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    Hey, I’m Christina; I prefer Chrissy though :) I’m in my 30s, from the UK and I’ve always been fascinated by pee. Figured I’d join to get involved with this community. If you say hi, I don’t bite!

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    The noises
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    My first time going outside. I literally could not hold it the hours drive back home. My BF at the time forced me to go, I was so shy. Oh I made such a mess but it was a good feeling.

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  1. I’m gonna murder you lol! 🤣🙈🙈
  2. Listening to Clocks this morning and remembering my obsession when I first heard as a teenager it to learn the piano part.
  3. Aww @gldenwetgoose who knows. No mention of it has been said this morning which massively relieving for me! Who knows hun! Maybe I’ll find the courage to and maybe not. What matters the most to me right now is the fact that we’re epic this morning and that I have memories that are going to last a lifetime and be hard to beat! xx
  4. Aw guys 🥰🥰 thanks again for the most wonderful comments. I really don’t know what’s more arousing, the actual event or getting it out on words and reliving the experience second by second! I’m still buzzing from it all last night! 😆
  5. Myself and N had a child free night tonight, Yaaay. I had made the causal suggestion to him last week after another of my fellow PeeFans - the lovely @Kuparhas a wee weekly date night with his misses - of course I kept my presence on here a complete secret. He agreed and we had a nice early meal out at a local favourite of ours with a few drinks after it, followed by a walk home, holding hands, laughing and joking through the lit streets under a gorgeous clear and cold night. One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is learn to play the drums. I’m a keen musician who plays piano
  6. Ooooh last Friday of January, it feels like it’s January 74th now… Great tune and an even better video 🤣👍🏻
  7. Aww @Sophiethats made my day reading that! It really has ❤️ I would have enjoyed every minute of that too if that had been me, making sure every single drop went into the water! thanks for sharing 🥰
  8. Enjoying a bit of Ronan this morning, singing wildly into my hairbrush! I used to fancy him so much as a wee girl: 😍
  9. In Scotland it’s January 25th - Burns night, where we pay tribute to Robert Burns our most loved and treasured Poet. as a little tribute to this, I’ve (badly) had a go at my own little poem, pee themed of course in the style of burns! I do apologise for those who don’t speak or understand Scot’s… I can translate if you wish Tae a Pish! (by Chrissy) A puddle eh pish apun the flair, a dirty white seat aw covered in hair. It isn’y fair for a lass like me, who disn’y like squatting o’er her chair. I needed tae pish s’bad ye see, so I ta’en a deep breath an’ thou
  10. No idea of Planck’s constant but speed of light is 3x10^8 m/s 🤣
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