in the footwell or on the seat of a car before?
  2. Do you have some specific experiences you would like to share?
  3. Is peeing on the floor something you have done in the past? I think i have potential read about your friend in past stories.
  4. I always find that the case, it is a massive kink of mine but have never seen it in a house. Iv seen girl pee in a garage before tho
  5. I have read on another forum about girls peeing on carpet and flooring at partys when the toilets are full, do girls actually do this?
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