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    always been an avid WS fan

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  1. Bard is sometimes better in this respect.
  2. Cruising, Mercedes style. https://cz.xhamster.com/videos/pisssing-in-the-car-13140219
  3. Welcome Giselle to this haven for watersports. I'm quite sure you will find your way around real soon...have fun!
  4. Really loved reading your story NaughtyGold, you managed to portray the 'good' stuff two people are capable of, if the setting is right. Two was definitely more than one plus one here. Guess the train windows were clean enough? 😉
  5. Welcome to this gorgeous site, Sakura. Have fun!
  6. Sure do, have always loved loud streams. A guy's stream hitting concrete for example or that hissing sound ladies often make when releasing a torrent. Those rare times I use a toilet, I will invariably avoid to hit the porcelain and aim for the water, 'cause I'm truly fond of that tinkling sound. Merely hearing a splashy lady, gives me goosebumps already.
  7. matt2


    Strange, works well for me. Maybe you have to set up an account first?
  8. matt2


    hi there cupcake, welcome to the club 😉 pixiv has quite a lot of ws-related art, here's a link...it's japanese, so you should play a little with the search terms if you want to find more...hope it may bring you some inspiration...always eager to chat btw https://www.pixiv.net/en/tags/pissing/artworks?s_mode=s_tag
  9. Great story...would have loved to know what happened to the fish though. Would it have been an option to make an endless loop, drinking each other's pee? 😉
  10. Not enough girls/women pissing on other women or men. Usually they are on the receiving end, which isn't bad either, but I definitely prefer them to spray onto anything that crosses their path, especially when standing. Japanese porn, and to a lesser extent Eastern European porn, somewhat caters to this need, but the topic is still underrepresented, methinks. Come on girls, there's a bunch of people that really love to be drenched by your streams. Merely that hissing sound already sends shivers down my spine 😉
  11. Same here. I used to visit this site for years and years...was a lot of fun. Then somehow lost track, but I'm glad it somehow crossed my path again. Technically speaking, the site seems to have gotten a lot better too...more facilities, more esthetically pleasing as well, I think. I'm back 😉
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