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  1. Well I’ve always been a lover of France since Japan has been covered. I’m pretty sure they have bidets there. We can hop over the border to Italy then fly to Japan. What a trip! 😍
  2. Don’t forget that your twin loves Japan as well. Omg though I really want one. I’ve watched videos online of them and they look incredible. Trust the Japanese to have such high tech toilets 😄
  3. Ohhhhh my godddd thank you ❤️❤️
  4. Hi Kai! 👋 thanks! oooh right ok 😊. Of late, whilst I’ve been running I’ve been enjoying sneaking down into the woods to go and pee. I’m enjoying the sounds that it makes on the ground which varies from grass to gravel. mostly, I just squat however the last time I went, I was so out of breath that I just stood up, pulled my shorts right down and leaned forward against a tree. That was an adventure 😂🙈. to clean up I shove a little tissue in my pocket before I head out, it’s all pre-planned so I go prepared. I’d hate the thought of setting back off running and not wiping
  5. Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do tonight Sophie! 😉
  6. Too hard to choose. I’ve seen Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre, Greg Davies, Kevin Bridges and Gary Faulds live and they all made me belly laugh. some of the stuff that the big yin done back in the day as well is outstanding. xx
  7. The fact that me mentioning my hornyness is turning someone on is turning me on! 🙈
  8. That was me yesterday Sophie. Working from home, house was empty and I just couldn’t get rid of my thoughts…. 🙈
  9. I need to learn not to be first off the mark 🤣
  10. Hey @Kupardid you ask me that question first? 🤣 my responses have set the bar
  11. Ohhh what excellent questions. 1. When people first get to know me, a lot of people think I’m younger than I actually am - quite the compliment 😅 2. Many people don’t realise my love of flying until the get to know me really well. 1. One of the biggest understandings now has to be my autism and that so much of life now makes sense, like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. 2. I’m certain I’m bisexual 3. I didn’t believe I would be a good mum until I was given the joy of children, and I’ve done a pretty good job there!
  12. And again I have major penis envy! Cheers @Kupar🤣👍🏻
  13. Let me be the first to compliment you on possessing such a skill. I feel a sense of jealousy within me now 🤣
  14. Why is it when you get told you pee loud you feel a sense of achievement..😂
  15. Yeahhh home of deep fried chocolate bars, Irn Bru, tattie scones… all suitable for veggies 😄
  16. Oh my god my one of my childhood favourites! ❤️😭 Ummmm…. No bonnie Scotland? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿? 😫 🤣
  17. Hiya my lovely, some questions from me: 1. As I’m hungover today: do you actually like Midori and lemonade? 2. What’s your favourite Disney movie? 😘
  18. Well in truth, no I didn’t. He was quite awkward to me earlier in the week, not acknowledging my presence etc and when I heard the he got told off by his boss for letting me go so easy it was karma. He did take me out for lunch yesterday and was a nice guy, then as he promised he put money behind the bar for some drinks last night with my colleagues.
  19. Omg I’m so proud of you!!!! It’s my turn next…. 😝❤️
  20. One of my first gigs with N was this lot!
  21. If anything it’s gonna be a quick dart in and dart out. I’m practically tempted to have something pre-prepared…
  22. Thanks for all the comments now! Im genuinely so shy I’d wanna have all the intention of doing it but won’t follow through 😂🙈 will keep you posted on Friday anyways 😘
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