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  1. I can very well relate to that! Welcome to the site, I'm looking forward to reading your stories, if you would like to share some. 😊
  2. So did you pee through your panties, or weren't you wearing any? Anyway, nice story, thanks for sharing!
  3. Very hot! Did you pee through your panties then, or weren't you wearing any?
  4. A great description of a naughty pee adventure, but first of all, this reads like a beautiful love story to me. Thanks for sharing, @Sophie, you and Mark are lucky to have each other!
  5. Great account, @Sammilove, thanks so much for sharing. A girl wetting her knickers under a dress in public - such a hot scenario!
  6. Thank you, @peeLIZZ, I loved that story. Peeing through your panties under a short skirt, then walking around among people with the wet panties under your skirt - one of my favorite scenarios! I'm already looking forward to day 3.
  7. Yes, please! It's an interesting challenge, and I am already looking forward to day 3! 😊
  8. Wow, what a story! Seems like you're not so little, after all... 😉
  9. Thanks for sharing this naughty experience! I, for one, would love to hear more about your adventures. 😊
  10. Two little videos of women pissing on escalators: https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Pissen-auf-der-Rolltreppe https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/rolltreppe-574 The first one is in Munich, Marienplatz station, the second one in a crowded mall, peeing through tights.
  11. Very hot story, thanks for sharing! I love the idea that you had to see the maintenance man with peed-in shorts under your towel. If he had known...... 😉
  12. I think you still fit in here. As I understand it, tinkling in your pampers is a central aspect of your "little" identity, and that is certainly within the scope of this forum. Those interested in diapers might be a small minority in this community, but they do exist, and I am sure they (and others!) would be happy if you continued to share your experiences, your pictures and your stories here. Stay wet and stay with us, @MiaDarling!
  13. I hope you will get (or have got) a chance to do it tonight! I love it when a girl pees standing and just lets it run down her legs - even more so if she is wearing a skirt with panties underneath and simply pees through them.
  14. Nice little story indeed, thanks for sharing!
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