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  1. Have you ever thought of wearing a diaper/nappy and peeing into it?
  2. Very hot and naughty! Doesn't your skirt get wet when you sit down then?
  3. Did you pee through your panties or weren't you wearing any? 😉
  4. For anyone that can read German: https://www.edition-aurum.de/
  5. What happens when you wet your diapers? Does that seat cushion get even softer? Or does it become less comfortable?
  6. Two more where leather trousers are combined with something pee-related.
  7. Do you think she had wet herself a little while holding?
  8. A warm welcome to this friendly site! 😊
  9. Welcome to this friendly site. It's a wonderful community!
  10. Very well written! Thanks for sharing this experience which, although embarrassing, was thrilling for you, too. I particularly like the part where you just pee through your panties - kind of naughty, even if it was unintentional. I'd be curious to know if you make it dry through the rest of the day. 😊
  11. Did you speak with people while peeing, as envisaged?
  12. Just like our friend @gldenwetgoose I'd like too encourage you to do it - and would be very curious to hear how it went. I don't have any concrete tips but taking into account what I've heard from other girls who've wet diapers in public I think you should be fine. Going in little spurts is certainly a good way to avoid leaks and if they occur, you could stop before they become obvious. As regards the location, I'd have a preference for you doing it at the mall. I'd find it much "naughtier" there, surrounded by completely unsuspecting people, than doing it in the "sexually charged"
  13. Welcome to this friendly community! 😊
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