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  1. Of course that counts! I think we even need more "Pamper full of pee pictures" here. Glad to see you're back! 👍😊
  2. Usually #1. Occasionally, when it's very hot, #2. I tried #20 a few times but did not sleep well. 😉
  3. Those sentences create lovely pictures in my mind. Enjoy the release! 👍😊
  4. On the scale from 1 to 10, where are you now?
  5. Since we are on the Peefans forum - what about leather trousers with something pee-related underneath (very discreet in these pics)?
  6. So hot! Can it be you're getting braver and braver every day? 😉
  7. Three: A girlfriend for six years; a girl with whom I had a rather strange relationship which, looking back, I would classify as "friends with benefits" (the term did not yet exist back then); finally the girl which later became and still is my wife. ❤
  8. I love how you kept peeing with your skirt down, totally invisible for anyone. I find that particularly naughty! 👍😊
  9. Last week I was on a little family vacation in France, and I had two sightings there. On our first day we went to the beach at Boulogne-sur-Mer. As we walked along the waterline, a small family with two children came our way, happily chatting. The woman, presumably in her early thirties, was wearing a top and yellow bikini bottoms, and those bikini bottoms were visibly wet in the crotch area, and only in the crotch area. She might just have sat in a small puddle of water, but to me it looked clearly as if she had peed in them. The wet patch was very obvious, but she did not seem to care a
  10. Elegant, yet very naughty. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders whether those white knickers will stay dry... 😉
  11. Just observed the exact same thing again: Around 1:45 German time (0:45 UK time) the site was off for a few minutes.
  12. kalle2020


    That's a shame! I always like your puzzles.
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