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    Watching women expose one of their most intimate moments for inspection.
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    Going on a walk on a trail through the forest with a hot girl and when she needed to pee, telling her to squat and do it on the middle of the public trail while I watched, then wiping her cunt afterwards. I've used human urinals a number of times, but that experience was the best because I was so into that girl.

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  1. A bit of humor to brighten your day. I do know a lot of people here would try some of these!
  2. Gosh that's a gorgeous pussy on her. So hot!
  3. I'd love to watch her soak the crotch of those panties!
  4. I am reminded of one of my flying instructors, who said that when he was doing banner tow work (where you fly a small airplane around trailing a huge banner which says something like "VOTE JOE" or "EAT AT MARYS") they would be airborne for many hours. He pissed in a Gatorade bottle. Astronauts of course wear diapers.
  5. I don't know if it's still there, but Frankfurt (Germany) Airport had a men's room where the urinals were just an irregularly pentagonal (? memory is poor after all these years) room completely covered in white tile, with a gutter around the outside edge. I rather enjoyed it. It was very liberating to feel like I could piss *anywhere* in that room and it would be OK. Also, it would have been a great sort of room for piss orgies. Here in the US, older fair buildings often have trough urinals. I find a certain quaint practicality in them. Low-cost, relatively simple to plumb.
  6. This topic is quite relative to a topic I just posted in this subforum, about a really bad VHS piss porn video I once had. Mostly it featured women just sort of wiggling around in front of the camera - not even doing a proper striptease or anything, just trying to look sexy (and failing badly). At the end of each woman's scene, she'd pee, then we'd get a slow-mo review of her peeing. It universally just looked awkward instead of sexy. The camera angles were terrible, the peeing poses (sort of crab-walk-squats, often) looked nothing but awkward and uncomfortable, and even if the women were attractive there was no *engagement* with them - nothing to make us want to watch other than that they were naked. It looked like a video by a porn director/producer/cameraman who didn't care about the subject and was just turning out *something*. The girls didn't seem to care much either, they were just doing a gig. Even in the era when pee porn was really hard to find, I never wanted to watch it again, and I threw it away right away.
  7. Many years ago, in the era of VHS tapes, I had a piss-porn video which featured Teri Weigel, Playmate of the Month April 1986. Sadly, however gorgeous she may be in this picture, and however hot it might be in fantasy to watch her piss out of that lovely bush, the actual video was so bad I almost wish I hadn't seen it. When we don't know anything about someone, we make up fantasies about how great they might be, until we know otherwise. In the case of Teri, hearing her speak and come across as a complete ditz (not just a stereotypical ditz, someone I really couldn't enjoy talking to) lowered her substantially in my estimation. The video featured her sort of crab-walking/squatting by the side of a swimming pool and pissing into it. Not sexy, just weird and awkward. Sort of like what a very low-end non-piss-fetish artsy movie director would think piss-perverts would like to see. Does anyone know of any other Playmates who have done piss scenes? At some point I also saw an interview article with a Playmate (probably from the 1990s or early 2000s) where she said she loved everything which came out of her boyfriend's cock. That she loved watching him pee. I don't remember whom it was tho. On the fantasy front, when I first saw the centerfold of Marian Stafford, Miss March 1956, I really wanted to watch her soak those thin white panties. (Also, isn't it amazing that TV Guide was a thing already in 1956?) If you could fulfill a piss fantasy with any Playboy Playmate, from any era, whom would it be? (And how nasty would it be?)
  8. Sadly, too much "lesbian" porn is half-assed stuff where it seems to be aimed at what the porn industry thinks viewers want. I want to see some passion in the pussy-eating and piss-drinking. I want to see one woman kneeling in front of another, with her nose embedded in the standing woman's bush as she fastens her mouth around that pussy and gulps down a gushing torrent of piss until it leaks out her mouth - then keep licking and tongue-fucking that pussy deeply and enthusiastically until it's wet with saliva instead of piss. Also, I love watching women piss out of a really hairy bush.
  9. When I was in my 20s I dated a woman who AFAIK wasn't into piss, and I was far too shy to ask about such things. However, one day I went over to her house, and almost as soon as the front door had closed she was on her knees in front of me on the living room floor and taking my cock down her throat as I fucked her mouth. She was skillful (being somewhat older than me and well experienced), and I was enthusiastic about her, so it didn't take long for me to cum. She swallowed it down but I was enjoying myself so much I kept holding her head and fucking her mouth... and not long after I was cumming down her throat again. Somehow I was still ready to go, so I kept using her mouth... until I had what felt like a third orgasm... except this one was much more intense and longer than the first two. After that, I was done. I then realized I didn't have to pee anymore, as I had when I walked in the door. I must have emptied my bladder right down her throat. She never said anything about it or complained. Best orgasm of my life.😀
  10. I'm definitely in the 'full bush' camp, because I grew up sneaking looks at dad's magazines from the 70s and 80s. I fantasize about watching a woman with a lovely full bush peeing through it. However, I do recognize that some women look better shaven. It has to be taken on a case by case basis.
  11. Here's a nasty older lady using the men's piss-trough. Does anyone have more pics of women using the piss troughs one finds in some older public men's toilets? I'd love to watch a woman almost hump the wall in order to use the trough along the wall. (Tho the lady shown here seems quite adept at pissing while standing). If you'd like to see more of her (including a few piss drops), here you go: https://www.imagefap.com/pictures/6580994/Soos-UK-...-friend-of-Lotty
  12. Just remember, if it's black and white that means it's art. If it's in color that means it's porn. 😋
  13. I'd love to watch her piss in that position.
  14. One could almost imagine these two are mother and daughter.

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