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  1. So hot! Can it be you're getting braver and braver every day? 😉
  2. Three: A girlfriend for six years; a girl with whom I had a rather strange relationship which, looking back, I would classify as "friends with benefits" (the term did not yet exist back then); finally the girl which later became and still is my wife. ❤
  3. I love how you kept peeing with your skirt down, totally invisible for anyone. I find that particularly naughty! 👍😊
  4. Last week I was on a little family vacation in France, and I had two sightings there. On our first day we went to the beach at Boulogne-sur-Mer. As we walked along the waterline, a small family with two children came our way, happily chatting. The woman, presumably in her early thirties, was wearing a top and yellow bikini bottoms, and those bikini bottoms were visibly wet in the crotch area, and only in the crotch area. She might just have sat in a small puddle of water, but to me it looked clearly as if she had peed in them. The wet patch was very obvious, but she did not seem to care a
  5. Elegant, yet very naughty. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders whether those white knickers will stay dry... 😉
  6. Just observed the exact same thing again: Around 1:45 German time (0:45 UK time) the site was off for a few minutes.
  7. kalle2020


    That's a shame! I always like your puzzles.
  8. Did you eventually wet your panties?
  9. When you wear to work, to a club or to a party: Did anyone ever notice you were wearing a diaper?
  10. Thank you so much, my friend!
  11. I've made exactly the same observations as @Sophie. Every night around 1:42 am German time (0:42 UK time) the site is off for a few minutes, as if the server did a reboot. It occurs very regularly every night and has always done ever since I joined peefans.
  12. I'm afraid now it's really time for me to leave. But indeed, I have some beautiful thoughts on my mind now to take to bed with me, and hopefully I will dream about a naughty lady holding and letting out littles spurts into her incontinence pad. 👍😉
  13. I'm still here and I'm glad I am; otherwise I would have missed that lovely post of yours. 😊 Guess it was wise of you to wear that incontinence pad tonight.
  14. I'd love to keep you company while you hold, but I'm afraid it's time for me to get some sleep now. Good luck! 👍😊
  15. I certainly did enjoy it, thanks so much for sharing. Thanks also for the pics, I particularly liked the ones of your jeans. Great to see how wet they got! 💦👍😊
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