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  1. I love your pics, too, particularly those where you wet yourself. And I loved the interaction/exchange of comments we had in your thread "Lost in the woods". That was a lot of fun!
  2. Through your panties, in high heels and out in the open - very sexy and naughty!
  3. When a candidate thinks there has been fraud, he can go to court. That's what Trump and his team did. The courts ruled that there was no evidence for fraud. Trump and his team should accept that truth.
  4. Just discovered this thread and loved all the pics, so hot! Thanks a lot for sharing. If you have more, @Paulypeeps, I would love to see them, they are not boring at all!
  5. Very hot story, thanks for sharing! My favorite part are the sentences quoted above.....M simply peeing through her pants and not caring much about it. What a girl!
  6. Courts of Justice have been created to find out the truth - or at least to provide a procedure to settle disputes about what is true. As far as I know, all the cases of alleged vote fraud in the 2020 presidential elections which have been brought to courts in the US have been dismissed. That is pretty strong evidence (or at least a very high probability) that there has been no fraud.
  7. What about those slim, discreet pull-up type pants?
  8. Since we are on peefans.com, I have another pee-related question: Have you ever considered wearing and wetting a diaper - or maybe even done it (except as a baby, of course)?
  9. Oh yes, I sure would like you to post it!
  10. Great story, thanks for sharing! I particularly like that you rode home with peed-in jeans and your boyfriend sitting right next to you did not have any idea.... 😉
  11. The perfect outfit for a woman wetting herself, in my view!
  12. Have you ever thought about wearing a diaper under your clothes and wetting yourself secretly while surrounded by other people, for example in a store or a bar? That would be so naughty..... 😉
  13. Did she enjoy it, or was it just embarrassing for her? And what was she wearing?
  14. In your profile, you say that you like to see ladies being desperate for a pee and finally losing control. Have you ever witnessed such an "accident" in reality?
  15. Very hot, I particularly like that she did it through her panties. Must have been great to know that she had wet panties under her dress when you walked around with her afterwards. You said she did it a few times. Would you like to tell a few details about one of the other times?

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