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  1. A whole minute!! Wow that's crazy. You should get together with @Sophie and have a contest to see who can pee in panties for a longer time. Maybe the winner gets a new vibrator or something. I am amazed at how much you can pee!
  2. That was perfect Riley! Welcome back!
  3. Back in high school we had a marching band show that went pretty late. It was about a 2 hour drive back to the school and naturally everybody wanted to pee before they left. There were about 4 porta potties in the parking lot and around 200 of us (that was just the students - we had a very large band!) At some point while we were in line the toilet paper completely ran out in all 4 porta potties and the ladies were freaking out. It wasn't long before our leaders were taking paper towel rolls and ripping off portions to pass to every lady in line. A lot of girls blushed pretty hard but my girlf
  4. Hi Riley! Looks like this thread's been inactive for quite awhile but it would be fun to revive it if you were interested! First off, very cool that you like the How to Train Your Dragon series and are very musically inclined. 🙂 So my questions are a lot like what I asked Sophie awhile back. a) What's your pee backstory (when did you realize you like to pee yourself) and b) do you have any wetting routines? (locations, outfits, positions, type of underwear you like to pee in, how long it takes to pee, what you do after etc.)
  5. Hi Sophie! 3 things from me today. 1) What's your pee backstory? (When was the first time you realized you liked peeing yourself or peeing in different places in general) 2) After you pee yourself, do you like to do any naughty play down there? (touching, rubbing, etc.) 3) What do you do with your hands while you pee squatting? (holding your lips open, feeling your bladder contract, holding tp to wipe with etc) Hope that wasn't too many but you always have such great detailed answers to things!
  6. Hi Colette! 1) Do you have a favorite pee position/location and, if so, what makes it special to you? 2) What's your favorite thing about being a woman? 3) In as much detail as you are comfortable sharing, what are your masturbation habits like? A non-sexual one: what's your favorite movie?
  7. Yes I have! I hear they're very popular among hikers who don't want to deal with the hassle of the frequent changes. Is that accurate? What's your experience been like?
  8. Hey everybody! I'm Kai. My username references Joe Dever's Lone Wolf series (kailord) and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (42) I've been fascinated by pee for as long as I can remember. I'm especially curious about how women do their business and all the various aspects that entails - the many positions, the cleaning techniques, dealing with pads and tampons, etc etc. as it's so different from what I experience as a man. It's also interesting to me hearing accounts of women wetting themselves, intentionally or otherwise. My primary purpose with this site is to engage with questions and ga
  9. Hi Chrissy! It's Kai. Happy almost birthday 🙂 I've got a few questions about your outside pee habits. 1) Do you pee outside regularly or is this more of an occasional thing? Are there any places/environments you especially like to pee? (grass, leaves, sand, etc.) 2) Do you have a favorite position and, if so, why? 3) How do you clean up after?
  10. Hi again! A few more questions, this time about your wiping process/technique. When you're not wetting yourself or peeing in the shower, how do you take care of cleaning "down there" after a pee? 1) How much tp do you use, do you fold or crumple, and what position do you wipe in? (sitting on toilet, standing afterwards, or just how does it work for you?) 2) Is the process any different when you're in the woods? 3) Lastly, what do you think of the way guys shake after peeing? Is it gross, amusing, hot...something else entirely? What comes to mind?
  11. Excellent answers, thank you so much Sophie! Very quick response time too! Here's to many more wet nights - happy peeing!
  12. Hi Sophie! Kai here. I've got a few questions regarding your wetting habits. First I'll summarize what I know to be true based on what I've read and then I'll ask my questions. As I understand it, you usually wet yourself at least once a month, generally in thongs and sometimes wearing your favorite jeans. You usually do the peeing inside, but sometimes in the backyard. Sometimes your husband watches you do the deed. You don't like the thickness of diapers but would be comfortable wetting something thinner like a liner. Is that all correct? Anyway, so a few questions about the process for
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