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  1. You could wear and use diapers without worrying about being seen in them. 😉
  2. A diaper could be an option. You could pee wherever you like and no one will be the wiser. 😊
  3. How did that work? Did you just pee on the floor, through your knickers under a skirt, or were you wearing a diaper?
  4. Looks like a pull-up would have been useful.... 💧👍😉
  5. Mostly diaper content but pretty unique in style and not like all the others: https://www.tumblr.com/sandra---princess
  6. One of the best places to pee for a sexy girl! 👍😉
  7. Turned on by wet panties - was this the first time that you experienced that?
  8. I love how often you peed through your bathers. Bet it felt great to wet yourself, even if you were already wet.... 😉
  9. Did you pee through your knickers or weren't you wearing any?
  10. Sometimes - but only in situations where I can easily get to a toilet and pee when the pressure gets too high. Don't enjoy it when I'm out in public, travelling or so.
  11. Most interesting part starts around 2:55.
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