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  1. Sounds like a good idea to me - did you eventually do it?
  2. The panties in this pic look very wet! 💧👍😊
  3. What about doing it through your clothes, like peeing through your knickers under a skirt or dress?
  4. Is there a story to go with it? If so, I'd love to hear it (and I'm probably not the only one). 😊
  5. My native language is German. My first foreign language at school was Latin, followed by English, Ancient Greek and a little French. The best way to learn a foreign language, though, is immersion. I spent a year in the US as an exchange student when I was 15/16 years old, so I learned to speak English like an American teenager of the 1970s. I became pretty fluent in French when I had a French girl friend in my early 20s. I've also learned some Spanish but not enough for a meaningful conversation. I think that having had Latin as my first foreign language has been pretty helpfu
  6. kalle2020


    I think this one looks as if her knickers are wet. 😊
  7. kalle2020


    Fantastic pictures, thanks so much for sharing! If you've more that you'd like to post, that would be very much appreciated! 👍😊
  8. Isn't that the place where you left a big puddle under that wooden chair?
  9. I thought your shenanigans couldn't get any braver and hotter. Apparently I was wrong. 👍😊
  10. kalle2020


    Wait - aren't those the panties that you peed in and kept on when you had dinner with your parents? 😉
  11. Did anyone ever notice when you wet your pants in the park?
  12. The fact that they were kiddy briefs wasn't the only secret about them... 😊
  13. Looks like the first pic did not load, @PullUpDesperate
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